Two more skills and a Mod Pack.

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    Hey everyone.

    I'm entirely done with Applied Combustinetics and most of the way done with coding Guts(Still need to assign icons and the like.) I'm making two more skills and then releasing them all(as finished) in a skill pack.

    The Pack will feature...

    • New Bolts and Thrown weapons, and crafting recipes associated with them.
    • 3 new archetype skills
    • 3 new hybrid skills.

    :stubborness: Combat Training: Warrior

    Combat Training features a number of usable skills designed for putting out more raw physical damage over a larger area for warriors. Just because you're a warrior doesn't mean you can't hit more than one thing at a time. Use abilities like Whirlwind to strike at multiple enemies, while using Bravely Bold Strike to get an advantage over stronger enemies. The capstone ability is Payback, and grants players that favor the warrior archetype a means of getting payback for all those times they were murdered in melee combat. This ability goes well with other warrior archetypes skills(Berserker Rage, and Weapon Skills), and scales off of :melee_power: .

    :life: Charmomancy: Rogue

    Charmomancy features abilities that control and manipulate of enemies. It offers multiple charm effects, and a way to turn charmed enemies and summoned pets into stronger versions of themselves. This gives players that favor the Rogue archetype enhanced control in combat, and the ability to turn a battle of unfavorable numbers into a more even engagement. The capstone ability is Heartbreaker, and charms an enemy with some particularly dubious lies, and turns an ordinary enemy into a ticking timebomb of hurt feelings. This ability goes well with other rogue archetypes skills(Such as Fungal Arts and Demonology,) as well as any abilities providing summoned allies(Big Game Hunter, Golemancy, etc.)

    :haywire: Staticology: Wizard

    The Wizard archetype skill that has yet to be named will feature a relatively unique mechanic. As Wizards using this skill take damage and use abilities from this skill, they will gain a slow building but permanently stacking :haywire: bonus. Their spells will revolve around chaotic effects and results. Their starting ability, Discharge will be used to remove the stacking bonus, and deal damage relative to the character's total :haywire:. All other abilities will scale off of :magic_power:. This skill will go well with other wizard archetype skills, especially those that both benefit from or provide bonuses to :haywire:.

    :dmg_blast: Applied Combustinetics: Rogue-Warrior

    Applied Combustinetics features effects that make enemies more vulnerable to physical damage and melee abilities used by the warrior archetype and providing basic control effects that enable success in rogue archetypes, while extending both archetypes with ranged physical damage and AOE abilities. This flexibility comes at a price, though, as the more you use the explosive abilities of this skill, the more vulnerable you become to your own abilities, and common abilities used by enemies and traps. The capstone ability of this skill is called Mon Ami!, which turns Rogue-Warrior hybrids into Combustion Incarnate by making their melee attacks and, especially, thrown weapon attacks explode on contact. These abilities mostly scale with :crit:.

    :dam_voltaic: Mana Bolter: Rogue-Wizard

    Mana Bolter features a number of low cost offensive spells that enable rogue archetypes to fight more freely from a distance with magic damage, while providing the wizard archetype bonuses to using ranged physical(Thrown and crossbow) weapons and bonus savvy to help reduce the cost of their other spell types. Its capstone ability, Concentrate Mana, allows the hybrid to significantly increase their :magic_power: for a brief moment at the cost of not being able to cast for a few turns prior, making combat planning essential for success. These abilities scale with :magic_power: and :edr:.

    :dmg_transmutative: Ward: Warrior-Wizard

    The Warrior-Wizard hybrid that has yet to be named features a more diversified set of damage types that helps warrior archetypes overcome damage resistance and armor absorption, while giving wizard archetypes deeper resource pools(Health & Mana) and enhanced survival. Its capstone ability is called Mana Ward, which places a field of damage and repulsion around the player. These abilities scale off of :magic_resist: and :magic_power:, with special bonuses from :reflection:.


    Manabolter: Done
    Charmomancy: Done
    Applied Combustinetics: Code is done. Missing an icon.
    Combat Training: Code is done. Working on some balancing issues. Still missing icons/animations.
    Staticology: Code is shelled out, missing all icons and animations.
    Ward: Haven't started yet.
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    That's a rather huge project, props to you for going through with it. I don't have anything special to say about it yet but look forward to seeing them.
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    I have a lot of spare development time.

    My full time job is to manage and watch servers, 85% of my job involves watching SMNP broadcasts get caught, setting off a script, and then watching the problem self-heal.
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    /adds Nai to the Potential Future Badasses To Keep An Eye On list.
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    Getting this back up so I can work on it and submit the mods without having to hire diggles to unbury it.

    It's not expensive labor, just I'm cheap.

    Also, named the two unnamed skills.
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    Staticology Breakdown
    You are the master of making hair stand on end.

    • Discharge
    • Shock
    • Wool Lining
    • Static Pulse
    • Static Armor
    • Absorb
    • EMP
    Additional Effects:
    • Building Charge
    • Overload
    • Tazed
    • Conduit
    All spells have a chance of applying the following effects:

    :haywire: Building Charge - (Player Only)

    Player builds 1 :haywire: per stack, stacking up to 100 times. Buff is consumed by Absorb or Discharge

    :haywire: Overload - (Constructs Only)

    Constructs take additional damage from Staticology abilities. 0.2 :dam_voltaic: x :magic_power:

    :haywire: Tazed - (Animals Only)

    Animals struck by staticology spells have a chance of being paralyzed for 1 round.

    :haywire: Conduit - (Others Only)

    Others have a chance of passing a charge to enemies nearby, dealing 0.2 :dam_voltaic: x :magic_power: . Conduit does not trigger itself.

    :haywire: Discharge

    No cost. 20 turn cooldown.
    Deals 5 :dam_voltaic: + 0.75 :dam_voltaic: x :haywire:

    Removes all stacks of Building Charge

    :haywire: Shock

    Costs 10 mana, minimum 5 mana.

    Launches a missile that deals 2 :dam_voltaic: + 0.25 :dam_voltaic: x :magic_power: to a single enemy.

    :haywire: Wool Lining

    When the player is struck in melee, there is a chance he will gain a stack of Building Charge.

    Passive Bonus: 2 :resist_hyperborean:

    :haywire: Static Pulse

    Costs 20 mana, minimum 10 mana.

    An enemy and a cross-pattern of enemies surrounding him suffer 5 :dam_voltaic: + 0.35 :dam_voltaic: x :magic_power:

    :haywire: Static Armor

    Costs 20 mana, minimum 20 mana. 20 turn cool down.
    Persists for 5 hits or for 20 turns, whichever comes first.

    While active, player receives +10 :resist_voltaic: and 3 :dam_voltaic:.
    Player gains 5 stacks of Building Charges

    Enemies that strike the player will suffer 3 :dam_voltaic: + 0.4 :dam_voltaic: x :haywire:, and the player will gain an additional stack of Building Charge.

    :haywire: Absorb

    20 turn cool down.

    Heals the player for 0.75 :life: x :haywire: and removes all stacks of Building Charge.

    :haywire: EMP

    Costs 50 mana, minimum 40 mana. 5 turn cool down.

    Enemies in a large radius around the player suffer 9 :dam_voltaic: + (0.5 :dam_voltaic: x :magic_power: ) + (0.5 :dam_voltaic: x :haywire:) and paralyzes enemies for 1 turn.

    Removes all stacks of Building Charge.
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    Ward Breakdown
    Some people are born with thick skin. You were born with something else.
    Type Warrior (Hybrid Wizard)

    • Barrier Born
    • Force Barrier
    • Barrier Blow
    • Reactive Shield
    • Element Ward
    • White Ward
    • Field of Repulsion
    Additional Effects:
    • Crushing Force

    :dmg_transmutative: Barrier Born

    Passive Bonus: +1 :sagacity: +3 :magic_resist: +1 :reflection:

    Some people are born with thick skin. You were born with something else. Every other ability taken in Ward increases your Sagacity, Magic Resistance and Magic Reflect.

    :dmg_transmutative: Force Barrier

    Costs 3 mana.

    Player receives the following buff:

    Lasts for 2 hits, or a 1 turn duration.
    Player receives +3 :armor_asorb:
    Enemies that strike the player take 1 :dmg_transmutative: + (0.20 :dmg_transmutative: x :magic_resist:) + (0.20 :dmg_aethereal: x :magic_power: ) + (0.20 :dmg_piercing: x :reflection:)

    :dmg_transmutative: Barrier Blow

    2 turn cool down.

    Player performs a melee attack on an adjacent enemy, and deals an additional 2 :dmg_transmutative: + 0.25 :dmg_transmutative: x :magic_resist: to it.

    Player's mana is restored by 0.20 :mana: x :reflection:

    Passive Bonus: +1 :sagacity: +3 :magic_resist: +1 :reflection:

    :dmg_transmutative: Reactive Shield

    Player has a 50% chance to cast or refresh Force Barrier when struck.

    :dmg_transmutative: Element Ward

    Costs 20 mana

    Player receives the following buff:

    Last for 30 turns or 7 hits

    Player receives +1 :dmg_conflagratory:, +1 :dam_voltaic:, +1 :dmg_hyperborean:
    Player also receives +5 :resist_conflagratory:, +5 :resist_voltaic:, +5 :resist_hyperborean:

    Enemies that strike the player take 1 :dmg_conflagratory:, 1 :dam_voltaic:, 1 :dmg_hyperborean: +( 0.15 :dmg_conflagratory: x :magic_power: ) ( 0.15 :dam_voltaic: x :magic_power: ) ( 0.15 :dmg_hyperborean: x :magic_power: ) + (0.25 :dmg_aethereal: x :reflection:)

    Passive Bonus: +1 :sagacity: +3 :magic_resist: +1 :reflection:

    :dmg_transmutative: White Ward

    Costs 25 mana, 10 turn cooldown

    Player receives the following buff.

    Lasts for 5 hits.
    The player receives +6 :life_regen:.

    When struck, the player is healed for 0.3 :life: x :magic_resist:

    When used, the player instantly heals 0.5 :life: x :reflection:

    :dmg_transmutative: Field of Repulsion

    Costs 30 mana, 20 turn cooldown.

    A small star-cross shape around the player turns into a Field of Repulsion.

    Enemies who contact the field of repulsion suffer 0.2 :dmg_crushing: x :magic_resist: and are knocked away.
    Enemies also receive a stacking -3 :resist_crushing: (Max -15) for each turn they are injured by the field. (Crushing Force)

    Passive Bonus: +1 :sagacity: +3 :magic_resist: +1 :reflection:
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    Added a skill status message to the original post.
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    Hmm...smells like Barrier Maiden. Basing scaling damage off of :magic_resist: is very dangerous because Demonology.
  10. NaiDriftlin

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    I haven't had a chance to get a look at Barrier Maiden. Are they similar in skill set, or just in concept?

    And yeah. Synergy with demonology is intentional, but I'm planning on giving it a few runs for balancing.
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    Mostly concept; there's a bit of mechanical bleed-over but not enough to justify reworking the skill. They address two different set of stats (mostly), so they'll coexist just fine.
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    I should make all of the barrier skills check for the Celestial Circle buff, and deal massive damage to the player.

    "Don't cross the barriers, man!"

    I haven't coded any of it yet, but all of the math I put into theory makes it really, really hard to scale off of resistance. Demonology's enormous, potentially everlasting(with enough mana regen) boost to resistance would make the player an immobile god.

    I have a few options. Having the barrier procs/skills check for Celestial Circle and either damage the player/destroy their mana pool would make it hard to maintain that particularly deadly combo, but it seems weird to penalize players for using a fairly obvious combo(And I think would require the beta anyway.)

    Tuning resist scaling down screws players who don't take demonology or other massive resist boosting skills.

    Since I haven't done any major work to the class yet, I could just scrap the skill and go with a new one. Being so close to another modder's project in concept doesn't make me more favorable of keeping it either. I'll mull over my options. In the meantime, I've put changes up for Guts(Now Renamed to Combat Training) on my other thread. I should probably condense them down into just this one.
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    If I scrapped Ward, I'd still want to keep in the same realm of "The best offense is defense."

    I could try :dmg_righteous: Bling Knight instead. Dropping resist scaling and focusing on solid itemization/skill choices for effective damage by scaling largely off of :reflection: and partially off of :magic_power:.

    :dmg_righteous: Bling Knight : Pity the fool with insufficient bling.
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    Require the player to not have the demonology buff to use the skill?
  15. FaxCelestis

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    Can't do that. What you could do is use requirebuffontrigger to make it cast a different spell if you have CC active, and use a DoT check simultaneously cast to switch one for the other if you cast CC.
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  17. FaxCelestis

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    Oh, I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you meant it wouldn't work if they had Demonology at all.
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    This is the combat training(formerly Guts) breakdown. The coding is done. Need art and animations still. Going to work on the code for the other skills and come back and do all of the art bits at once.

    Combat Training
    What do you call a bat on a train?
    Type: Warrior
    • Moxie
    • Intimidate
    • Frenzy
    • Bravely Bold Strike
    • Payback
    • Whirlwind
    • Belchlord's Roar
    :stubborness: Moxie
    Passive Bonuses:
    +1 :stubborness: +1 :burliness: +1 :caddishness:

    "No one's sure what it is, but it's said that you have it."

    :stubborness: Intimidate
    Downtime: 10 turns

    On use(Target)
    Fears an enemy for 5 turns.
    Mutes an enemy for 5 turns.

    "You're pretty good at giving dirty looks and saying mean things. Intimidated enemies will flee, and will not use magic while intimidated."

    :stubborness: Frenzy
    Chance on enemy kill 50%

    On use(/Template)
    Enemies next to the player, in cardinal directions, suffer 1 :dmg_slashing: + 0.25 :dmg_slashing: x :melee_power:

    "You can cut your enemies down with surprising effectiveness. Somehow, you can do that with staves, maces and your foot just as well as anything else. Any time an enemy is killed, you have a chance of lashing out at other enemies near by."

    :stubborness: Bravely Bold Strike
    Downtime: 3 turns

    On use(Adjacent)
    Performs melee attack.
    Targeted enemy suffers 0.9 :dmg_piercing: x :melee_power:
    Has a 25% chance to inflict Exhasution on the player. (-2 Melee power per stack, stacking up to 10 times, and lasting for 40 turns.)

    "This technique is only for the bravest of the brave, and the boldest of the bold. Likewise, only the boldest of the brave and bravest of the bold can master it. Basically, there's very few people who can even comprehend the braveness and boldness required in this bravely bold strike. You strike an enemy with incredible bravely boldly force."

    :stubborness: Payback
    You have a 15% chance when you are struck in melee to receive the following buff:

    Buff lasts for 1 turn
    You have a 100% chance on melee to inflict 2 :dmg_piercing: x :melee_power: damage

    "Revenge is a dish best served cold. You don't really care how its served, so long as you're not the one eating it."

    :stubborness: Whirlwind
    Downtime: 10 turns

    On use(Self)
    Applies Disoriented debuff effect to player for 5 turns. (-35 :block: -35 :dodge: -35 :counter: )
    Mutes player for 3 turns.
    Enemies that are next to the player suffer 1 :dmg_piercing: x :melee_power: every turn for 3 turns.

    "You spin like a record, baby. Right. Round, like a record, baby. Nearby enemies will take constant damage as you spin, but you have a harder time defending yourself, and it is impossible to focus enough to cast spells while you're spinning. You spin for 3 turns."

    :stubborness: Belchlord's Roar
    Downtime: 50 turns

    On use(Template)
    Enemies in a cone infront of the player suffer 0.25 :dmg_putrefying: x :life: and 0.5 :dmg_piercing: x :melee_power:
    Enemies in the area of effect are paralyzed for 2 turns.
    Enemies in the area of effect are feared for 2 turns after the paralyze ends.

    "Drinking and eating things found in a dungeon gives most heroes indegestion. It gives you power. You unleash a mighty roar from the depths of your bowels, or the bowels of your depths, that is downright putrefying."
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    Working on the art, and wishing I had the patience to develop pixel-art skills.