OS X Leopard Turn off Steam community->infinite loop or deadlock

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Verbatim9, Dec 24, 2011.

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    So...I noticed that this game got really buggy when Steam community support was added (unable to start up the game because it "couldn't connect to Steam" the first few days--even though Steam itself was able to connect--then a few days later that bug went away and the game started crashing when a save game is loaded or even when I started a new game). I now suspect the crashes may possibly be unrelated, and the crash on new game isn't happening any more, so I'm left with the same crash-on-load that everyone else is dealing with.

    But at the time, I figured, the Steam community support is bugged and is making the game unplayable, so I turned it off. It didn't fix or break anything at the time, as far as I remember.

    But today, I decided to try Dredmor again, and the spash won't even show if Steam community support is turned off, the loader either locks waiting for a response that will never come from the Steam community overlay, or it goes into an infinite loop requesting the Steam community overlay, and getting turned down every time, because it's disabled.