Traps and Spell Power

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    I was trying to help with a question on the Steam forums regarding a trap, and I used Dredmorpedia as a source. For the "Very Hot Fiery Surprise Trap", the description gives base damages with pluses based on spell power. How is spell power calculated for a random trap?

    From what I can tell, the damage on the first turn for the trap would be:
    [​IMG]5 (+ 0.1 ×[​IMG]) + [​IMG]15 (+ 0.05 ×[​IMG])
    Also, you get damage from Gog's Tactical Pyre as follows:
    [​IMG]8 (+ 0.45 ×[​IMG])

    The guy claims that his fire resistance was zero and the only debuff he was under was from extra-planar concentration.
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    Am I correct in assuming that spell power is the player's spell power?