Linux 32-bit Touchpad sensitivity is insane in fullscreen

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Issity, May 3, 2012.

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    I'm playing DoD on an older laptop with Ubuntu. When I'm using fullscreen mode the touchpad sensitivity is crazy. To move cursor across whole screen I only need to move my finger over 1/4 of touchpad surface. It's quite hard to select right square to move and selecting items requires superhero precision.

    If I connect mouse it behaves normally. Sometimes I think it could even move a bit faster.
    It is also correct if I don't select fullscreen. But since my screen is 1024x768 and it's also smallest DoD resolution, playing not in fullscreen requires to hide taskbar and window decorations each time.

    So is there any way to change cursor sensitivity? Or should I maybe tweak touchpad settings somehow?
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    I dont believe DoD was optimized for touch-pads in any way shape or form. Best solution would be to edit the settings of the touch-pad, not the game.

    Have you tried a higher resolution? Smaller resolutions on large screens sometimes have issues, a resolution closer to that of your display might resolve the problem on its own.
  3. Issity

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    1024x768 is native resolution of my laptop display (I know. It belongs in a museum).
    I even connected it to 1280x1024 external display and behavior is the same - windowed mode is ok but in fullscreen cursor is superfast. And as I said before windowed mode unfortunately is not really an option.
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    Is the touch pad behaving proportional to the screen? As in if you touch the top left of it the cursor goes to top left of screen? I have had applications in the past that read the touch pad input that way and this may be what is happening. otherwise I would just turn down the mouse speed on your computer's settings.
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    Touchpad moves are relative. I have tried different cursor speed settings with no result (mouse and touchpad have separate settings but I tried changing both).

    For now I've found out how to permanently set no window decorations and always on top for specific program so I can play windowed mode like in fullscreen.

    Only thing left is the alt key which unstacks items but it is also global shortcut for moving windows. There is no way to remap alt key in the game so I can only disable global shortcuts for DoD window but that means no alt+tab, no global volume control and no minimize window when playing DoD. But that's a separate issue.

    HowTo for other users with this problem here is workaround (I'm using KDE and don't know if GNOME offers similar options):
    - Start DoD in windowed mode
    - press Alt+F3 or right click on the title bar
    - Advanced -> Additional window settings* or Advanced -> Additional program settings (I think it doesn't matter much which one you choose)
    - On 3rd tab (Placement & Access) select Always on top, Apply initially, Yes
    - On 4th tab (Look & Fixes) select No title bar and frame**, Apply initially, Yes
    - Click Ok

    *I'm not using EN locale and just guessing option names in English but I think it's clear enough.

    Next time you run DoD in windowed mode it should look like in Fulscreen.
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    Hi folks,

    Looks like you're afflicted with a weird problem in the SDL implementation for X11 (linux etc).

    Try setting the SDL_MOUSE_RELATIVE evironment variable to 0, then run DoD from the command line:

    If it works, copy that line into your .bashrc or wherever :D

    Let me know if this works for you. I'll try to follow it up with the SDL folks...

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    Hi, I have the same problem, in other games too (e.g. Avadon) and this command solve it! But, how can I make it work always? I tried adding it to .bashrc and that did not work...Also it seems to work only if I run it in the terminal and then start the game from the same terminal.
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    For anyone else interested, I got it to work after reboot putting it in /etc/rc.local
  9. Issity

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    Yes, it works.

    If anyone doesn't want to set it globally it's best to just put this before executable (or launch script) name.
    SDL_MOUSE_RELATIVE=0 ./Dredmor
    To make it more permanent (but still not global) you can make an alias or add it to launch script.