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  1. advkow

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    I have heard the call to action to settle in R42!

    Curiously the call sounds like the maddening cries of fishmen as they plunder the colony. Who knew?

    Let's build some beds in Episode 2! Let's sleep in the beds Episode 3! I forgot what we did in Episode 4!
    And Episode 5! Then finish it all of with Episode 6!
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  2. Alephred

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    I'm back! And I've started on the Revision 42 series. It'll be here, when it finishes processing:

    Episode 2 is here. Episode 3 is here. Episode 4 is here. Episode 5 will be here.

    Here's a quick one-off I did for Alpha 42a:

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  3. Miganto

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    Apologies all, i've had some real life work that took me out of recording-action for a while - I plan on doing a patch notes video each week until i'm caught up and then some playthrough of the latest version.

    Edit - Nicholas - I have just seen your post, "dramatic" patch notes reading? :p
  4. Nicholas

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    They're very dramatic readings! I always look forward to them!
  5. Alephred

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    Here's my monthly Stable branch series, Episode 1:

    Subsequent episodes posted here as they get done.

    Episode 2 here. Episode 3 here. Episode 4 here.

    Episode 5 takes a quick look at Alpha 43a.
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  6. advkow

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  7. Alephred

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    Hey advkow, how do I pronounce your name? Is it 'ad-v'kow'?
  8. advkow

    advkow Member be honest I've never really cared. People can just say kow (pronounced as you would kow). But a lot of people to say it like that.
  9. Alephred

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    Episode 1 of the Alpha 44 build, a digest of the change log, to be followed by a some gameplay for a few additional episodes.

    Episode 2 and Episode 3 are both up now. Episode 4 is here. Episode 5 will be here when encoding completes.
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  10. advkow

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    Hello everyone! It's time for another Alpha Let's Play! Sorry this one is so much later than the start...I had to work a lot this week and today was the first day I got to sit down and crank out some episodes for you. Enjoy!

    Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5 Episode 6
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  11. I managed to catch a picture of the popular Fishperson Youtuber Call me A'lu
    Fishperson Al.JPG
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  12. Alephred

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    What a handsome devil!
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  13. advkow

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    I have to ask...was this before or after you dissected him for science? :)
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  14. Alephred

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  15. Tikigod

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    This looks rather interesting.

    In regards to crop growth times, it would be pretty interesting to see the times factoring in things like crops only growing certain times of the day, so whilst a crop may have a total lifecycle of xxxx, when you factor in crops not growing during the evenings/night mapping how that lifespan ends up actually translating into actual game time.
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  16. Alephred

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    Crop Talk must wait, because I have begun Alpha 45:

    And now, Episode 2. And here's Episode 3.

    Here's Episode 4 which has fishman, madness, and cannibalism simultaneously. Followed by Episode 5.

    Episode 6 will be here. In this one, we have some fishman-raider infighting, which results in some guns for my militia.

    A rare Episode 7 to close the series out.
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  17. Beezing

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    Thank you so much for your videos!
  18. Rahbek23

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    And I'm finally back to this game after way too much to do in uni and work for a while, and the first thing I'm gonna do is check out your newest video! :)
  19. advkow

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    Woah! You have to work at your day job for a week and suddenly an update?! I gotta play again!
  20. advkow

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    It's Alpha 45! And that means more videos. But...I also hit fifty subscribers on my channel. Why is that important? Because...that means it's time for an epic long reward video! How about an hour and a half play through? Enjoy!

    And now Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4 Is here. Time to deal with my first ever cult and evil trees! Or wait was the cult evil?

    And sadly here is the last Episode 5. Arguably my most frustrating end to a colony.
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