Tips on how to not suck?

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    Also, if you have a pet like a slime or a charmed animal, you can use arrow keys or wasd to move into their square, swapping spaces with them.
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    Personally I only using arrow/wasd to move and then use the mouse solely for Picking up items that are diagonal, putting items down, or attacking. I'd recommend disabling click to move for new players simply because it becomes harder to make mistakes and does what others have recommended: taking your time and going a bit slower.
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    That's really odd because I recommend the exact opposite for the same reason lol. I only recommend using the keyboard when trying to displace a pet. Whenever I don't click to move, I have an inevitable tendency to kill myself by running through traps that I don't see (often because doors/walls/objects are in the way, but occasionally because I just did not see it in time ).

    Anyway, maybe that's just me.
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    I think that wont be a in issue for beginners if they follow some of the other advice given in this thread, namely taking your time and getting items/skills with :trap_sense:
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    Actually, that doesn't matter if a trap is blocked by an object in front of it. Maybe that differs with resolution? I'm not sure. For example, if a door is open, I often can't even tell if a creature is behind it, much less a trap, unless my cursor hovers over it (hence, my preference of using the mouse). I have similar issues with book cases, and certain other large room features. :trap_sense: does not give you x-ray vision, unfortunately.
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    Sure it gives you X-ray vision How else do you see diggle commandos?
    Seriously though, I don't think I have ever seen a trap spawn under an item. It could be created after the fact by a lever or a trap eruptor. Maybe a modder could inform us if it is really impossible or not. As for resolution I have no idea if that could make it hard to see a trap. I am not sure what you mean by seeing a trap behind a bookcase.
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    Not 'under' but directly 'north'' of the object -- I don't know why I've had that experience and not anyone else, where an object in the foreground blocks something in the background of that object -- it has to do with the height of some objects that they block the view of small things that are behind them.

    For example, if a door is on the left-side of a room, sometimes there's a little space just beyond and north of the door where a trap, or a critter can hide. When you open the door, it moves to block that space such that not only is anything on that space invisible, but the fact that their actually IS a space there is not always certain (in other words, sometimes it's just wall, sometimes not, but you cannot always tell for sure).
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    In my never humble opinion, that door obstructing traps issue is a bug that needs to die in a fire with spammers and politicians.

    Walls have no such issue, but doors... Why kill us so often you damned doors?
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    Yeah, doors need to enable outlines for anything they obstruct.
  10. And bookshelves, and other large blockers (like monoliths and... eyeball shrines also, I think?)
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    Speaking of, shrines really need to be hardcoded to not spawn on top of anything else, like teleporters or items, that you can't get to if a shrine spawns on top of it because clicking that tile just activates the shrine, even diagonally, and using a push ability pushes everything on the tile.

    This is especially a problem on NTTG.
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    Shrines are the worst, especially when on top of teleporters.
    Here is a Semi-Tip based on how not to suck with a caveat related to what Banjo2E said.
    Typically, when I enter a new floor and am not ready to fight a zoo, I will check each set of down stairs from the previous floor.
    That way I explore and clear all the areas that I appear in before opening any doors. From there I will ride any teleporters around and clear any other places I can without opening any doors. This works great EXCEPT when you pop out of a teleporter to find there is a shrine there and you wont be going back through it any time soon.

    Once the shrine bug is fixed, it can be added as a good technique to improving your chances of surviving.
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    Ah, I noticed that too! And it always seems to block Dire Sandwiches too... :mad: