Windows 8 64-bit Thrown Weapons access the third dimension, sometimes the fourth

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    I was escaping a flock of diggles in Dungeons of Dredmor for Windows 11 PC, hit a lever to teleport then decided to have a bit of fun beaning them.
    I chucked an Acid Flask for some AoE and then on a whim decided to click to the end of the line with my Softball, following the adage "try to drive through your aim, and not just at it." The result is as shown, the ball following a curved arc in the Z-axis to hit the diggle I clicked on. There's the 3 damage from the acid flask, and there's another couple ticks of damage from me throwing the softball. Here's an image of this glitch proccing an on-death passive, Luckiest Find, while also still granting XP and, interestingly, showing that the softballs "hit" then dropped at the feet of the first diggle in line.

    This glitch works in Monster Zoos and goes through walls. Here's a screenshot of both at once. Note how the Acid Flask puddle is inside the wallspace.
    The wall blocks the Bolas Root effect from happening but the base damage of the weapon still goes through. It works on named monsters in the zoo.

    It even works on Lord Dredmor himself!
    There's me chucking a sawblade above that line of obstacles to bean the sorry sorcerer. Note that as per usual for this glitch the additional debuffs, here what would be Mechanical Evisceration, are not applied. However, this still lets you pelt him at range and behind cover. Yes this works with Digula, it works on everything! All you need is a rock and a dream, and you can bend space to your will! Insert some fast anime opening rock music here. Alternately, and probably the better reference, the music from Fault Line. (Once everything loads, hit Ctrl+F and you can find the title without scrolling through the playlist. Super good game btw.)

    So yeah, thrown weapons are even more powerful now. I don't know if this works on Mac or Linux, but given the general jankiness of the engine I imagine it might. Any build can exploit this. Warrior-heavy characters with their :burliness: and subsequent :melee_power:are best suited for boosting the raw damage of the projectiles, since obstacles get in the way of stuff like the Hyperborean Hierophant Mittens effect. Teleportation methods are very welcome, as is extra :sight: as well as:trap_sense: for invisible mobs, Great Pumpkinn anyone?
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    Hello there! Well, yes, this does happen on every platform because of the way thrown weapons work in the engine. Basically, thrown effects are separated in two categories: an OnTarget effect (which is why the Softball can hit the last Diggle in the line or Dredmor behind that cover) and an OnHit effect (which is why the Softball drops at the feet of the first Diggle in line or the Poison Flask's puddle spawned right on the wall).

    This also leads to another bug that is extremely powerful and fits with your adage: You can shoot at stuff through the darkness.
    Either with a crossbow or a thrown weapon (working even better with the latter), if you know where a monster is, you can right click on their position in the dark and hit even if your LOS could suggest otherwise. You can even probe around pressing right click on dark space and, if you guess right, your character will just fire away.
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