This game saved my life

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    The autograph is sitting in a pile of stuff waiting for me to deal with it - remind me after CE gets out the door, I can barely keep my testing pool organized right now. :)
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    Wow, I did not know that, thanks! I do not take insulin. And I have very bad doctors... they want to put me in asylum just because I have panic attacks [​IMG]
    LionsDen, thanks!
    Nicholas, oh gosh, sorry if I'm a bother! [​IMG]
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    Panic attacks are not a form of insanity. And they are relatively common as a symptom of hypoglycemia. If you would like some dietary advice from a Diabetic of more than two decades, I suggest eating more starches. Anything that includes carbohydrates. Calories are not a measure of the energy your body gets from food, but are actually a thermal measure. (They measure calories by burning food and measuring how much heat is produced by the combustion of the food.)

    So disregard calories, and focus on carbohydrate rich foods. That will certainly help control your episodes of hypoglycemia.

    Examples of carbohydrate rich foods that are not all sugar and nothing else of consequence include breads, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits.

    Things that have minimal carbohydrates include meats, fats, and cucumbers. (Pickles are cucumbers too, and they have no nutritional value to you. Your body lacks the capacity to digest cucumbers in any way.)

    So if you need to raise your blood glucose levels, aim for breads, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits. Meats and fats will never help in any measurable way. And when your blood glucose is low, do not ever hesitate to eat all the candies you want. Hypoglycemia sucks. And I would not be the least bit surprised if hypoglycemia was the cause of all your panic attacks.

    I wish you the best.
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    OmniaNigrum, thank you so much for the advice! I actually eat all those things and I don't eat a lot of fats. Everything my parents cook is really fat and disgusting, I wish I could explain them that fat is no good for me. They think I'm too skinny :( Thanks god I have a boyfriend who feeds me.
    Also my panic attacks and a lot of other symptoms are because of another illness. Sadly I don't know how it's called in English... It's very close to panic disorder. But it's all are guesses since I can't get real medical help. And I don't really want to see any doctors again, I didn't have panic attacks for a while and it's not like I'm dying, right?..
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    It was disgusting, but with some bread and mustard it's edible. The weird thing is that I opened the refrigerator the next day and what's left of the cube disappeared. I guess some other adventurer found it :D
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    I've had occasional panic attacks from an anxiety disorder -- it's linked to depression, but my primary disorder is anxiety. In my case, my ability to handle certain kinds of stress is pretty bad. In my case, it's also worsened by a sleep disorder -- sleep apnea. But mental illness runs in both my parent's families, so it's mostly hereditary.

    Before I got to the point where I was just about unable to function, I had quite a good job, good friends, etc. But even then, I'd have panic attacks. I just hid them well. I'd run into the bathroom and bend over the toilet thinking I was going to throw up whenever I had to teach a class to some of my fellow programmers at work -- it would happen just before the class, and then after the class. But while teaching, I was able to pull myself together and actually did quite well. What never make sense to me was that panic AFTER the class.

    At one point I thought I was going to pass out at a supermarket (I hate supermarkets and I can't explain why). I had to sit down (there was a closed cafe section there with chairs, so I sat down and 'hid' for a bit with my head on the table collecting myself. After a few minutes, I got up, finished my shopping and left. The anxiety also feeds my depression, and I've had days where I just could not get out of bed.

    For anxiety or depression, I strongly recommend either group therapy and/or some kind of support group. A friend pointed me to '', which may point you to a support group in your area. (That said, I'm not sure if they only coordinate meetups in the US, but there may be something similar for where you live).
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    Haldurson, actually I do the same thing! I hide my panic attacks from all the people except my boyfriend, because I fully trust him and he can really help me. If he didn't caused the attack in the first place... I cope with my problems really well lately, but university will start for me in February so I'm kinda busy and not online much. It's really nice to go to the university and do nothing except remembering what you already learned and teaching other students who are newbies :) I also have a really nice group this time.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna pass out too, but drinking water and eating some candies or other sugary things helps me.
    And my room reconstruction is almost complete! I have a blank white wall and I'll draw a huge picture with all my favorite characters on it. Characters from DoD too! Both heroes, Dredmor and a random diggle I guess. Whatever would be fitting the whole picture :rolleyes:
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    Whoa, guys, it's been a year. Look what I got :p
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    Looks nice. :)
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