This game saved my life

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    This is a really weird thing, I'm sorry... I was in the read-only mode for a couple of days and today I finally registered. Why? I'm extremely shy, that's why. I wasn't going to do this because I was really scared but my friend said it would be nice to tell you my story. If anyone reads this, of course...

    I'm a fellow student from Russia. Not long time ago I've taken a gap year because of my health problems. I've got panic disorder and it's getting pretty hard to live with so I've decided to go to the hospital. It's been two years since I got sick. Not long time ago my boyfriend introduced me to Dungeons of Dredmor. At first I thought of it as a little silly game and didn't paid much attention. Time passed... a year maybe? I had a sudden urge to play this game again. I think it was because of the soundtrack from the main menu stuck in my head (which has a reminding tune, is it Pirates of the Caribbean or Lion King's "Stampede" reference? Ah, I love both movies anyway!). And I think I maybe a little bit fallen in love. No, wait. I went totally crazy about Dungeons of Dredmor! I spammed my boyfriend with Dredmor funnies, I felt like I was alive again. I didn't have my panic attacks for month once! But life isn't all that happy... I didn't pass my exams and my boyfriend got into hospital with really bad infectious disease. I've been having panic attacks every day. I never consider suicide as an option (I'm running this life on Going Rogue and unarmored, duh! I also was born with a Communist skill so I'm tough, life can come and try me!) so I just tried to move on and prepare for my resits. I found your twitter just yesterday and was scrolling it without really reading stuff. But today was really rough. I had three panic attacks and the last one was really terrible. One of my groupmates wasn't helping at all with her "stop whining and learn informatics" advices so I just opened your twitter again and started reading. Guys, you write absolutely awesome things! It's kinda sad you sold out all the t-shirts, I'd buy them all, but every your post is so hilarious and full of win! I decided to read your blog as well and it turned out to be as good as your twitter. Oh, those tags!.. I didn't play Dungeons of Dredmor for a long time now and it's a shame. I can't access my boyfriend's Steam account since he's far away from me now (I don't see a reason to create mine because we share one credit card anyway)... But I hope he recovers soon so we both play again! Well, when I'm back from the hospital too. And when I pass my resits. I hope to be a programmer one day so I can be useful. Not really. They don't like girl programmers...

    Thank you so much for an awesome game!

    P.S.: I did tons of fanart but I'm scared to show it because I draw not so good and I can't really draw humans so I turn everything into stupid ponies I'm so sorry :( My icon proves it.

    P.P.S.: I absolutely love the main dude character and Dredmor. Does hero have default name? I'm kinda having troubles naming mine in game... they all turn out to be "Default Hero I", "Default Hero II" and so on, haha. The Eyebrowed One doesn't work for me because it's too long and too silly! Also, I made a song reference in that thread's title. I heard you like references ;)

    P.P.P.S.: alright, that's the last post scriptum! I think... I wouldn't ever say this because it sound like begging and I feel bad about it but my friend told me "go for it it's now or never" so... I would do anything for an autograph! I love your work so much I would be the happiest person alive. I'll pay the shipping. I'll draw you more fanart for the fanart god. I'll wear a monocle and a tophat while drinking Vodka from a teacup. Oh, wait, that's what we do in Russia everyday. Silly me. Jokes aside, I would really appreciate that. I'd totally drink with you if I had the health to fly to Canada and knew the language (Diggling English, how do they work?!). I bet you can't outdrink a Russian, huh? :p

    I just spent four hours writing this I'll probably go now.
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    Just started playing it too, and it's really an awesome game!!! Sorry but can't help you with the name of the main character, but yeah... he looks charismatic! hahahhaha

    <--- xD

    Hope you manage to get your autograph and that you get better from your panic attacks! :D

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    Hey, our pleasure.

    If you PM me or Mathieu a mailing address, we'll see what we can do about that autograph.
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    (I'm Mathieu)

    That's really cool, and I hope you and your boyfriend feel much better soon.
    Don't let anyone discourage you if programming is what you'd like to do, btw!
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    FYI: I have clinical depression and an anxiety disorder (which sounds like what you described, only my panic attacks have been fairly rare (although it has been slightly worse recently). I've never actually been hospitalized for it, but I've been in group therapy and on medication for a few years now, The meds aren't a cure, but they do take the edge off.

    Anyway, welcome to Dredmor. And I also hope you feel better soon.
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    Ohmygosh awesome guys like'd my post. Even David Baumgart! He's one of the digital artists I look up to.
    Thanks for all the answers! I was so excited (look at this little fangirl acting stupid) I did a thing. Sorry if it's bad I only drew humans twice in my life and spent like 5 minutes on this but still
    I'd probably do something electronics related. Programming is too hard for me! They say it's probably because we're studying Visual Basic now and it kinda sucks... and the guys with C++ are the happiest people I've ever seen. But I still think it's a serious business and I love silly stuff
    like transistors We also have really rad tea parties at the electronics department, haha.

    Haldurson, I'm sorry to hear you have similar health problems since I know how it feels :( I'm hospitalizing just because of the university, I have trouble studying because of that nasty thing. If I was working I would probably just get a sick leave, but when I need to pass exams it's getting complicated.
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    I like the picture! It's definitely better than anything I could do. :)
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    I'm pretty much just broken.

    And welcome, seriously. You're welcome here, and always will be.
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    I had to say something about the Dreadmor guy drawing... I haven't been by here in months and it made me smile, so your drawing made my visit worthwhile.

    There's millions of people in this world who don't contribute anything to it but misery, but you created something and put it up for the world to see, which made someone's day better. That's a pretty nice gift, and while I won't tell you that you should always share it.... I will say that you should NEVER feel like you have to hide it.
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    LionsDen, thanks!
    Loerwyn, this is the most warm welcome I've ever heard! Thank you so much!
    Darkmere, it's really nice to hear that my creations made your day better. It's always the best feeling for an artist ^_^

    So... it means I can post my ponification drawings, right? :oops: I'll post them as links so people who like ponies can click them and check them out and people who don't can just ignore them.

    Little Lord Dredmor thing I drew in the corner while studying graphs. Pretty much how I felt, lol.

    Trying to do main character pony reference. I failed his hair once again. My boyfriend came up with his cutiemark and I think it's his greatest idea ever. I don't like that it's black though... I guess I'll change it to something light and pixel-ish.

    A drawing I did for an icon for a forum I've been more than 5 years on. Funny thing, I've been here a few days and I feel much more of that warm home feeling here than on that other forum. All those five years I've spent arguing with admins and members XD They called me crazy, rude and wrote hatemail in my PM... mainly because of my drawings. That's why I don't really post stuff anymore.

    Continuing my work on that reference. And failed again. Will try harder for sure! Now he just looks like old Indiana Jones...

    And the last one for now (hooray!) is that drawing from icon. Actually it's my skype icon, but I decided to use it here too. Will draw a new one soon!

    I actually draw Dredmor (Lord Dredmor himself I mean, haha) more, but those drawing are all on paper and my phone's camera is awful. And they're really messy since I draw them just to colour them in digital. Once I drew him right on my examination papers. I felt badass after that :cool: I don't draw him as a skeleton since I have no idea how pony anatomy work like! So don't kill me. Aaaand... I have tons of headcanons! Should I post them to Fanfiction section?
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    Those smileys are all wrong! There, I fixed them:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Those eyebrows got lost in their hair but I think at least Dredmor looks nice. Totally cool [​IMG]
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    omg red as a smiley
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    Well, I passed one of the exams and I'll keep bumping my thread with things I did during my free time.

    Happy late Valentine's Day! Well, really late... But I spent it in a really nice company so don't blame me for being so slow! My boyfriend came to my place just for one day. He's still sick and it was hard for him, but I'm really happy to see him [​IMG]
    I made him a card using art from this article
    And also we have a little tradition in our university on the Valentine's Day - we put a huge canvas on the wall so everyone can write their love confessions. This year there was a guy watching over this canvas because unfortunately some people like to write bad things and teachers were angry about it. The last year canvas had satanic symbols and swear words all over it [​IMG] So this guy asked me if I wanted to write something and if I need a pen. I said I had everything with me already! I made this little thing before going to university and when I came there I just taped it on the wall under the whole huge canvas.
    The big blue font (together with pictures) says "I love Gaslamp Games for creating Dungeons of Dredmor" and the little font says "And my sweetie too, haha."
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    Aww, that's awesome.
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    Well, I did another bunch of ponies.
    Did I just get his hair right this time? Even he's surprised.
    That Dredmor I'm proud of. His face at least...
    I guess this was my first time drawing the heroine. Lol, she looks like Hermione. I was too lazy to edit out the lines because of DEM HAIR. It would be a pain...

    That's what I did in history class. Because history is boring. I printed tons of pictures (from games mostly) and was cutting them out.
    aw yeah I like my links red
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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    You're quite a good artist :D Thanks for sharing all this.
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    oh my god pixel artist replied to my thread i think i just died
    Thank you so much MOOMANiBE, it's really cool to hear that from you!

    Some person from deviantArt named MisterZaka was really nice and drew me a DoD fanart request! I asked him to draw the hero and he turned out great
    (I edited it a little bit)
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    Your art is fantastic, and girl programmers are great!

    :D Do what you love!
  19. Arron Syaoran

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    That picture is actually really good. Looks quite Kawaii(cute), and could possibly be better Lineart than even I could provide! You should draw Humans more often, for both practice and style. And I feel really bad about you and your boyfriend conditions. I really do hope he gets better and I hope this game helps with your problems.

    Edit: I found your Deviant Art site. Needs more pictures on there, including the Kawaii Eyebrowed Hero. I'm not really into Ponies myself, but I +Watch(Faved your site) as a friendly gesture.
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    Anyway, forget my delay, it's part of myself. Welcome and get yourself comfortable, since there is much to discuss in the forum.
    Like, I wanted to say, there is an entire section for fanstories and if I can recall correctly there should be even some fanarts over there.
    So you might want to post them as a separate thing from your greetings, but anyway it's not a problem and it's cool that dredmor made your day.
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