Things that really shouldn't take up inventory spaces

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by cromignon, Aug 20, 2014.

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    1. Crafting tools: Aside from the Horadric Lutefisk Cubes, there's no good reason to carry around stacks of anvils.
    2. Lockpicks: Gold doesn't take up inventory space, so why should keys?
    3. Lutefisk: Gold doesn't take up inventory space, so why should, um,
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    Good point. The only good argument I can see* for keeping them is that some players sell the extras, and they might miss that little bit of money. Hording stuff to sell to Brax is a trip into the heart of madness, though, so the game would probably be healthier without the stacks of spare anvils to sell, anyway.

    *: There's at least one mod out there that triggers effects whenever you eat, so it's not impossible that some people would eat lutefisk in-game to be able to trigger it as often as possible. Food is pretty plentiful though, so anyone interested in that could probably make do with grated cheese to serve the same purpose. So, that's a second argument, but not a particularly strong one.
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    I'll concede that there is still an achievement for eating lutefisk, so there might be more of an uproar about removing it from inventory management then for either of the other two.
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    Lutefisk already is effectively kept in your lutefisk cube, so if crafting stations were not in the actual inventory that would effectively solve the "problem". Not convinced this needs fixing, if it does, it'd be good enough to allow lockpicks and crafting stations in your mysterious dimension to be used without them actually being in your backpack
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    I didn't know I could close the cube without losing the fishy bits. I like the idea of "furnishing" the pocket dimension with stations. Hang on, you mean I can just leave stuff there, like a bank? I can leave it and come back, and stuff'll still be there?
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    I completely agree the op

    What we need is a brax store in the pocket dimension
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    One thing that should be added is picked up lutefisk should be placed directly into the cube if you are carrying that cube. This would save you several clicks but not affect game balance.
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