Things that have made you laugh/surprised

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    I know this general has seemed to turn into a catch-all for bugs and glitches and other oddities, but has anything happened in your colony thats made you unintentionally laugh or caught you off guard?

    Earlier a colony of mine had its first encounter with the fish people, and my vicar wanted to know what we should do about it.
    "Deny thier existance!" Of course. Don't want to cause a panic.
    I clicked the button, then nearly spit out my coffee as 6 of them proceeded to parade through my village.

    Then I had this one overseer who loved his Queen and Country, brutish violence, beer, and communism above all else. Especially the communism. Always with the communism.
    It started when I noticed a lot of my colonists were angry, or depressed about something, even though everyone had adequate food and shelter.
    People would be minding thier own business, happy as can be, having nice little conversations about hats, until he stopped them and started talking to them about the joys of being a communist, then he'd slap them until they cried and shuffled away in a depression
    I could just imagine a couple lowerclass workers discussing the work day over a nice beer when suddenly an overseer charges over to them, gets in their face and starts yelling COMMUNISM at the top of his lungs, over and over.
  2. Well, in my game, there was a colonist with criminal background, named Victor Boot. I even took a screenshot and uploaded it to Steam with the comment "Undoubtedly convicted of illegal weapons trade."
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    I liked the Capitalist I got, "sent to the colonies by disapproving parents", who had the Communist trait. :)
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    This guy is very serious about his laziness. He works hard at it.
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