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    I made this dual-wielding sword assassin, found me some nice swords by level 2. Used Krong 4 times and look at this:


    Welcome to the barbecue :D
    I just got the second enflame-enchant, and the first one already procced often, so I am looking forward to the fun :D

    But what's the difference? (one says: Sets your enemies aflame, other says: Starts a fire under your enemies) Ah I'll guess I'll see.

    Sometimes luck is really well themed... like earlier through the play: been very very stubborn and tried to disable every trap found so far, and eventually found a ring which gives 2 trap affinity. Symbolized for me that me character had learned (the hard way). Really neat. Slightly wondering if there's code that encourages this?
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    Somehow, I doubt it. Probably just confirmation bias. :)
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    Yeah, I doubt the devs went to the trouble to teach the game to recognize patterns in player behavior...especially given the stupidity of the AI. :)

    As for the difference in the enchants, I suspect one sets the tile on fire (dealing damage to anything that steps into it) while the other tags the monster with the "on fire" debuff, which does damage over time.
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    it sets your enemies aflame casts pyrokinesis, i.e. 3+.75mp fire damage, and burning, as well as creating a pillar of flame that deals 8 fire damage to enemies that walk into it.
    it starts a fire under your enemies does the same thing without the upfront damage or burning, it creates a pillar of flame that deals 8 fire damage.

    Quite lame indeed but not as much so as the mighty powers of blasting (one single point of blasting damage, in a separate packet, and I don't believe it's boosted by melee)

    But the benefit is that you create masses of flame walls in combat that you might accidentally kill yourself with because they last a long time, stack and are created at any point either of your weapon's procs, thus making the fun oops walked into it took 32 conflagratory damage.
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    Yeah I really doubt it as well, which is the same as saying that I'm slightly wondering if it's true. Which it really 99,99% certainly isn't... But still. Sometimes one wonders before making the rational calculation... and then... alas, thou hast wondered (doubted).

    Ah sorry I did not express myself clearly enough apparently. I like it :) I am very happy with this. It seems to me to be fun :)
    (And yes, even with just one weapon doing that I had the trouble having to wait for a flame pillar to die out before being to continue, when the path was narrow a couple of times.)

    EDIT: yes, very nice! Easiest monster zoo ever. Used 1 havarti. Rest was just melee and the occasional step back. A whole row of fires leading to me... aaah, Twas nice :)