The Unified List of Things Being Worked On By Nicholas, As Of Nov. 6th

Discussion in 'Design Suggestions' started by Nicholas, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Nicholas

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    This isn't official, but in the hopes that it makes the bugs and design suggestions forum easier to read here is a current dump of my TODOs. This reflects just *my* TODOs and doesn't reflect anybody else's.


    - sort out problems saving/loading in the late game
    - FIX slowdown with multiple label displays in late game
    - usual crash hygiene
    - Leyden rifle crash


    - Clean up terrain flattening behaviours: do not allow flattening to affect areas where buildings are already built; adapt farms to handle flattening nearby and correctly render; fix prop rendering after terrain flattening
    - farmers need to display as working in buildings/offices
    - look into mineshafts to make sure that it's one mineshaft, one occupier
    - (1.0c) some jobs not being picked up for offices (brewery, naturalist, etc.) (NOTE: Potential fix for this posted to the forums by a Concerned User)


    - Minimap location indicator
    - minimap orientation should reflect current camera orientation
    - alert for minerology survey report should take you to the surveyed node, not the naturalist
    - job complete alert should open the appropriate building creator submenu
    - clean up click order: civilians first, then objects, then finally buildings
    - switch click primitive to OBB for dead fishpeople/colonists etc.
    - Remove glow from UI creator, replace glowing elements with Something Steampunky
    - phantom gabions
    - overlapping graveyards
    - remove dead people from colonist list; give them their own list
    - let users organize overseer list
    - edge scrolling in fullscreen mode
    - add text box to production menu to explain queueing mechanic
    - fix flipped texture on building interior wall when a hole is cut into it 1.0E
    - show cost of blueprint interactively in toolbox when dragging it out, not just when released
    - various sound/music config glitches


    - roads
    - fences/walls

    I'll try to keep this updated as I work on stuff.
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  2. Thanandorn

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    These two sounds great to me.
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  3. Mr147

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  4. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    To which one? Also note that this is going to take me a good bit.
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  5. About this, are farm plots considered as buildings? Because, during a project of landscape engineering, I found out that farm plots do not seem to mind terrain flattening... in a not-so-good way :rolleyes:
    (I'll post an image here later and on the current release thread, if it's of any use I can attach the save file)

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  6. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Yes, farm plots are considered buildings for the purposes of "fixing things"
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  7. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    1.0D is now up and fixes the striked-out things. I"m still mainly working on roads.
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    So, I still have to use small stockpile as a road. XD
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  9. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    You can uncomment them in the current build if you want to see them so far, but they don't require resources and there is no way to demolish them. So expect bugs.
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  10. dtolman

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    So will there be an update in January or February?

    I'd like to get back into this, but I want to hold off starting a new colony until the most egregious bugs are fixed (looks to me that it will require starting a new colony for everything to be addressed).
  11. Teutomatos

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    Hmm ... Do you talk about overseer on building list, like for module in transparency, pre position, but not existing yet ?
    Also theres lots of others stuff to do on list for example ?
  12. bugwar

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    'Tis January, any updates on progress?
  13. Unforked

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    Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure we're just waiting for an announcement about the end of CE and possibly Gaslamp itself now. All signs are pointing in that direction.
  14. bugwar

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    I just bought the game and am enjoying it.
  15. RitaFaye

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    I received the game as a gift at Christmas, but my aging computer was unable to run it (along with some other programs). I finally upgraded the power supply and graphics card two weeks ago, and have been enjoying the game.

    Only to find out it is apparently done. Sigh--it really is a fun game.