The Super Serious Wandlore overhaul thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ruigi, May 3, 2012.

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    Flat rate, 2 per turn. It calls upon minor regen, which does a 10 round dot that does heal amount 2. Personally I don't see how it can't be moved to a wand lore level 1 recepie(currently 2).
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    No, there's all sorts of new hardcoded options in the DLC, and the skills and spells make extensive use of them. So, not only would I not be able to use the skills in the DLC, I'd also get random crashes whenever a new monster tries to do something that wasn't previously possible.

    I might be able to glean a bit more info out of it, but I'd also have a to be constantly sorting out whether the bugs I was experiencing were real or just the result of my unique combo of DLC xml and straight 1.0.10 Mac hardcode. Such uncertainty is not exactly helpful from the perspective of giving proper beta feedback. Which is, after all, the whole point of the beta.

    All in all, it'd be a lot of work and frustration.

    Besides, Nicholas has privately assured me that he'll have a Mac beta for me to guinea pig tomorrow... he's been saying that to me every couple days since before the DLC was publicly announced. One of these times it will prove true.

    So it is a bit weaker than a healing potion. Same amount of heal, but takes longer to get the full effect. Counter-balanced by the number of charges in the staff, which is probably more than the 2 potions you get with from the alchemy recipe.

    Coral Wand could totally be a level 1 recipe. Potion of Healing is level 1, and takes just Aqua Vitae and Rust. If you've got a still, a grater, and a couple levels of alchemy, then Rust and A Vitae are two of the most plentiful items in the game.

    Of course, Potion of Healing and Coral Wand were both created back when there was only 1 way to get a level of Alchemy or Tinkering. These days a smattering of crafting skills can be found throughout the dungeon on all sorts of items.
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    Sort of? It stacks with other over-time effects (fairywodger, food, potion of restoration).
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    If you're using multiple turns to stack multiple heal effects, you're likely either taking damage(quite possibly more than you're healing), or you're not in combat so you've got time to spare, or you're wasting the heals.