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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Daynab

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    Maybe it's a freudian slip :D
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    (Or some obscure, cultivated synonim for prostitute)
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  3. Scorcher24

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    Hey, don't want to be rude or so, but any news on the patch?
  4. J-Factor

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  5. Scorcher24

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    LOL posted today. I failed :(.
    But would be nice to have news in the forums too as a post :D.
    I rarely look on frontpages lol.
  6. Kablooie

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    Just wanted to weigh in and say congrats on DoD's success. I've been turning friends - both local and on Steam - onto the game. It's a hell of a lot of game for the price. I've got ten times (actually more) play hours in this game than I have in "AAA" titles that cost ten times as much.

    So I'll be looking forward to an expansion, even a DoD2, and Merch, you bet.
  7. Marak

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    Yeah, these reasons are why I haven't bought a non-Blizzard, non-Indie game in about 5 years now. Keep up the excellent work guys, the next few patches sound very promising.

    P.S. Please give melee some love or nerf Casters. Thanks! =p
  8. Inferno232

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    You should totally add expensive horse armor to the game... But no horses. It'd be like a worse version of the Wizard's Sleeve. XD

    And I'm hoping that, at some point, when you guys get around to planning expansion material (no rush, though), we get a selection of various exotic locales to adventure in. Maybe a village or two. Or a village we can easily piss off and get horribly killed by. Regardless, I love the humor of the game and I'm eagerly looking forward to anything you guys churn out.
  9. leoleez

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    looking swell as usual! Games fun, each update has made the experience better! Can't wait for DLC thats worth my time!
  10. aggelon

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    Did I miss this announcement ? Any news about translation ?

    * I love love game !!! *
  11. kasi

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    Where can I download version 1.1.0? I just bought the game via the humble pack and they only ship version 1.0.7 for Linux. The game constantly crashes.
  12. aggelon

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    Actually, the game is in 1.0.6 release, and the 1.0.7 is an exclusive preview for Humble... the game should go to final 1.0.7 during next week...

    1.0.8 should be released during December...

    No idea for 1.1.0, it is not already coded ^^

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    This list is a bit out of date now. Currenly 1.0.7 is the first-edition mod support / female protagonist / balancing patch. 1.0.8 is upcoming and will feature a number of new things and also herald in the expansion pack.

    If you're having problems with crashing I would HIGHLY recommend posting in the bugs forum, where our lead developer can help you out.
  14. Godwin

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    "Whore armor." *giggles madly*
    I approve :D
  15. SlyOte

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    when new updates come out I bought this game on HiB so how do I get them (this is the best game on HiB btw)
  16. Daynab

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    I'm not sure how it works in terms of updating the HIB, but you might want to redeem your steam key (when 1.07 or 1.08 hits steam)
  17. SlyOte

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    I dont play in steam updates are a big thing for me my google chrome wont download things so I download on anouther PC and copy it onto a flash drive then onto my PC and my version is only 0.07 ????whaaaat
  18. Daynab

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    .07 is the current version.
  19. Essence

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    Uhhh..1.07 is the current version. 0.07 was a long time ago.
  20. Daynab

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    I thought he typo'd. I think the first beta was like .07