The Persistant Games Bundle Thread.

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by OmniaNigrum, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. OmniaNigrum

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    We make a new thread every few weeks for one of these. Why not consolidate them all in one place?

    This time I am linking in the latest bundle:
  2. Daynab

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    Of these games, the only two I have heard of is Hammerfight (really cool unique game) and Syberia 2, which I don't really remember anything of. Anyone know anything about the rest?
  3. OmniaNigrum

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    I have played a few for several minutes before I uninstalled. But that was a while ago and they may be much better. In general the games suck. I am not impressed with any bundle from any group in the last few months.

    Postal is crude humor and a difficult game.

    Hammerfight is interesting, but too twitchy for my tastes.

    Will fight for Food I have heard is good, but I think it looks lacking.

    Alien Breed... What is there to say about this? How many of these games have they made? If you have played one Alien Breed game, you can skip this without missing anything.

    Then there are two nazi games that I avoid because they are more retarded than tick-tack-toe. 'Nuff said about those.

    Tiny Bang Story may be nice, but I hate point and click adventure games.

    Basically the only part even mildly interesting to me is WFfF. And it may suck badly too. I just linked this in because bundle games may be interesting to others here. Anyone who knows details, please share with the class.
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    I dunno, dinosaurs eating nazis is really hard to do wrong.

    Wait, what do you mean all of the dinosaurs except one are on the nazi team?
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    Depth Hunter is an underwater sim, got good reviews on GamersGate.

    Syberia II and A Stroke of Fate are point-and-click adventure games. Syberia has a jaw-dropping soundtrack, can't speak for its quality or gameplay but it IS up there with the greats of the adventure genre.
  6. OmniaNigrum

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    Anyone know how Groupees is supposed to actually work for games? Those not available on Steam that have no direct download just give a key that cannot be redeemed anywhere I can find. For example, Will Fight For Food is available on Desura, and the key it gives says it is "Universal" yet there seems no means to actually redeem the key on Desura. Tell me I do not have to install the Desura software...

    Before anyone asks, no there is not a download through Groupees. There is just the code that is only "Universal" in that it seems to do nothing everywhere.

    I feel stupid. I found this:

    *Edit* I was Ninja'ed too! Lol. Double stupid for the win!
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  8. OmniaNigrum

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    Thank you Banjo2E. Now I will bow my head in shame for missing what was on the very bottom of every page on Desura. :confused:
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    Indie Royale's July bundle is out.

    Most of this I don't know about, but Puzzle Agent's OK and Geneforge Saga...

    It's a sci-fi RPG series by the guy who did Avernum, and it normally costs $20. It was $10 during the summer sale. Current minimum for the entire bundle is just over $5.

    so glad I didn't buy geneforge on sunday
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    But Unepic alone is worth the money... Buying this one.
  11. Frelus

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    Unepic looks quite well, too.
    Just bought it, let's see how well the games are made.
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    Decided to try Unepic since you guys recommended it and all.

    "sign up"

    "introduce your email"

    "introduce the password you received in an email"

    ...Let's just say this game could use some translation help.
  13. OmniaNigrum

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    They mean to put the item code you were given. That part messed with me too.
  14. Daynab

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    Unepic is a good game, but its maker is Spanish and doesn't really speak English so that might explain the weird sentences.

    Don't worry though, the game itself has been translated by an English speaker. A guy I know, in fact.
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  15. banjo2E

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    Yeah, I got through a bit of the game and the game itself was quite fine. It's just the menus (and the registration menu, more specifically) that need work.

    My save file got deleted when I died, though, and this was after I found the magic box. Is this normal?
  16. OmniaNigrum

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    No. It should remember your progress. I just started playing it again myself. I will see what I can find about about the save method.
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    Woo, Darkstone was a great game, and given the cartooney graphics it shouldnt have aged too much (I hope). If you like the action RPG genre its a good one.
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    Hammer flight had serious potential for me, but the instructions are beyond piss poor.
    I mean I feel like writing 3 paragraphs on how bad it is, but then I would be so angry i would punch a hole in this monitor.

    Sure there might be some community out there that I could go involve myself in just to learn what and how things work, or if the game is even working properly, but that is stupid. Why would I need to go to the effort just to play a game. Here is the takehome lesson: TONS of indie games blow because they communicate poorly what they are or how to play them.