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    So what are our Large-Eyebrowed Hero and Heroine called/named?(canonically speaking) I mean, Brax and Lord Dredmor have names, so what's the name(regardless of player naming) and backstory of the two that we play as? How come there are multiples of these Eyebrowed Adventurers that look exactly the same despite each one dying in different ways?

    We simply can't just call them "Large-Eyebrowed Hero" or "Our Heroine". So what names would they have if the user/player didn't name them?
  2. Clement seems fitting, in my opinion.
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    You ever watch an old Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone spaghetti western? It's clear to me that the character is modeled after young Clint's character, The Man with No Name and Big Eyebrows (I'm told that that's the precise translation from Italian). For example, remember that in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", that Tuco (translation 'He who is Jealous of Eyebrows') keeps calling hiim "Blondie". That's because Eli Wallach didn't speak Italian and couldn't pronounce the actual name in the script which was difficult and far too long. But It's definitely "The Man with No Name and Big Eyebrows".
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    I always wanted to know the canon name of the main characters! If I was the creator I'd write some random funny names so the fans won't ask for the thousandth time :D
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    He would have much more girls if he did :cool: