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    Hello. I'm Hanz Ketchup. I've played this game for a little while. Not enough time to kill Dredmor, unsurprisingly. I can't tell you how in love I am with this game. Any gaming time not devoted to TF2 or SMNC always ends up getting delegated to this. It says I've only played 8 hours, but I've spent probably an equal amount of time playing offline and probably twice that amount when I, um... very legally acquired it. But it's all good, I own the game now as well as RotDG. I'm trying to buy COTW with TF2 items but it hasn't been working so far. =/
  2. Er, um, hi.

    I feel like I should introduced myself, though I have a regretable paucity of material on myself with which to do so.

    You can probably extrapolate from my username that I am female and generally prefer necronomiconomics builds. Regretably I am not a deity yet, though this problem is being worked on.

    Anyway I made an account mostly to report bugs, but at some point I would like to try to do some modding? Assuming I can ever get the focus for it. :p
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  4. Hi~ *waves*
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    Hallo allo o/
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    Hi, Kablooie.
    Sadly, I cannot fulfill your request for a minion myself.
    But I have a little brother...
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    Fetch him, I'll grab the Rod & Reel :rolleyes:
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    Considering that my first post was about a bug, I figured I'd do this now rather than later.

    Hi, I'm Vengefully, I'm not much of a forum goer although somehow I managed, though various games and forums, to actually post more stuff in the last month than in the last 10 years. I wish I was kidding and/or exaggerating. *sigh*
    I tend to roam around the Steam forums more than any other but usually just checking stuff out, with the occasional post.

    As for games, I tend to gravitate around rpg's and stategy but I play a lot of TF2, which is pretty much the only fps I play these days. I should say though, I can't play ASCII rogues, they really bug me out, although I have no issues with their dificulty, if need be. Really like StoneSoup.

    Well... I'm glad to be here.
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    Welcome to our community, Vengefully.

    If you want to play rogue-likes but can't get over their ASCII "graphics", I recommend taking a look at Elona (a weird rogue-like, but one nonetheless) and DoomRL (not exactly a full rogue-like, but plays like one); Elona has graphics by default, and in DoomRL you can choose between sprites or ASCII.
  12. Hi, I'm Faulty. I've already posted a few times. I'm here because I'm 100% new to Roguelikes and Dredmor and am somewhat overwhelmed by the various options! I keep dying on floors 2 or 3, too. :(
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    Damn, my pc crashed while I was replying to this so I'll keep it shorter:

    Elona: love me some blackjack ;)
    DoomRL: usually boot it up just to see how far I can go in the arena (usually not very far xD)

    Other rogues
    Demise: Ascension: while it doesn't have random levels and gear, I consider it a rogue and I HIGHLY recommend it (be warned though, it can get a little grindy).
    StoneSoup: obviously :D
    TOME: I play it less and less, mainly due to the fact that you have to unlock classes, which I find counter-intuitive, in this kind of games, unless they're utterly uber classes (which is not the case in TOME).

    Don't worry about it FaultyClockwork, just pretend we're back in the day, when we didn't have knowledge bases and wikis and the like and we had to test and play to check things out. Dying on 2 or 3, heh? You're going further than me, due to the fact that I'm doing builds that require a few level ups (2 or 3) before I can actually start KILLING stuff xD
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    I'm Alistaire, I'm gonna mod for digglebucks and swear a holy oath to never ever use vanilla resources in my mods.
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  15. I get overwhelmed easily! And I was but a wee babe back in the day. ;) Thank you though!
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    Newbie here. I registered because Dredmor is becoming one of my all-time favorite games -- this is saying a lot since I'm past the three decade mark -- and because this community looks really awesome. Seeing how involved Nicholas is, and generally feeling like every Dredmor purchase I made for myself or others has been worth it, means I really want to help where I can in discussion.
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    I joined so that I could post my wizardlands. I plan to use the forum, so it is only fair I post the ones I found.
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    Hallo, hallo, hallo o7

    I'd like to mod, but am also looking for work, alas. As well as maintaining an active role in a NWN2 world. Yet I'll try, eventually :p. Put those XML classes to work, even if I'd rather be doing C.
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    Oh, um, hello. I've invested far too much time into this game to admit publicly, and in about a month I'm due to start taking a bunch of computer science courses, so I figured I may as well try to get a headstart on learning code with something I'd enjoy.
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