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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by RKade8583, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Dratai

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    I once had someone make me a cold espresso macchiato It inflicted :dmg_toxic:/:dmg_conflagratory: 10 on me.
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    A kuvrahk? I thought Altermeta went under a looong time ago.
  3. Dratai

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    It's up again. again.
    And more consistently updating, too.
  4. Celissa

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    Eek, run away! It's a newbie!

    In other words, hi. I've been lurking about the forums for a while now, and figured I might as well post in the introduction thread anyway since I had a question elsewhere that I'd not yet found the answer for. But yes. I've loved roguelikes for a long while (ADoM, anyone?), and when a friend gave me Dungeons of Dredmor, I found myself addicted faster than you can say "Diggle! Killit!" The forum community has been enormously helpful to me (by proxy, since it took me a while to gather the nerve to actually post anything), and I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the extremely friendly and helpful environment you have here.

    Okay, I'll go hide in my corner again now. I have diggles to slaughter, after all. :)
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  5. Warlock

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    Welcome to our forums. :) Anytime you need anything, the community is there to help. All you have to say is 'how I dredmor?' and we'll assist ASAP. :)
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  6. Celissa

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    Hehe, yes, I'd noticed that! Where do you think I've gotten my ideas about what skills can work together at least decently? ;) As I have a severe case of altitis, I'm only on DL4 on DMPD, but I am loving every minute of it so far. Okay, almost every minute. The 'oops, I just ran over a who knows what trap that almost killed me' moments can go elsewhere for a while. Perhaps I shouldn't play so much when tired...

    Nah. :p
  7. Loerwyn

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  8. Kazeto

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    Welcome amongst us, Celissa. Just remember that Kazeto is evil and shall by no means be trusted, regardless of what he/she says.
  9. Dratai

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    avoid me like the plague, lest I infect you with the terrible affliction of laughing at unexplainable humour.
    Or something.

  10. Nikolai

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    Oo, oo! Avoid me too! Not that that's particularly difficult. I'm pretty antisocial, after all.
  11. TheKirkUnited

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    Well, most of us are pretty friendly at least. If not in person. This is the internet after all. Where everyone can afford to be friendly without fear of stalkers..... mostly.

    Don't be afraid to post. I, and other qualified DoD'ers are on call to answer all of your questions on the subjects Dungeon Survival, and Liche Destruction.
  12. Dratai

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    Some people find it easier to be friendly on the internet, because you don't have to feel like even small criticism is intensely insulting/personal.

    Then again everywhere else, namely where people believe they'll never meet anyone again/are completely, unreproachably anonymous, they turn into equally or bigger forms of d-bags.

    It's weird that way.
    Thankfully, everyone here's a gentleman adventurer extraordinaire.
    Or at least, I'd like to believe so.
    Unless it concerns me.
    I like to believe I'm the villain and dredmor is invading my dungeon, and it's my job to kick him out for not paying the rent.
    (conversively, this is a very bad joke :p)
  13. Kazeto

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    It depends on the person, really. Personally, I'm the kind who is trying to be helpful by default, but goes into deathmatch mode when people insult me deliberately; it is a mindset I trained myself into because I need it (being an "IT guy" education-wise [or at least people do see me as a generic "IT guy", my specialisation is not one that required me to get involved with other people directly], and a store clerk for a living; there's also another reason for that, but this one shall be left in the darkness so that more delicate people would not be scarred), and now I exhibit it here as well.
    And it seems that girls do like this kind of approach, too. Or at least mine does like the whole "I'm a nice guy but if you try something funny I'll make you bleed." thing, but I guess that's pretty uniform.
    Either way, getting back to the point, it depends on how the person perceives themselves. People who don't think they are worth much are douches on the internet, because acting mean towards others gives them a faux taste of power and self-worth; people who know their value, on the other hand, don't need to act like that because they don't have anything to prove.

    And it's the same with criticism, really, though in this case one's parents' expectations play the major role. People who were never criticised because nobody cared about whether they'll achieve anything react very poorly to any sort of criticism because they aren't used to it; people who were criticised at every step and pushed to achieving a surreal degree of perfection in everything will react even worse, unless they had parted with people who criticised them in such a manner and learned not to take everything personally, because every bit of criticism is like being told that they are failures, and nobody likes to be told that by people he doesn't know personally; the only people who really can accept criticism from the get-go are those who were taught how to recognise good and bad criticism when they were kids, and that requires some parenting skills from his parents.
  14. Loerwyn

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    I'm just miserable to everyone.
  15. Frelus

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    I very much also have that mindset of "Helpful, but do not insult me", and I have to say it often brings me problems.
    Example: Teachers.
  16. Dratai

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    I just smile.
    A lot.
    I can't help it I think it may be a chronic disease.
    Or I'm becoming the real version of the joker.

    ooooor I just like making people smile.
    Smiling helps with that. But that aside, I'm used to taking a lot of crap from PEOPLE I DON'T GENERALLY LIKE. (when I was little)
    So as a rule of thumb I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE.
    (As the entity, not as individuals)

    So it's kind of a: I don't really give a damn, I'll try to help you and if it's appropriate, make you smile, but if you're shit to me, I'm twice as shit to you, because, well, there are ways to be mean to people that are mean to you which isn't directly mean (but makes it so much meaner, and makes everyone who sees what you're doing feel goooooood xD).

    Back to the point though.
    DoD Community rules, like a boss. Possibly Dredmor. <3
  17. Loerwyn

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    This topic is...

  18. Minimal Seven

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    Salutations, everyone!

    I've been playing Dungeons of Dredmor for almost a year now, after last year's big Steam Summer Sale, and I've been hooked. Sure, I do forays into other games every now and then, but Dredmor always comes back for me to make another futile attempt at slaying him. I've been visiting this forum for several months now, but I never really had anything to contribute, though I am thankful for all the advice and entertainment that I've taken from several sources.

    The community is fun. The people involved in this game, whether developers or modders, all come across as good people. So I'm happy to be here. However, I'm more likely to lurk behind a breakable wall with the Diggle God of Secrets moreso than come out and post very often. I just was in a rare mood to say...hello!

    Thanks for the nearly year long amusement I've gotten from one game!
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  19. Dratai

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    Welcome Minimal.
    Or seven.
    Or minimal seven

    Mr./Mrs. 7

    7 is a fun number.
    At first it just stands there.
    Then suddenly it has arms (at least when I write it)
  20. Kablooie

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    Not new, but am back from a long hiatus.
    So many changes! I do feel like a newbie again.

    Trying to hunt down some patch/expansion notes to see all of what's changed.
    For sheer laziness, though, so far:
    1. You must now find/know the recipe to craft specific items? This'll kill my build if I never find a Fruitful Stave recipe :(
    2. Currently have a staves dual-wielder - found a great axe, tho' - equipped it - no more nonproficiency penalty?
    3. Oh, and Dualwield's been fixed?
    4. Has explosive property been fixed?

    Anyway, hallo again, all o/