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  1. SkyMuffin

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    Hi! Um, I'm not actually a muffin in real life. I'm a 21 year old college student from Kentucky, studying English and Women & Gender Studies. I have a lot of unusual, sometimes competing interests, like comic books and theory, roguelikes and time management games, etc. I write mostly poetry but sometimes nonfiction prose. If you need someone to edit or write things for Dredmor, I wouldn't mind....

    Anyway, that's a very brief and terrible portrait of who I am
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    People here seem nice, so why not.

    I'm a 27 year old Chris living on the east coast of Canada (I love the Canadian references in DoD). I'm an aspiring game designer starting from when I was in third grade drawing mario levels on paper. If a game had a level editor, you can bet I was playing around with it. Most of my game design work has been on the doom engine; G/ZDoom (A custom engine built upon Doom's source code). I've done level design, art work creation, scripting, and of course, overall design. The ability to create your own worlds to run around is a very appealing aspect to me.

    When it comes to rogue-likes, I'm a total noob. The only one I really played was DoomRL. I tried others but couldn't concentrate long enough to learn how to play. They aren't pickup an play kind of games. You have to figure out all the hotkeys and mechanics. DoD was appealing because it used non-ASCII graphics and a GUI. Both of which helped me ease into the game. Not to say there isn't a lot to learn. It's the kind of game where trial and error pays off in a satisfying way (I'm scared of evil chests now).

    When it comes to games that influence me, I have a bit of a list. Of course I place ID's games high on that list. You also can't go wrong with Blizzard (including their classic games like Lost Vikings, Blackthorne and Rock&Roll Racing). Another series that greatly inspires me is the Mother series (you may have heard of Earthbound, that's number 2 in the trilogy).

    Well, that's me. Happy dungeoning!
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  3. Giraffe

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    Hello, I'll keep it short because I know almost no one will really read this anyway.

    23, artist, rpg-addict. Looking to add many many new (properly animated!) monsters to the game once I figure out the programming for it.
    Because I like monsters, I like doing art and I like this game.
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  4. blob

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    Well I like you then.
    Because I like monster, doing art and also plan to add new monsters ( properly animated ) at some point ( There's tons of skills mod already but I'd rather see new Items, rooms and mobs) :)
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  5. You folk are in short supply - I have a thread about art & artists in the Mods section of the forum. Come drop in your 2 zorkmids, and read some tips from the small handful of artists that lurk around here!
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    Great! I wish I could make friends as quickly in the real world. Haha, anyway looking forward to see any of your stuff.

    Which thread you're talking about? Nevermind, I'll find it. Really don't much need tips myself (other than the programming part of it and perhaps design-wise), but perhaps I'll drop a few. And steal a few zorkmids.

    I'll be posting a thread soon with the start of my journey of Monster Mania. As soon as I have something to show...
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    I'm sure I'm not the only one who reads this thread but doesn't reply, so hey, welcome :D
    And welcome everyone that introduced him/herself after me, it's cool to have more people around here ^_^
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    Of course, that's not what I meant :oops:
  10. Giraffe

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    What? You don't think I'm cool? :(
  11. kino5

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    This is a trap conversation! I refuse to fall in it! Uhhmm.... look! It's Batman!
    *turns around and starts running*
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  12. Loerwyn

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    I'm cool.

    Cooler than Batman.
  13. "Kooler than Jesus" - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    Fun technoish tune.

    And yes, this is where I found my Handle. :)
  14. Loswaith

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    Figured it was time I got around to this, I'm Loswaith.

    While not overly experienced with the Rogue games I've dabbled in a few, most notably ADOM. I came across dredmor while checking out indy RPGs, tried it out and as they say the rest is history.
    I am from Australia, I have a Computer Science/Games Development degree, and have been playing around with mods since the 90s, most never seeing the light of day or only being used by myself or frineds. I started moding with the AD&D Unlimited Adventures and have been doing stuff here and there since, most notably Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind/Oblivion, and Alien Swarm.

    My primary discipline is programming and I know a myriad of programming languages but also work on my own game stuff (mostly in XNA), typically dabbling for my own use, testing out and learning algorithims or putting togeather basic engines for game ideas I have.
    I'm an avid tabletop RPGer and am usualy tinkering with some rule system.

    Thanks to the crew at Gaslamp on making Dungeons of Dredmor.
    I'm enjoying playing around with/in the game and look forward to seeing what you produce in the future.
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  15. Marnnson

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    Glad to see such a nice and well-spoken community. I think I'll join in as well in the introduction merriment.

    My name is Andrei, I'm east European (from Romania actually) and I'm 23 years old. I graduated a local university specializing in IT and Computer Science; my main focuses there were to get as much programming practice and knowledge to make it one step closer to my life goal. While the practice may have been lacking due to the slack education system, I did manage to land a job fairly quickly as a software programmer and am currently working in the IT industry for about half a year, slowly gaining experience.

    That's hardly interesting though. My life goal is to become a game designer / developer, and hopefully manage to work on a high budget AAA title (preferably a Warhammer title; that is one of my secret, guilty pleasures). I've been playing games ever since I was in secondary school, the first titles I remember picking up were Warcraft 2, Catacombs, Doom, Commander Keen, and Mortal Kombat (the "cool" titles from then). Ever since then I've been constantly playing and going through different stages. I admit I've had the "MMO craze" when World of Warcraft came out and it gripped me pretty hard for a good few years, but after I've passed that stage I learned to appreciate and better sense the work put behind games, the effort, the creative talents being put to use to create something that both brings entertainment and sometimes can deliver a message.And that's why I want to start slowly creating my own portofolio of games / mods in order to one day make it to the top.

    My roguelike experience has been fairly lackluster, the titles I play currently and thoroughly enjoy are Tales of Maj'Eyal, Dungeons of Dredmor, The Binding of Isaac (one could call it a rogue-like), and Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. I'm slowly working the courage to pick up Dwarf Fortress; until recently I admit the high degree of complexity and the clunky graphical UI made me a bit reluctant to play it. But I've picked up a few tutorials and might get into it soon enough.

    My favorite game genres are RPG's, strategy games, rogue-likes (new taste and highly loving it), puzzle platformers, and the occasional FPS. I admit I also enjoy the idea behind MOBA's (I do play League of Legends from time to time), but I harbor a strong dislike for the community most of them manage to gather behind them. I'm also a dedicated fan of everything GoG-related, and currently have a good collection of games on there. Right now I'm playing through Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, with Deus Ex or Thief being the next choice of action.

    But video games aren't my only passion. I'm an avid reader (currently reading Orhan Pamuk's My name is Red, with The Hunger Games and A Song of Ice and Fire series lined up), music enthusiast, and a practitioner of traditional martial arts. I have a strong thirst for knowledge and it compels me to read just about anything I can get my hands on and listen to a wide variety of music genres. Music-wise, while I enjoy rock (of many types) the most, I also enjoy classical music (Rachmaninov, Chopin), jazz (strong fan of anything related to neo-swing: Big Bad Voodoo Band are simply amazing, but also enjoy the old soul bands), some electronic (Daft Punk being the obvious representative here), metal (again, a wide variety, but I dislike the high pitched grunty grunty growly growly extreme type of metal), gypsy punk (Gogol Bordello are amazing), and many other genres.

    Hope I haven't ranted and bored you to death, and hopefully I'll get to know more of you in the near future!
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    Oh god, it's batman! Run!

    Seriously, welcome to this community, I know you'll have fun, since there's only nice people here ;)
  17. Marnnson

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    Hehe, thanks ;) Forgot I left this pic on, though at the time I was watching the first season of Batman: The Animated Series... amazing cartoon for its time.
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  18. Klokinator

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    Silly intro threads, but I'll bite =)

    Hi guys, I'm Klokinator. I have not played anything in Dungeons of Dreadmor, but I decided after reading this post on the Terraria forums, I simply HAD to join this tiny community and help give it life! I'm a member of over a dozen communities, (actually it's probably 20 or more) and I just love the heck out of forums. I run two forums myself, and I'm a global mod at another, but no links because I find that to be a bad way to get to know people.

    I will be buying Dredmor anytime soon, and any expansion packs it might have, and etc. I'm a very very big fan of all roguelike games, such as Diablo, fate, Dungeon Siege, etc etc. In fact, I'd like to just once shamelessly promote a really awesome RMVX game that a good friend of mine is making, in the style of ye olde' dungeon crawlers like Ultima and Might and Magic and Wizardry. It's called the Legend of Erthia, very fun looking game.

    As an indie developer myself (Albeit not interested in turning a profit... for now!) I know how hard it can be to get people interested in your game. Terraria was a huge hit, mainly because it had flashy particle effects, you could build stuff, the bosses looked cool, etc. I know absolutely nothing about Dredmor, just that it's a roguelike and that sits easy with me. I will tell the entire community this though; the devs of this game have got to be the coolest people I've ever met at first impression, and that really says a lot! I want to play their game and buy their stuff, just because they are for legit indie devs!

    I hope to be a part of this community and help it grow. I'll mention it to my friends on the other forums I go to and see if we can't generate a little revenue stream ;D

    on a sidenote, I'm making an indie game as mentioned, so if you're a fan of turn based strategy games, especially Fire Emblem, do check out the Facebook Page and our Fully Detailed Release Topic!
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  19. OmniaNigrum

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    Hello everyone. I am a random no-one from the Internet. My handle is OmniNegro and it has exactly nothing whatsoever to do with my race/creed/species. If anyone cares, I am a Human and that is as far as I will elaborate on things that do not have any importance in life, and cannot be confirmed via the Internet.

    I have been playing Roguelikes since around the age of 12. I am now 31 years of age. I have managed multiple Nethack/Slash'Em ascensions. The first took over a year and I consider that amazingly fast. I have played basically every last major Roguelike ever made. I still play Chengband every once in a while.

    I know a magical spell that will make the devs pull their hair out and weep. It is called "Why can I not move diagonally?" and to use it properly you ask this every few minutes in every last thread you come upon until they ban you. :) Did I mention I have a sick sense of humor? :p
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  20. Killian

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    Hi all,

    I recently started playing Dredmor and became addicted like everyone else and have been lurking here for a couple of weeks. I've been playing roguelikes since Rogue so I guess that shows my age. Dredmor definitely is the most fun (and pain) I've ever had with a roguelike. Somehow Dredmor has an excellent sense of style/humor that doesn't get old and doesn't detract from being a hardcore roguelike, a fine line that's not easy to walk.

    Big thanks to Nicholas and all the Gaslamp folks for being so active here in the forums. I've never seen a gaming company so active with their community. The recent Dreadmor patch thread is a perfect example of great communication with your player base. I routinely see great ideas posted by players here that actually get added into the game (or will at some point ;))

    Gaslamp has also done a great job with the website and blog they're very clean, simple and easy to navigate. They work very well for prospective players to get a sense of what Dredmor is all about. It's amazing what you can do with something as basic as Wordpress when you have someone who knows how to use it (big kudos to your Web guru Derek). I think my only recommendation would be to try to link up (literally) with some other Indy developers who put out quality games. Since Indy games are so inexpensive in comparison to the usual $50 for a big market game, I think it would help sales to have close ties to other developers. I reviewed/bought Terraria after seeing it mentioned in the forum here.

    I also wanted to give a *huge* thanks to the community of sick hardcore players out there that beta test every release candidate and find those nasty bugs. This helps not only to the Gaslamp folks but the rest of us who want to see a great patch. Also thanks to all for just making this forum fun to read in general.

    -- Killian
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