The Golden Crossbow: What does it actually do?

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  1. I found this in a chest of evil:


    Without the bonuses from the chest it would be a 1 damage crossbow with -5 accuracy, and yet it seems to do nothing spectacular when attacking.

    So why is it so special? clearly there is SOMETHING that it can do, has anyone else had any experience with the weapon?

    Maybe it one shots Dredmor, ill be sure to try it >:]
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  3. Ah i see, the effect wasn't showing up / not occuring for me. Thanks a lot for the wiki link (and the wiki itself i suppose :) ), its so far the only site I've seen with some good information regarding the expansion on it.
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    From what I've seen, the new "crossbow on-hit" trigger they've made for the three new special bows is broken.
    A shame, that.
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    Could just be a reference to The Man with the Golden Gun. A Bond movie where the villian used a Golden Pistol and was so good he only ever needed one shot.
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    The trigger (and thus the weapon) has been fixed for 1.0.9.
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    J-factor. I love your wiki. Got it book marked.... but it literally locks my browser for 30+ seconds. I guess it is because it loads everything each time and is up to date, but could it be made to have a start page and load segments instead?
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