The Energy Drink Mod 0.0.1

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Should I keep working on the mod?

  1. Yes it is a great idea....? I guess

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  1. nealpd

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    DISREGARD THIS THREAD I do not know how to delete it
  2. Jellp

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    You can publish your mod on steam by right clicking Dungeons of Dredmor (on steam), properties and than set lauch options. You'll need to put "-publisher" in the launch options.
  3. Unicycles

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    Don't be too hasty, it's often best to put time into something before uploading it. Maybe you should flesh out your ideas in this thread before going any further :) I'm sure most of the people here would be willing to offer critique.

    What else do you have in mind for this mod?
  4. OmniaNigrum

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    I voted yes, but was tempted to say "NO F YOU GO DIE IN A HOLE" just because it sounds funny.

    Why not tell us what you actually want from the mod? Have you looked at the potions and booze in FAXPAX and Roguish Renovations? They may give you some great ideas of how to make your mod better, and I can pretty much assure you that FaxCelestis and Llcorp (The makers of the aforementioned mods.) would be happy to let you take their examples and modify them for your own mod.

    We are all pretty easy to get along with, and so far, only a few times has anyone ever objected seriously to someone copying (Even blatantly.) their mod code and using it for theirs. And each time it resulted in that person being shouted into another dimension since it could be readily demonstrated that the ideas behind their mods had been done before and thus were not their property to hold hostage.

    So please, if you have time and a definable idea, throw it out and we can and will help you work on it.

    (And on another note, please publish *HERE* as well. Publishing to Steam is a pain for modders and those using the mods alike. I only use forum mods due to Steam being a bitch about everything. You need not publish a perfect mod. You can even post a bug riddled mod and ask for help fixing it. Some of us almost live for that stuff.)
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  5. nealpd

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    Alright lets go...
    Oh ok but I might not publish it.
    A lot of things, maybe a class or two. more items, to be honest the only thing holding me back is that I suck at art.
    ok :3
    I plan on making a new thread and deleting this one. I have played through DoD with those mods and Those are why I honestly wanted to make a mod in the first place. and no i've been writing this from scratch I don't really need templates.
    I do agree this forum has an A-maz-ing community. I don't think this kinda thing has been done before. a potion mod with energy drinks.
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