The Encrustador. AKA encrusting is overpowered.

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by DMT, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. eskr

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    If you can, please let your nerfs *bring* more pain much more than lessen *gain*.
    The wild natures of roguelikes and potential for creative explotation (um, I mean "use") is a huge part of their draw. :)
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  2. Stakhanov

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    Once encrust drawbacks can no longer be circumvented , be sure to add an instability spell to artifact corrupting monsters. That way , elements of an optimally encrusted stable set could be slowly pushed into dangerously unstable territory , without becoming worthless. It should be difficult to judge how much of a liability they could be.
  3. Kazeto

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    And then Sir Nicholas is so going to buff everything.
  4. GreyICE

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    I don't understand all the complaints about encrusting, it seems fairly balanced to me.

    In other news, I was doing around 60 damage a hit to dredmor and he didn't get me below 192 (unlucky teleport knocked me into melee range and he was dazed, ouch. I rocket jumped away).
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  5. Lorrelian

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    By this, you're talking about the bad everything, right? Because that seems to be the Gaslamp dynamic...
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  6. impishacid

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    OOOOOO this is a really really Fun idea, yeah!
  7. Mochan

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    I have a question here. How do you avoid the Haematic Drain drawback when doing this kind of abusive encrusting? I can't figure out how to get around it.
  8. Kazeto

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    Pray to RNG. Sacrificing a few people (optimally virgins) to it might help too.

    Alternatively, just don't use items with this particular instability.

    And if the question was "how to avoid getting it on an item altogether", the answer is "pray to RNG and preferably don't abuse encrusting".
  9. Alavaria

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    Quick question, what triggers instability effects on shields, tomes, orbs etc? I expected it to be on-hit, but I'm using a somewhat overencrusted "Power Fist" (a shield with the class name over-ridden) and have not gotten any of the debuffs despite being hit many times over.
  10. Wootah

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    What version are you playing? In some of the versions, the encrusting penalty procs didn't work at all.
    Not that I remember which ones it was broken in.
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  11. Alavaria

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    It's the latest one, not the beta. 1.2

    I've had encrust instabilities proc on other things, crossbows, armor, weapons...