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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by rydash, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Kror

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    Dunno why its not posted here since there was a post for that but:

    Puissant Veil (Warlockery) is still doing nothing. (So <blockBuff percentage="100" name="Puissant Touch"/> not really affecting enemies)

    A few other things:
    -Mage's Mana Maille (Warlockery) seems to be missing Acid resistance.
    -Suit Up (Master of Arms), Tortoise Maneuver (Shield-bearer) don't allways fill up their brittle counter when reapplied if the buff is still on you.

    -The ingame description of Defensive Bash (Shield-bearer) still states that it scales with stubborness, although it scales with Blockchance now.
    -Wizarlands: I can only visit a single wizardland once per "account" (I know it's on the list).
    But when I played on a different PC I could visit them once more (and even with all different characters). Might be a steamcloud issue (dunno how where you save that).
    -A few weapons descriptions are not funny anymore due to the changes with Polearms/Daggers. Like spear "It's like a staff with a knife stuck on the end, okay?". Since it's a Polearm and not a Staff class weapon anymore ... This "bug" hurts the most imo.
  2. Daynab

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    Intended, not a bug.
    Thanks for the other reports though.
  3. Kror

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    Well it's the stuff I wrote after that I wanted to report. It seems like it's not saved probably (maybe through the steam cloud) so you can sometimes play them once more. At least I could
  4. meh.

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    ! Exiting a mysterious portal in some circumstances will cause crashes. The issue is being investigated, as a savegame has recently been provided.

    Got that crash too, always happens, I'm stuck there :(

    It crashed when I entered too by the way.

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  5. Sanmei

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    ^ Stuck in one myself. One odd thing I noticed: my entire backpack inventory disappears as I re-enter the Pocket Dimension hub. Probably relevant, some sort of overflow error or some such.
  6. Daynab

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  7. Nicholas

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  8. rydash

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    I'd like to reiterate that anything marked with a ✔? needs checked out by the community, still - I am either unsure or unable to confirm or deny the fixing of that particular bug. Especially the XML ones. No clue what I'm looking at.

    Thank you for your diligence and help in this matter! :D
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  9. 1024

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    Paranormal's potion-transmutation skill results in a newly created potion not stacking with a found or crafted older one, or stack.
    @rydash: very possible

    Popping into the pocket dimension while monsterzooing makes its countdown go away.
  10. rydash

    rydash Member

    I can't seem to replicate the potion bug, 1024 -- hotfix_test3 resolved some stacking issues, perhaps this was one of them?
  11. meh.

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    I use Linux, are there changes to the executable too? Because if yes I need a new build of the Linux executables too.
  12. lccorp2

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    Just to note, this also seems to be happening for me. A lot of rooms which I know I flagged as special are turning up twice for me. Also, as a heads-up, the minlevel and maxlevel tags do not appear to be working correctly for wizardlands rooms. The evil clone roons are tagged with a minlevel of 11, and yet they're spawning anyways in low-level wizardlands.
  13. Borodin

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    Can't get back to my portal dimension. Whenever I click the icon to do so, I get a dialog popup box about the instruction at one memory address attempting to read another unsuccessfully. (Address changes depending on floor, but an example is 0x6b6zf0ee attempting to read 0x00dlb938.) At a guess, the destination has been lost--which does not make for a happy character.

    Verifying the cache did replace the saved game with one where that memory corruption wasn't an issue, but it was at the cost of losing about 90 minutes' play. Might help if the game makes multiple autosaves every X minutes, which the user can keep or delete. Just a thought.
  14. SkyMuffin

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    Trying this out and it appears that the dagger 7:sneakiness: 10:edr: bonus isn't working now. Dredmorpedia isn't listing it as an effect but I am positive I was getting that from equipping daggers before I installed the hotfix. :confused:

    edit: looks like it has been replaced with +1:nimbleness:?

    edit2: i am stupid and did not notice the passive stat bonuses with each skill. sorry!
  15. Borodin

    Borodin Member

    There's a quest to drop X item on an eyeball shrine. Twice I've gotten it, on different levels, and can't drop the item on it. Clicking on the lower tile of the shrine with the item does nothing, and dropping it on the upper tile simply drops the item on the ground.
  16. FamilyDollar

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    Not sure if anyone can confirm but for me all the daggers skills (passive, active, and procs) were working even without any daggers equipped. I had a polearm and a sword equipped and the game still treated me as though i had a dagger equipped.
  17. Jack Spicer

    Jack Spicer Member

    I just noticed that this was similar to the "random skills sometimes producing Deadshot" bug that was looking for confirmation that it had been fixed, but I just started a game on 'last' skills button, which turned up not only a list of skills that I certainly hadn't used previously, but also Deadshot was amongst them, which strikes me as a very odd bug.
  18. rydash

    rydash Member

    Hmm. What sword did you have equipped? I can't seem to replicate this issue, although weapon tree active skills being activated with other weapons equipped is not technically a bug. Passives triggering would be a bug. Procs triggering might be a bug, I'm unsure.

    Also, through this testing, it appears "Two Attacks One Dagger" seems to grant 2 piercing damage, not just 1 like the tooltip states?
  19. rydash

    rydash Member

    If you happen to use the Steam Cloud, it will usually pull a very, VERY old file from the server...and even if you delete last.txt and nuke the cloud, it will only store the next set of skills you happen to ever use.
  20. FamilyDollar

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    rydash it was the White Sword of Woe or something similar? I think I'm messing the name up slightly but it was close to that. Maybe it's tagged as a dagger still or something?

    Sorry, I wish I hadn't gotten gibbed by a rutabaga shortly thereafter so I could provide more info...

    Edit: found it with actual effort.