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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by rydash, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. eskr

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    Wow. So... I just played off of steam for the first time and it overwrote my save folder and destroyed all of my saves made with the hotfixes...
    C'est la vie I suppose, but bit of a bummer. :/

    So, warning to anyone who sees this before doing the same, manually backup your save games folder. ;)
  2. Or disable steam cloud service 'cause eagghhhh >.<
  3. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Nicholas said it was an oversight.

    Looking into this, thanks.

    Our fault, burglary was changed and that's why it causes this issue. New saves will be fine.
  4. Well it's not so much doors cost health to break down as opening doors alerts monsters to your presence, and you can't reclose them to get a break from fighting, AND you don't get XP for it.

    Anyway they mentioned in another thread that it was an oversight so.
  5. FloodSpectre

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    Good news: I can finally load my pre-Wizardlands character again!

    Couple of bugs which may be related to this being a pre-expansion character, as none of them seem to be affecting my Wizardlands characters.

    Some craftables are showing up under the Ingot Press instead of their proper places: Asgaardian Stormhammer, Sonic Wand, Spear of Holy Sacrifice and Sword of Necropoking. Under Tinkering I've got 17 different items from Alchemy, Smithing and Wand Crafting. There's a sizable number of Tinkering, Alchemy and Wand Crafting items in my Smithing tab as well.

    The Ingot Press recipes for converting scrap metal to ingots are all missing.

    (May not be a bug) This character has no encrusting recipes available.
  6. rydash

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    The crafts-being-in-the-wrong place thing is due to the craftDB undergoing alterations between versions - which has the bothersome side-effect of shuffling everything around a bit.
  7. eskr

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    Luckier Find and Luckiest Find still come up without drops not infrequently.
    [This is on a new character, with the latest steam patch.]
  8. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    Yeah, I noticed this during my game today.
  9. Musaab

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    You know that room with the cell on each side with a switch? One has items, and the other has enraged diggles?

    It seems like the switch never opens the opposite side anymore.
  10. 1024

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    I'd say that teleporting into doors is not a graphic but gameplay bug. Just in case this affects priority.

    As for graphics bug: aren't Djinns supposed to return to their lamps on death? I remember them doing so, they don't seem to do it these days.
  11. DavidB1111

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    Ah. Okay. That's a relief.
    Sorry, I've been busy playing ClaDun x2 non-stop just about.
  12. Aegho

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    You know that problem with the game not saving properly? It re-emerged after patching to 1.1.2 and me enabling all my mods again...
  13. goombapatrol

    goombapatrol Member

    It's a bug that I found this lying in the dungeon, right? Nothing happened when i picked it up, it just disappeared.

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  14. Dynamod

    Dynamod Member

    Lightning Bolts triggered by the Ring of Endless time have recently started causing my game to freeze, but only very recently. I'm on floor 5 now, had the ring since floor 3, and every time the lightning effect procs now, the game freezes.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. Musaab

    Musaab Member

    This is confirmed as a bug, could you please add it to the list?

    It was in a change log before when it was fixed, but perhaps after Wizardlands, it is no longer working correctly.

    There are supposed to be technically two rooms. One room: the switches open the adjacent cell. The other, they open the opposite cell. That way you are not always guaranteed to avoid the enraged diggles for awesome loot.
  16. Ratdrake

    Ratdrake Member

    My character was exploring on level 3 and between one step and the next he appeared on level 9. The spot he appeared does not have any stairs next to him. Playing on Win 7 64 bit, all DLC and no additional mods. The character was created after the 1.1.2 patch.

    He is also not able to enter the pocket dimension after the level teleport.
  17. TheWumpus

    TheWumpus Member

    Yes, on several characters. When I can find time to backup my saves and upload copies for the devs to look at I will. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, whether it was related to my encrustings or just a damage type, but having looked at all characters affected by the issue I can work around it by just unequipping the things. Kind of a shame, I do like those rings. Oh well.
  18. Dynamod

    Dynamod Member

    yeah me too, but luckily I had a spare ring I wasn't using that had 2 trap affinity, and although I have 9 already, a little more never hurts.
  19. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    this happened in 1.1.12 after using Chronomantic Twist. Brax is permanently stuck like this, no matter how many turns pass. I don't want to risk attacking him since i'm still pretty weak.


    I've never actually gotten this far in the Warlock tree before, so I don't know if this was a bug in previous versions or not.
  20. Musaab

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    Steal everything!!!
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