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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by rydash, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Digglepee

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    So, ah, this still doesn't help us Macbros yet, does it?
  2. Nicholas

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    Because of the OS X application package's file layout, it's a pain in the ass (in fact, darn near impossible without custom code) to patch - ergo, why we usually just get Steam to do it.
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  3. Thecakepie

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    I have this problem so which hotfixes will I need in total? I am putting together 3,4 and I have already set 9 up.

    This is a bit messy, and I am super confused about what I should be doing. I think this here's my savegame:

    I hope it helps you guys and also maybe I can get back to that game again.

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  4. rydash

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    At current, you will only need 9. It contains all the things up to this point.
  5. Auntyjack

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    Auntyjack said: ↑

    I experienced a crash to desktop in the room with the diggle, the tesla coils and the tempting lever. I'd step up, step back (to trigger the righteousness buff) and each time BAM - back to the desktop.
    It was fine if I just avoided the room altogether.
    I'd upload a save file, but I was crushed by a rutabaga.

    This only started happening after I got the Wizardlands DLC, which I why I mentioned it here.
  6. Thecakepie

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    Thanks, I wasn't sure. I'm new at "doing things" to my Dredmor. I'm still experiencing a crash when I leave the pocket dimension. I'll wait till the next hotfix.
  7. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    It should still go to the mod maintainer.
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  8. lccorp2

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    I can't seem to replicate this issue on my side - the scripts in that room are working fine all around, and I get the righteous radiance buff just fine (I have all 3 expansions). Could you give any further details on this? What you did, dungeon level, etc?

    Please post your reply on the RR thread so this doesn't get derailed.
  9. Kror

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    Is "High Interest Loan" supposed to give you "Payback" even if you don't have any bankster debuff when using that skill? Because the description "Your credit is still good, right? Take out a quick loan. (This is not a good idea if you're currently involved in any shady business practices.)" kinda tells that is just not a good idea with a bankster debuff.

    But what it really does is:
    1. Give you money
    2. Give you "Bad Credit" in 33% (23% in hotfix9) of the cases
    3. 50% chance to trigger "Payback" IF you have a bankster debuff (for each debuff)

    The thing is, that step 2 comes before step 3, so the "Bad Credit" debuff is calculates for step 3, resulting in triggering Payback although you do not have any bankster debuffs when using the skill.
    Is that behaviour intended?
  10. I'm having this problem, too.
  11. Kror

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    Remember Your Charlemagne damage scales with sagicity, although it is a rouge skill.
  12. eskr

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    Hotfix 9 fixed a lot of problems (some that I hadn't even taken notice of until I purposefully tried breaking my games out of curiosity after reading about how on here), BUT sneakiness and/or perception seem out of whack now.

    Enemies basically ignored my character until he went up and hit them.
    I remember reading somwhere that some enemy perception upgrades were being rolled in, was that a previous hotfix or for the next one. Because that seems much worse now. (I haven't played extensively with hotfix 9, but I stopped playing a new character because DL1 had essentially zero threat level.)
  13. darius404

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    I haven't installed any of the Hotfixes, so let me know if one of those is supposed to fix this: The Golden Crossbow's "Inevitable Doom" is not so inevitable. When I first hit an enemy with the crossbow, the debuff ("Inevitable Doom") applies, but no damage is done. This repeats if I fire any additional bolts as well. However, once the first Doom debuff wears off, applying it again with another crossbow correctly causes Doom to damage it each turn. However, the next enemy I use it against, the same thing happens. Reloading the game helps sometimes, but if the Doom debuff was already on a monster when I reload, the buff has disappeared once I load the game again.
  14. eskr

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    I also notice that Level 0 "level up" bonuses are still not being applied correctly.
    In particular both stat bonuses (e.g. burliness from vegan) and recipe bonuses (e.g. tinkerer's goggles from clockwork knight) are not given.
    Would be awesome if you guys could roll in a fix for that. :)
  15. SaintWacko

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    I've noticed in hotfix 9 that the Steel Plating encrust actually applies the Iron Plating encrust, while still consuming materials for the Steel Plating.
  16. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

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  17. 1024

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    I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen so I won't open a thread for it: but I got the test of time buff with egyptian magic, it had a countdown like most buffs, and after the countdown it just remains there nothing I do seems to remove it. Not that it's a bad thing, it just doesn't feel intended. It does have the name "test of time" so again I doubt myself.
  18. eskr

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    Awesome. Good stuff, thanks! :) Any chance you might let the curiosity driven among us in on what the source was? I'm just really curious.

    Also, just to confirm (though this is probably obvious) even with hotfix 10 "level up" bonuses are still not being applied correctly at level 0.
    In particular both stat bonuses (e.g. burliness from vegan) and recipe bonuses (e.g. tinkerer's goggles from clockwork knight; undermines the later bonuses that require it as a component) are not given.

    Thanks, on the behalf of everyone I assume, for the long days and/or sleepless nights you all are putting in to get this game working right! :)
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  19. Daynab

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    Fixed, but I don't know if it's part of hotfix 10.
  20. This specifically appears to apply to primary stats; I think secondary stats and craft traits are all working right. (Just checked to confirm)

    ETA: No, wait, it appears dodge is NOT working. But trap skill, craft skills, and sight radius all are.