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    Never thought I could get thanks for complaining. No, thank you, sir, for maintaining your mod. It's polishing that makes games and mods great.
    Looking forward to little changes. As for the speed, I don't know what you mean. I remember reading about something like this, but can't remember any details or options regarding speed that I might enabled.
    Well, going up/down the stairs means autosave, so my mana is halved because of this. I presume it is a known issue?
    If that's important, crashes are pretty common for me overall. Stairs, pocket dimension, getting recipes. Wife is playing right now on another computer with similar system without any mods and without Wizardlands (yet) and she had about one random crash in 10 dungeon levels and no stair crashes at all. So it should be mods, I guess. Strangely, I'm using mostly ones considered almost default: yours, FP, RR, Megacrafts, Null's skills. If that helps.
  2. Essence

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    Ok, new upload fixes most of what you mentioned. I only upped the cost on Natural Archmagic; it seemed like Elemental was acceptable, and Vile is already dangerous enough for other reasons, yes? Let me know if you think I'm wrong.

    I haven't had the time to playtest and look for the crash yet; that might take a few days. :)
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    yep, that'd be it.

  4. Essence

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    New Upload: Dim Mak was broken (not that anyone notices because no one uses it, but still), and now it's not anymore. :D
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  5. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Aaaaand another update, because I found out through the power of PLAYTESTING!! that I somehow never listed the proper icon on Carroty Form. Thanks, FaxPax skills that needed playtesting!
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    I recently played a game using qigong and somehow, while fighting Dredmor, I got open the seventh gate to stack. I have no idea how it happened, but I certainly noticed hitting Dredmor 5 or 6 times in a row. I also noticed that although the description for Spirit Bomb says that it damages the caster, it didn't hit me for any damage. Finally, Dim Mak has an issue where if I killed an enemy that I had Dim Makked before Dim Mak went off, the buff would never leave my character. I was originally using it to kill animals in between qi blasts as a vegan, but that was annoying enough to make me stop.

    Regarding qigong in general, I found the skill was a lot of fun (all of your skills look well designed and fun), but I found it very hard to imagine how I would ever use Dim Mak and open the seventh gate. Dim Mak was doing less damage than a normal attack and came after a long delay. Yes, it's very reliable at dealing that damage, but I never encountered an enemy durable enough to warrant the delay. However, I was lucky with equipment and the difficulty was dwarven moderation, so perhaps that was why.

    As for open the seventh gate, my feeling was that anything that I could be sure would leave me with over 85% of my max health after nine rounds I could kill without needing it. In any situation in which it would be useful, it would be far too dangerous to use. Perhaps characters with alchemy or other methods of reliable and very quick healing could make use of it better than my build, but I feel the basic issue still remains, which is that the skill itself will deal more damage to you than a monster will and in a way that is harder to mitigate. I ended up using it all the time by the end of the game just for kicks, but that's because my character was completely invincible on account of absurd armor from smithing encrusts, 100 block and the sapphire ring of the deepest skies.

    Finally, just messing around with ninjitsu, I found that ninpo is not damaging me at all. I don't know if I'm unique in experiencing that problem, but it makes ninjutsu absurdly overpowered for me (already a super strong skill even without ninpo). Edit: I didn't realize exactly how ninpo works and that it's still possible for enemies to attack you after attacking, so it's not as brokenly powerful as I thought. Still really strong if it doesn't have any major side effect other than the mana though!
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  7. Essence

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    Loren said something about getting Seventh Gate to stack once, too. I have no idea how, though, and I've tried. Are you sure it was stacked and you weren't just getting 3 hits on the attack and then immediately counterattacking for 3 more hits?

    Dim Mak's damage may need to be upgraded if it's weaker than a normal attack. The point was to give players a tool to kite ubermobs -- hit once and run until they die. If they're not dying, that's definitely a problem. :)

    Open the Seven Gate is definitely a tool that requires a powerful heal to back it up -- or you can use it as a teleport out of combat if you just have high Health Regen; that works, too.

    Yeah, Ninpo. I haven't really playtested that since my last dicking around with it. I'll playtest it a little and see if I can get it to not hurt me.
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    I'm quite sure it stacked. There was a stack of two icons for the buff. I panicked because I realized that meant I had only a very few turns during which I had to kill dredmor or die no matter what. Turns out if you're hitting six times a round, it doesn't really matter. I think I recall accidentally targeting Dredmor with it, not seeing anything happen, then clicking again on the tile to which I had wanted to teleport. I don't know if that's helpful.

    Dim Mak is fine early on, but the amount of damage it's possible to stack up later means it's quickly outclassed. It's relatively easy to reach 150-200 damage on a normal attack by the end of the game (though, of course, the actual average damage you deal per attack is significantly less due to dodge, block and counter). Dim mak might reach the 70s or 80s. This might not be a problem with dim mak, however, so much as it is with the game's difficulty in general, at least on dwarven moderation. I think CoTW has made the game quite easy if you get the wrecking ball rolling just right. Past floor 5 or so, I never had to kite anything.
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    Cool mod.

    One suggestion:
    This mod could use a Wand of Wonders item that casts "Magical (Mis)Fortune"
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    There seems to be a problem with Glorious Power and True Arcane Glory. Glorious Power raises Savvy by 20 instead of Sagacity and True Arcane Glory increases Savvy instead of Sagacity as well.
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    I wonder. Do the 1st level gangnam skill could lead you to avoid behing hit by shuffling aside, directly into a water/magma pool? Because that's quite random in usage, so I was wondering if I risk something, without being able to tell how it works in little time (ince it's my first run with it leveling the skill).
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  12. Essence

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    Nah, teleports don't ever slap you into water; they just fail instead. It's actually pretty difficult to drown.
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    Then it is only really useful.
    Just to know, only returning human from a flying form upon water drowns you?
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    I think there are actually several ways, but that is how 99% of the people get the achievement. (Vampires almost exclusively get it.)
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    If I remember correctly also the first dagger skill should make you jump into water.
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  16. Essence

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    What we need to do is invent a monster that can cast a suction spell on the player, and see if we can make an insta-gibber.

    Of course, suction, like most things, almost certainly doesn't work on the player. I'm sure if it did, Fax would already have put it on a Submariner Diggle and triggered swaths of rage across the playerbase. :p
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  17. Nicholas

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    ... this could be arranged...
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  18. Essence

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    ...and suddenly I remember why I love you guys so much.
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  19. FaxCelestis

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    Suction doesn't work on the player, sadly.

    I didn't put it on a monster.

    I put it on a trap.
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    Suction is kind of iffy even in normal applications. It seems to always pull the target to the square northwest of the player unless that square is blocked.

    While you're at it, could we get drain to work on the player too?
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