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    Ah, no worries! Get to it when you can. Looking forward to it!:)
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    The new colony is in peril! I just finished my 3rd day. Whoever gets the next one is in for a rough time!

    I need to finish the narrative... I'm not the best writer but I'll try ;)
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    hmm the d3rp then me it seems lol
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    [From the memoirs of Yorgi Shedmeister]
    Day 13 - Or day 1 in the blasted frontier.

    I arrived on a fateful friday morning which was apparently the 13th day of one of The Empire's newest colonies. I'm a sucker for a good folk tale, and I felt like something was amiss... arriving on the 13th day in a blasted frontier.... the educated man in me knew better than to think this was an omen of bad luck but no one can ever really be sure...

    Either way I got to my duties as newly assigned Mayor of New Antipoidea [as it was named by the laborers and gentry of the colony]. My first duty was to tidy up this place; goods were everywhere and unstacked. It figures, my predecessor ran off back into the empire on an airship once her time managing this new colony was up. No such passion did she have in improving the colony as did I... but it was going to be a challenge to do so indeed. All the main buildings were already up and running and ready to be manned, yet something seemed amiss this Friday the 13th.


    The first thing I noticed was that our military was not fully staffed! If the rumors were true and bandits roamed the area as well as other unsavory creatures that howl in the night we needed a mighty military! As to why this was not done so yet astounded me and infuriated me at once.

    My next observation was that a man who had absolutely no business running a kitchen, save for his own gluttony, was preparing our meals. Apparently he had already mass produced quite the amount of food, but it was all peasant gruel and badly chopped slabs of meat. We needed someone who knew what he was doing; someone that didn't want to just have the first bite of the day... I would reassign him and get someone better to begin preparing proper meals for the citizens of the empire.

    why is this guy cookin.jpg

    Alas, a man with passion for the culinary arts stepped up and took over; he began making delicious stews of corn and meat at once! We would no longer have to settle for measly peasant gruel [which the colonists lovingly called corn chowder... ugh how mundane..] and could begin to enjoy artisanal-finely crafted-seasoned-perfectly brothey stews! Unfortunately the masses didn't take well to it and mockingly referred to it as "farmer's stew." This was not because of anything in the actual meal, but instead because it was the peasants that worked their hands raw to harvest the large amounts of corn that went into making the delicious meal.

    why is this guy smeltin.jpg

    Next lower class workers were reassigned to Ms Inger Harelip's company to do the greater amount of the lifting and organizing while allowing the other craftsmen to commit to their trades in focused solitude save for the carpenter; the carpenter had so much work he was assigned a permanent companion. Something about Inger gave me an air of grandeur and awe...or was it despair... I was unsure of what exactly it was... either way I shook it off and continued governing the colony.

    The military got a new recruit as well and was finally fully staffed, unfortunately they did not have the proper lodgings and we began work on outfitting them with the best cots we could build - for it will be they that would see the worst of the fighting if we ever have to defend the colony.

    added a full crew and full soldiers.jpg

    So many things were missing I didn't know where to start. I finally decided to begin with something very small that no colony could lack - a small ceramics kiln. It amazed me that there wasn't one available already, for it is such a waste to be putting very few pieces of clay to become bricks in a large kiln when we could easily take advantage of a more efficient process and use less fuel.

    needed a small brick kiln.jpg

    With the end of my first day here my mind was racing. So many things to do especially if I was going to make this my future home...

    I began of thinking of my sweetheart back in the Empire and what she could be doing. If things went well in this colony I would take up residence in a grand mansion with my love. It would be a beautiful dwelling meant for only the best and most ambitious of mayors such as myself. I dreamt of a master bedroom with a bed made from the clouds themselves and a shrine to Holy cog that would instill envy in everyone. A study where I could return and take breaks from the drudgery of the colony and plan my next day maybe... just maybe I could make an empire of my own here. The land has the resources and they just scream to be harvested. I would raise another barracks and equip my troops with all sorts of weapons to stave off the foreign nations and even the Empire itself if it decided to come and reclaim what was rightfully mine...

    That is for another day however, as for today it is but a dream within a dream...

    mayors home detail.jpg

    So ends day one of my stay, or the 13th day of the colony. I knew I had nothing to worry about, Friday the 13th merely being fuel for wivestales, tall tales, and peasant chitter patter. I never knew I could be so wrong.
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    Ok I have 2 more days to go, I need to choose the 10 files to upload, sorry ya'll lol, its turning out to be a lot.
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    [From the memoirs of Yorgi Shedmeister]
    Day 14 of New Antipoidea or Day 2 in the blasted frontier

    My feet began to scream as I woke up. For a minute I thought they had a mind of their own and wanted to murder me for I had never experienced such pain; yesterday's work really took a toll on me. I soon realized it wasn't my feet but a thunderous crash in the distance that roused me from my slumber. I did not care what this was even though I'm sure everyone heard it - all I knew was that I was still tired and wanted to go back to sleep.


    20 minutes later I was awakened by something else. An angry yelling and joyful songs as soldiers drilled in cadence and performed their daily PT. As I got off the atrocious cot prepared for me as I heard NCO Amis Hathewer shout orders in the distance to the military. He was already training the new recruit along with the rest of our soldiers. What a sight it was however - the newbie pumped out a full 50 pushups in a single try without breaking a sweat and kept going! She would surely make the colony proud one of these days by saving one of us with her great strength!

    early pt huah.jpg

    The church of cog that had been in construction had been finished a little later after breakfast. We ceremoniously made Solomon Brazefield the vicar for the time being. He was ordained rather hastily and there were rumors among the colonists that this was a bad omen, for it was always taken to council as to who would be the vicar, and not by appointment. Many wanted someone else to lead the church, someone who they felt had potential. Most pointed out to Ms. Harelip. According to some she gave off an ominous yet warming feeling when you talked to her; almost as if she was blessed by Cog itself. Few even believed she was the chosen of Cog. I myself felt her presence and shuddered with intrigue.

    These people were madmen and madwomen however, as anyone that knew Inger knew that she was an adventurous person but would never be able to lead a congregation. She was easily influenced by hearsay and was angered easily, not to mention an avid participant in gossip, hardly someone you would like to be giving confession to.

    Either way I felt sure Salomon would make a good vicar, and if anything he could always go back to helping with the colony if he changed his mind.

    church completed.jpg

    Word soon came in that through air mail dropped by an airship from the empire. Apparently one of the Republique Mechanique's airships was missing while heading in our general direction to drop off supplies to one of their colonies. They wanted us to investigate and secure everything so we could show our good intentions to the Republique. I angrily wrote a letter to them telling them that THIS particular colony would not waste its time sending people to investigate foreign matters. If they wanted to find out what happened they would have to send someone to investigate themselves. I felt a knot in my stomach after sending it off by airshipmail... something felt wrong. Maybe I should have sent the troops to investigate. Oh well it no longer matters, back to the duties of the day.

    crash isnt our problem.jpg

    The Empire never sent anyone to investigate and eventually the whole mess was covered up. I received a letter along with a newspaper stating that we were no longer in the Empire's good graces, and neither the Republique's since they thought we had something to do with it. The cover up story said some fantastic monsters sighted in other colonies had attacked the ship as it stopped near a lake to gather water for the return journey; this had happened to a few other Empire colonies before as a beast would hide in the cargo space while the crew were out and appear while they slept... slowly hunting them one by one. Eventually the airship would come crashing down as nobody manned the helm or the hot air would no longer be tended to and the ship would sink to the earth below.

    The Republique's distant colony also had not sent for airmail or supplies in a long time, and they were worried something had happened to to them. We will never know either way, and it is no longer our problem what the Republique thinks about us and neither the Empire.

    What's the worse that could happen? Its doubtful they would ever send anyone to exact revenge on us, they were too far away and had their focus on their own colonies to ever pesker us.

    I went to sleep in my awful cot thinking no more of the matter and I told the rest of the colonists to not worry about the problem for a few days. We would send our own search party when we are ready and claim whatever was left in the crash.... especially now that we know there were supplies in the airship....

    imperial coverup.jpg

    Later that evening I woke up by screams and rustling outside. We were under attack! Some dreadful pirates had landed on a nearby shore and must have seen the smoke from our workshops or the recent crash. The colonists and the military assembled into a rag-tag militia and took the fight to the fiends. We would not sell our lives cheaply today! To battle lads!

    bandit raid.jpg

    During the din and clang everybody was confused in the chaos. Pickaxe bashed steel plate, machete carved flesh. Gunpowder pistols rang their loud and boisterous shots at times never hitting anything. The pirates were setting fire to our settlement and fighting back with the fury of madmen. It seemed they were looking for something... as to what it was we did not care at the time. All we could think of was of our own safety and that of the colony.

    Solomon the vicar turned into Solomon the warrior. He charged away from our battle lines and chased one of the pirates that fled to the kitchen. Have at 'em Solomon! Don't relent and show that evil doer that we won't be intimidated by fools and thieves!

    All was chaos until we heard a loud explosion and a blood curdling scream. One of the nearby pirates laughed mockingly as he knew what happened. I feared for the worst as everyone but Solomon was still wrestling the pirates and reloading their pistols.

    solomon executed.jpg

    As the pirate laughed hysterically we knew what had transpired - Solomon was dead. The pirate he was chasing hid in the kitchen and waited for him with a musket. He got a point blank shot in his chest. I turned to my fellow colonists and saw a rage and anger in their eyes that I had not seen before in my life with any man or woman. They turned this into fuel and redoubled the efforts in hunting the remainder of the pirates.

    As the military reformed into a battle line to unload their volley onto the pirates we saw Ms Inger Harelip take down one of the pirates before anyone else could arrive to help. She was a woman gone mad - revenge in her mind as she butchered the pirate with a machete....or was it lunacy? I couldn't tell and neither did I care.

    squad fire.jpg

    The pirates routed and started fleeing aimlessly as the one who was their leader was felled. We managed to slaughter most of them except for the one armoured in plate. He wouldn't give up and was eventually shot in the leg by one of Hathewer's boys as the colony chased him down. He fled into the corn fields but we managed to funnel him to an ambush where the miltary was waiting on the other side.

    hero of the colonies.jpg

    NCO Hathewer caught him off guard as he came to the end of the corn field. Tripping him and then placing his pistol in the pirate's stomach under steel plate he asked furiously, "why have you come here?! Why did you attack us! What are you looking for?!"

    The pirate appeared more like a savage beast than a man. Besides having been shot and seen his colleagues butchered he was in a maddened fury that we could tell through his eyes and frothing, panting mouth. He yelled loudly and terrifyingly, "FOOLS! You can't stop them they're coming! They hunger and eat everyone while you sleep! They bite and chew and they don't care if you can see them doing it! We landed on the shores and they took 10 of us, 5 of which were done in while we watched in terror... we tried running but they know where we are... they always know! HAHAHHAA YOU'RE NEXT THERE IS NO RUNING FROM THEM! HAHAHA!!"

    Smoke. Blood. The pirate was dead. Hathewer had enough of the madman and shot him before he could say another word. He was ranting and probably ridden with scurvy from his travels imagining things, nothing more.

    Everybody began to think of what we were going to do next, what to do with the bodies, and what measures we would take so this would never happen again. We quickly annointed Alfred Steelrobin as the new vicar to take care of the proper burial of Solomon. He agreed to this temporarily since he was only interested in cooking, and was looking forward to making more of the delicious farmer's stew for everyone. Everyone was so terribly shaken by the death of Solomon and the brutal melee we had just endured. We were all hungry and tired and looked forward to the cots that seemed like heaven after the hell we just witnessed.

    captured by the corn.jpg

    As the night continued, the darkness seemed to devour sound all around us. No more rustling or sounds of the forest were heard and everything lay quiet. That is when a drawn out creak shattered the silence. A door opened somewhere in the distance. I quickly took count of the colonists making sure everyone was here. Everyone was accounted for except Solomon who was obviously still dead in the kitchen.

    The putrid smell of freshly butchered meat filled the air and a horrible smacking of lips and growling was heard as flesh was ripped from bone.

    A anguished yelp was heard and everyone began to scream in terror. I couldn't believe my eyes. Maybe the pirate wasn't so mad after all.
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    Ugh this is taking so long and I'm halfway done haha. How are ya'll liking it so far?
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    Awesome! Especially love your action scenes.:D
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    The fishmen were merely rumors, nothing more. We had all read the reports back in the Empire from the other colonies, mostly from raving madmen who wrote letters in blood that reeked of booze. We attributed these so called fish people to hallucinations and maybe interaction with indigenous tribes. However one of the accounts read like this and it had a very interesting story to it as he actually referred to these newcomers as fish people.....

    "The fish people, they came out from the shores at all times of the day; night and morning, tea time to dawning of sun. They come with gifts and siren songs and never asked for anything from us... that is until the weaker minded of the colony began care for them a little more than their fellow man.

    They seemed like a benevolent lot at first, helping us by keeping us safe from the savage wildlife that lay abroad or any unwelcome ruffians that tried to bring harm or destruction to the colony. That is until people began to disappear... one by one we found the dead bled dry and gutted in the outskirts of the colony. Nobody knew what was going on and there were speculations of one of the colonists going out in the middle of the night alone... who it was nobody knew.......

    ..........Slowly the fishmen stopped bringing gifts. No more slabs of fresh fish meat, no more bushels of sand to make fine glassware with or scrap iron to fashion steel plates for shipping. The people are growing restless as we now NEED the fish people to bring us supplies. Some have begun to seek them out alone even after I told them not to. Those that left never came back. The colony is now at a grand total of 5 people out of 50.......

    ....We've started to see some of the fish people again but they only hang around the edges of the colony. They no longer make direct contact with us or bring us gifts. The others seems to be in a trance drudging along the day with blank eyes and slow movements. I no longer feel safe.

    Please send alcohol and some new faces to see... the ones that I do see without a robe these days scare me immensely, not to mention they reek of fish.

    -Mayor Reginald Farmsworth.

    Of course these were only rumours and if anyone gave credence to this they were mocked immediately and dismissed from the office.

    Anyways, back to the colony. Inger was the first to spot it. She yelped in terror as she was the first to find thr sourcr of the wet, crunchy, slopping noises coming from the kitchen. The woman turned nearly mad as anguish took her. She could take it no longer and fear turned into rage. She needed an avenue to vent her fury and anger, founding it in the beast feasting inside.

    Sharp edges. Spikey tendrils. Deep, dark, unfeeling eyes filled with nightmare orders of holocaust.

    The fishman gleefully wolfed down chunks of Solomon. It didn't even stop to savor him. As only bones and the legs were left of Solomon, the fishman looked about ready to pack up and leave with the remainder of its grizzly prize. That is when Inger charged in like a woman possessed.

    vile fishbeast.jpg

    The impact was irresistible and the fishman rolled out of the kitchen after the blow. Its thick hide deflecting Inger's machete, the fishman fought back in earnest. Both madwoman and beast laid into each other, both ignoring grievous wounds.

    kill the monster.jpg

    Had it been anyone else the fishman would have feasted twice that day. Inger however, was like a banshee; she was possessed and howling for blood. As the other colonists rushed to her aid she slammed the machete into the fishman's gills and drove down, gutting it in a single slice. Alfred Steelrobin arrived and immediately vomited as he saw what was left of Solomon come out of the fish beast. Inger screeched in victory and shouted to the rest of the colony, "I AM THE CHOSEN OF COG! HE FAVORS ME!" The colony soon roared in approval as clapping and whistles filled the night.

    That is when I knew something was definitely not right. First bandits, then fish monsters, mighty Cog what else could this blasted frontier throw at us? It was as if the Hells themselves opened up and decided to yawn with their wide maw and unleash all sorts of horrors. Thankfully now we had a hero to guide and fight with us through these times... or could she be mad from all she saw and experienced those dreadful days? Nobody dared question or defy her, and she obviously deserved the recognition from the colonists that night.

    cog is with us.jpg

    Either way nobody thought of anything else but to finally lay down and rest. The burials would have to wait until the next day. I slept appallingly that night, my conscience telling me that nothing good can come from the demagogue Inger became. Perhaps I should return to the Empire.. perhaps I should have never come here with aspirations of greatness.... perhaps I should be with my sweetheart and not in this blasted frontier. Perhaps.

    So ended my second day on the blasted frontier, or day 14 of the colony New Antipoidea. Oh how I wished that night was my last.
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    the last day I'm going to try to make shorter... of course if I get a little creative like I did with the fishman attack I'll flood ya'll with some crazy fiction again lol

    *Edit* Also I've been fixing up the narrative to be consistent. Hopefully it all comes together after this next one!
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    [From the memoirs of Yorgi Shedmeister]
    Day 15 of New Antipoidea or Day 3 in the blasted frontier.

    As the longest night of my life came to an end along with the endless, maddening dreams of the night before. I awoke to hear arustling outside; the colonists were already busy burying the dead. There were flies everywhere and even the birds looked hungry. As much as we hated them the pirates were still people, and they deserved to be buried, hastily mind you, but buried.

    As we finished burying the ruffians I remembered what the madman had said... that they were looking for something. Blast! We no longer had the gold ingots we had forged 2 nights ago. Such a shame, they would have been an amazing way to forge an even larger altar of mighty Cog, and hopefully simmer down the zealotry and faith people were placing in Inger. Hopefully they turn up, if not we'll have to wait until we get some traders and trade our boxed goods with them.

    grim task.jpg

    Soon after burying the last bandit we heard a scream. Another fish monstrosity came to attack us! To arms boys and girls! Take the beast down!

    revenge of the seas.jpg

    It seemed to have been the only one of its kind to attack... something wasn't right. I had a gut feeling this was not the end of the fish people, even if it had been the mate to the beast we slew the night before there was no way more of them didn't know where we were. Perhaps the mad pirate was right and nobody would be escaping from this blasted frontier alive. Maybe we were next on the menu.. maybe we would run out of things to put on the menu. Thankfully today we still had plenty of food and wouldn't go hungry any time soon. Everyone decided to have breakfast and the day continued on.


    Over breakfast I came across a brilliant idea.... Instead of running out of meals we could use these atrocious beasts as sustenance for ourselves. Many of the colonists retched at the thought of eating these foul beasts. What if they were poisoned?! What if they were full of parasites that would infect us?! As I prepared to answer their questions in a logical and calm manner I was interrupted by Inger.


    As soon as she finished her maddening rant which made absolutely no sense to me, the colony again roared in approval. Instead of being horrified at the thought of covering themselves in blood and guts some of the troops started with the grim task of processing the two fish people that we killed.

    eat us we eat you.jpg

    I dared not even look as one of them had a sickening, gleeful smirk while she went about her business. I even thought I caught glimpse of her, the new recruit, grabbing some of Solomon's remains and storing them ... as to what she would do with them I dare not ponder about.

    the hunger takes us.jpg

    Soon after we heard a commotion in the distance. Blast! I knew that last one was just a scout. Fishmen came out of the dwellings as if they were hunting for our people. Thankfully everyone was busy working. Inger was seen running after one of them from behind one of the common houses. Why was she there? Why was she not ambushed and slaughtered like they had attempted with everyone else?

    Something smelled fishy here... and it sure wasn't just the fishmen.

    Either way our military formed up in ranks and began to unload their firearms at the fishmen. While a few of the rounds either bounced off their scaly skin or missed entirely, some hit home and toppled the fish monsters. Unfortunately it was not enough and they were upon us.

    fishmen war.jpg

    Tooth and nail, pistol but and fist, cudgel and machete. The melee was savage and personal. Inger was nowhere to be found. It didn't matter everyone else joined the fight and slowly we fought the beasts back.

    tooth and nail.jpg

    One of the soldiers managed to reload their pistol during all this and unloaded a loud shot nearly point blank on one of the fish beasts. It reeked of salt and death everywhere. I even got some of it in my mouth. Yuck, it definitely needed Steelrobin's touch if we were going to make this a staple. It also needed some salsa.

    shot in the heart.jpg

    As we finished the last fishman on the northside of the settlement we finally caught sight of Inger. She was again covered in blood and was parrying a fishman's club with her own blunt machete. The clangs resonated throughout the colony as the militia gathered themselves and ran to her aid. How was she still fighting though? She was wounded from last night and she was still taking the fish beasts with fury unmatched. Things got weirder and weirder by the minute.

    will luck be with her again.jpg
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    From the southwest another beast was spotted trailing after Inger. Colonists shouted to get her attention. "Help her! She is the chosen one she doesn't need help! Yeah kill them all Inger! She's got this Haha!! Do it woman its all you!"

    I became incredibly aggravated. How could these fools seriously not run in and help her? I didn't think she was good for my future health in this colony but I didn't want her to be killed by these monsters. At least not like this, it would tear the colony apart.

    I silenced the fools egging her on and ordered them to fight. Howling with authority, as if it meant anything, I ordered the group to fight. "By Imperial decree of Mighty Cog, you will all fight as one and not allow any of you to fall today, fight with her! To me you fools! Drive the beasts back to the shore!"

    I led the charge even though everything in my body ached. My arms were on fire, my legs didn't want to move. A night and a day of constant war against eldritch horrors and I was yet to go mad. Who knows. I may have already been mad and this was but a dream. I charged the horrors nonetheless, knowing full well that if Inger died at that moment, we would all be next.

    save her.jpg

    No sooner than we arrived to fight by her side did Inger land a fatal blow on the fishman. The second beast coming in to finish her off began striking her but we all managed to restrain and murder it. Unfortunately for Inger, she was ridiculously battered and bloody after the ordeal. Either way no mortal human should have survived so much physical punishment, I still felt something was a amiss. The colonists, however, saw this as a sign from Cog itself that she was meant for great things.

    cog is still with her.jpg

    The remainder of the day involved tending to the wounded and taking the butchered fish people to the storehouse. We butchered the beasts quickly and in a dour mood. Our cook Alfred Steelrobin took no pleasure in this action like me, but oddly enough the other colonists had a wicked glee to their strokes and a glint in their eyes. I was terrified at that point.

    We set about to finally ensuring Solomon was properly laid to rest and that the bandits at least had the grace of Cog offered to them.

    Oh Salomon, he was such a good man. People didn't treat him as he deserved, he was only doing the job I assigned to him. It saddened me deeply to see the majority of his remains put to rest, who knows what happened to his legs. After the fish beast butchered him they disappeared... I saw the newbie put them somewhere but she said they disappeared after the attack... Grimly enough I hope that it was the fish beast that got to them and not who I was thinking..... May Cog have mercy on his soul.

    heros final rest.jpg

    Later that evening the forest was alive with sounds. Thankfully the lamps around our settlement were enough to keep us safe from whatever lay in the night... or so we thought.

    I eventually managed to fall asleep even though I swear to Cog I saw the stars dancing in the sky. Enough of that madness, its just the stress from almost two days of struggle against the terrors of the blasted frontier.

    something stirs in the forest.jpg

    Another scream. As I ran outside I saw the rest of the colony get out of their bunkhouses as well. That's when we saw it. One of the laborers was chasing a large worm like creature, striking at it with his fists. It didn't seem to bother the creature as it gleefully wiggled off into the night, with Atlas the laborer in hot persuit.

    eldritch allure.jpg

    More of the slimey ghost looking creatures came out of the darkness. Apparently those lamps were of no use against them, and they entranced some of the colonists to follow the ghastly things into the forest. Ill news indeed as the rest of the colony scrambled to chase the maddened ones who ran off into the night. The military even tried firing at the beasts but the few shots that managed to land caused the creatures to expand violently in a shower of sparks and scorching heat.

    almost got one.jpg

    Each explosion around the terror wisps started a small fire and I immediately ordered the military to stop. They didn't listen and kept shooting, in turn hurting whatever mad colonist was running around after the creatures.

    mind no longer of her own.jpg

    Upon chasing one of the beasts into the forest we came across Ruins that seemed older than time itself. Great dark blocks of baroque architecture formed angles impossible to comprehend, bringing confusion and madness some of the soldiers. They began to scream, and since some were still quite a few paces ahead of me I thought I heard screams yelling, "old. Old! Old! Oooooold!" I figured they were describing more of the blocks that we kept running into.....

    we found gold.jpg

    I caught up to one of them as he saw a colonist chase off one of the spirits. The soldier was still gibbering and shouting out at the top of his lungs, "Gold! GOOOOLD! GOOOOOOOOOOLD!" I slapped some sense into the fool and pulled him into me. "Follow that laborer you fool! We can come back for the gold later!"

    With this we continued the chase into the night, feeling as if we were running in circles. At this rate we would end up back at the colony in no time... hopefully everyone else made it back in one piece too.

    the voices call us to the colony.jpg

    We chased the laborer back to the colony as I thought we were doing. Apparently it was a distraction. The colony was full of these ghastly beasts, worms and orbs of energy that danced around in the night mocking us for even trying to catch them. I didn't know what to do anymore. I felt my sanity leave as I noticed the mojority of the colony was still missing.

    Slowly more people came back, and were being chased in turn by the spirits. Some ran in circles, others sat and gibbered in glee. Thankfully the soldiers still retained the majority of their sanity save for my companion who was still yammering about that gold. The battle continued into the morning... when I heard a whirring sound in the air...

    our home in peril.jpg
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    A ship had arrived. They dropped down a colonist by parachute and were still waiting in the vicinity of the colony. They didn't seem to either care that we were fighting the ghost slugs and spirits or didn't care. Maybe they knew what had transpired or they had dealt with these creatures before. For all I know these creatures were the cause for the airship crash a few days earlier, something that was definitely plausible.

    Either way I had just about enough of this madness. If I stayed any longer here I'm sure the rest of the colony would go mad as well. I wasn't about to wait for that messiah of Cog Inger to return start riling up the colonists and turn them against me. My dream was over, the aspirations of my own empire were dead and I longed to see my sweetheart back in the Empire.

    replacement arrives.jpg

    As the colonist glided safely down and landed by the patch of land that was cleared for air drops I noticed something else. The airship dropped a long rope from the heavens and another figured slid down slowly. The new colonist, however, was happily feasting on a large ham hock sitting atop his belongings on a hefty crate, and carried many finely crafted wooden tools and knives on his full figure. He would surely replace Solomon as the cook for the colony.

    I could not tell whether it was a gentleman or a lady that came along with the new colonist, for they were clad in gear and a re-breather mask for altitude travel making them bulky and faceless.

    The mysterious new figure spoke to me, and said it was here to "guide the colony in the proper direction the Empire wants it to go, and ensure that the job of mayor is fulfilled with as much duty and respect as it should be."

    Well at that very moment I took the hint. The empire had just given me my one way ticket out of this blasted frontier. I told the figure that it could do whatever the Cog it wanted to with this colony. I quit my position and granted it to the regal figure. It was surprised, for it didn't expect me to quit my position as soon as it got here, yet it didn't stop me from grabbing the rope that was hanging from the airship. Two tugs on the rope and I was flying back up, holding on to dear life as I knew that as dangerous as it was getting reeled in to a flying titan floating in the heavens, it was definitely safer than what the colony was going to see in the next few days.

    state of the colony and new cook.jpg

    I finally arrived to the Empire via airship. It was dull and nauseating. How I missed my sweetheart and her loving embrace, only now did I fully realize how much I missed her.

    I may not hold the great position of Mayor of New Antipoidea anymore but at least I am alive and I retain my sanity... at least the majority of it... the nightmares still plague me. Fish people, ethereal apparitions and pirates. Damned pirates. I ended up lasting only three days in the blasted frontier, I do wish my replacement lasts just as long or longer than me, for if New Antipoidea settles down and becomes a major colony I may even reconsider my actions and petition the Empire to be sent back... hopefully then I can reforge my dream and build that manor.

    [End of Yorgi Shedmeister's memoirs, former mayor of New Antipoidea in the blasted frontier]

    *So many edits. I tried making the story consistent with the previous one. Enjoy*

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    *edit* checked back on one of the pictures and thew newbie became a full fledged redcoat. hah!
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    Told ya it would be fun;)

    Great story, packed with drama and nightmares. I'm going to miss poor Solomon.:(
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    He was a brave one.
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    The battle descriptions were written fantastically. Also a lot of characterization, which I'm glad for. Loved reading all of it.
    (Also, thanks for finishing the church.)
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