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  1. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Checked the save and messed with it a little. Seems okay, there are indeed two farms, and one is unassigned. No crashes from deleting or reassigning. There is however an odd graphical glitch as shown in Alephred's screens: a single red square with a window above it - oh well, we can work with that.

    @Danstien the Great you're up to bat! You'll want to grab Alephred's save, play until right at the very start of day 13 and post that save for the next player.
  2. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    (Okay, will take a look.)
  3. mikail 001

    mikail 001 Member

    I would like to have a go at this, though i dunno which stage u guys are at now
  4. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Welcome! Put you on the list after @TheD3rp.

    Currently waiting on @Danstien the Great, but we may need to move on if I don't hear from him tomorrow.
  5. Lipschitz

    Lipschitz Member

    If one is a complete noob at this game, as in: Horribly inexperienced, can one still join in?
  6. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Absolutely! The more variety of experience, the more flavor the colony has. Welcome aboard!
  7. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    I'm waiting my turn arghhh lol
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  8. Lipschitz

    Lipschitz Member

    Add me to the roster then! If it's my turn and I don't respond within an hour just send an email to , I check that too often. :)
  9. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Okay, the player list is getting pretty long and I want everyone to have a chance here, so I'll have to keep us moving. I feel bad because I know @Danstien the Great has been wanting to play for awhile, so I'll give up my turn if he's available when it comes back around.

    If we don't hear from @Danstien the Great today by 3:00 P.M. PST, go ahead and take your turn @Noratoxin

    Reminder: We can be flexible on time, but I need players to give me a quick update when their turn comes up, just letting me know if they can play and approximately when. Thanks!
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  10. mrclint

    mrclint Member

    I saw that too. So for all of those who are new to this I give up my place on the list.
  11. Noratoxin

    Noratoxin Member

    Read Days 7 to 9

    From the diary of the Late Julia Donough

    Part 1

    A friend of my mother came to dinner at Donough manor today. I was also let to the table and I listened with great earnestness to their conversation. Her friend works at a high position in the Colonial Ministry and most of what he spoke of I did not understand. Still, I kept my countenance well and I believe neither of them thought me a sham. Somehow, their conversation came to the subject of me, Julia Donough. Now mother need not have even tried speak for me, for I can very well speak for myself. I told her friend that I was to devote my life to the Cog. His eyes lit up at that, he told me he had an interesting proposition for me. To become a missionary! Yes. At a colony. I have heard much of these colonies. This one is supposedly located in a warm climate. Wonderful. I accepted his proposition. And he said that I am to get on the airship tonight! How exciting!

    Day 10
    It was my first day at the colonies. Oh, how tired I am. But at least I don't have to sleep on ground alongside my subjects. A missionary I was to become, and certainly, the colony needed a missionary. When I arrived, I met with a horrible sight indeed. An uncivilized place this is, without roads or decorations, houses have been put up chaotically. This does not remind me of a Cog's machine, where everything is everywhere for a reason. In my mind's eye I saw that very well this might become one of those gambling resorts very much like the one where my nephew gambled all his father's hard-earned fortune away.
    I asked them where they congregated on Cog's day.
    "What Cog's day?" they asked.
    "You know," I answered, "Cog's day, the sixth day of the week."
    To that one lower class ruffian answered, "A sixth day of the week! You must be joking. Of course I know that there is no sixth day of the week. At least I think so. It would be worrying if there were a whole day I was missing. Worrying indeed. You were joking, right?"
    This ruffian later turned out to be Amis Hatwright.
    I set out to repair the spiritual state of my subjects. A church! I will build a glorious church. And if those colonists now sleeping turn out to be pagans... Well, I will construct the church single-handedly, brick by brick. Though it would certainly be a labour below my station.
    Right away upon my arrival, I was notified of an Amis Hatwright, who had done family research (without asking for permission!). Luckily, his family was ennui inducing.
    Interested in who this 'Amis Hatwright' might have been, I checked the roster of colonists. Interestingly enough, there's another man with a very similar name. Amis Hathewer, our NCO.
    I should keep an eye out on him. He could become a spanner in Cog's works.
    The colony was hardly working at all! People were starving, and in no Cogly place would I have that. I cancelled the construction of the lower class bunk house. We could hardly feed the seventeen colonists as it was! We couldn't handle more colonists. I also removed the clear terrain jobs. The colony was in critical condition, we had no time for such meaningless labour! I also decided that it was not sustainable to rely on foraging. I removed the orders to forage mushrooms as well.
    There had been but one lonely man working on so many jobs: woodcutting, construction, foraging. No wonder there were no logs for the carpentry workshop to work with.
    I closed down the mine, the metal is not of the greatest importance. The work crew I assigned to cut down trees.
    I also removed unnecessary modules, there were too few colonists to work them all. They only increased maintenance and made work conditions worse.
    The last change was to add more stockpiles in front of the ceramics workshop and mines, so the labourers wouldn't have to waste time hauling items to the middle of the colony.
    6.png 7.png
    Atlas cutting wood.
    Cog sent towards our farms a ravenous herd of beetles. Praise Cog! We gathered lacquer from their bodies. With it we can start making lacquered wood and thus begin construction on the church.

    There was also a very odd stone block standing right next to the farm plot! What would I do if someone stomped their toe on it. It was, I don't know how to explain it, rationally at least, but it was glowing.

    Well, it's time for me to go to bed. I'm certain my mother's friend will be satisfied with my work here.
    Suspicious Amis Hatwright sleeping in the middle bed of the upper row.

    Day 11
    My second day in the colony was... I can't do it. I don't understand. And I want to go back home from here. It's a bad place. And... No, get a hold of yourself Julia. full of discoveries. Amis Hatwright was a good worker. He was my readiest subject. With sunrise he was already in the kitchen, cooking meat. I did not recognize what animal's meat it was despite my Epicurean upbringing. He couldn't be sure, since, he said, trader's had brought it to the colony as a gift. He assured me it must have come from a deer. It tasted great.
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  12. Noratoxin

    Noratoxin Member

    From the diary of the Late Julia Donough
    Part 2

    Day 11
    There were unnatural creatures worms covered in phosphorescent minerals on the outskirts of civilizations. My subjects were truly savage to follow these worms for the entire first half of the day. Genevieve Smith, overseer of the ceramics workshop, had an especially large thirst for blood. On her march of destruction she discovered a stone circle, which was compromised of stones of perfect geometry not an uncommon landscape occurrence.
    A sight to see indeed.
    A thing I cannot explain came about. A STONE rose from the ground and begun FLOATING. It had a octopus's legs. It was malicious, trying to DESTROY our colony. It is only for our NCO Amis Hathewer that we are still alive. I can't believe it still. Every now and again, as I am trying to sleep. I continue to comb myself over the body. Am I still real? The meat must have given me food poisoning, methinks. Hallucinations, methinks.
    I asked him about whether what I had seen was the same he had seen. He just grinned pleasantly.
    A shape with triangular sides floated into our colony. The colonists massacred it. I am scared for my life. They will climb to the airship and cut my throat. The stone block. It must be behind it, for it is missing now. On other news, three people, just died. I know, out of nowhere, though it may be hard to believe. I didn't worry about it. Two of them were mere labourers. The reports of their deaths didn't even give me their names. The overseer responsible for farming also died...
    I also received news that Junker-Technokraten from Stahlmark visited the capital. And they were pleased! Good! Thank Cog it wasn't anyone from Novorussia visiting the capital.
    I assigned two more graveyard plots. Not enough room for all... Well, a worshiper of Cog must know their place! We are all mortal and we all serve the upper class. Even we, of the upper class are subjects to a higher power. That higher power, of course, is the Queen. I will make sure this is the doctrine I will lecture these pitiful creatures on.
    But on second thought. Who is this 'Queen'? Have I ever seen this Queen? No, I haven't. How peculiar that something should exist, which cannot be seen. Maybe it's just me. Maybe someone else has seen the queen?
    Oh, but of course, dummy me, my grandmother was once invited to meet the queen. And she accepted. Dummy me, dummy me.
    But then again... I haven't seen my grandmother either... for a while. Did she die? At least, I don't remember burying her.
    Our military colonists are excellent, they did a great service to the colonies today. Not only did they hold off the worm threat but they also cut through the armies of fishpeople standing in the forest. One tried to crawl away, they showed no mercy, will they show me mercy when they starve, when I fail to solve the food problem? Maybe they are willing to eat skins and bones for awhile.
    The end of another day. People are sleeping and the middle bed of the upper row is empty.
    Amis no longer sleeps in his bed. He sleeps, but someplace else.
    I just woke up to the sound of digging. They are burying them now, late at night! Something must have kept them awake to perform these morbid duties on these uncogly hours.
    Amis Hatwright sleep under a wooden Cog, but I believe he deserved more. He had been ambitious though from a boring family. We need need such ambitious people say the capitalists of the capital, and sometimes I have to agree.
    But how would I want to be buried? Under a dark shaded rock maybe. There, marked by the stone circle, where the moss grows steadily, where the grass is livelier than elsewhere, is a soft patch of earth worth sleeping on. It would be so nice, so quiet. I could slumber a deep slumber there indeed.

    Day 12
    Today I get to leave! I have already received a letter from my mother's friend that I was very successful! The problems with food are no longer. We have three less people to feed. And my plans of focusing on meat production rather than always having a minimum of ten maize stew cooked has worked. We have three people working in the kitchen now. Everything is going so well. I will eat more of Amis's meat before I leave. I will also return some to his grave, so he can enjoy it.
    Another success! The stockpile in front of the ceramics workshop is working. Progress! Finally! The machine of glass industry has been started.
    Immigrants have arrived! One of them is Alfred Steelrobin, who will begin work as a smith. He is an odd fellow, a hermit. The other two are labourers. One of them has been conscripted into our small but efficient military. The new lad will have to work hard to become a redcoat worthy of being my subject. the other is now assigned to the carpentry workshop.
    The work on the chemical works has also been completed. The colonist have called it the Patriotic Chemical Works. Fitting! We are very patriotic here. For the Queen!
    I have just made a trade of glass panes for gold ores with the traders. With this Alfred can make a gold bar, which will be used to produce the altar. Not half bad!
    Genevie Smith has certainly been through a lot since I've got here, but she seems enjoy her new life as a chemist.
    The colony was filled with a sweet smell when the first lacquered planks exited the chemical works. I decided it was time to plan out the church. Though I do not know whether it will be correctly oriented (with the main entrance in the west and the altar in the east) since the influences of the poles and the spheres seem to have no place in these lands full of mystery. The sun always shines from the same spot in the sky. Magnificent! It can only be Cog's doing that it is so. Praise Cog!
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  13. Noratoxin

    Noratoxin Member

    From the diary of the Late Julia Donough
    Part 3
    (sorry for not managing it in one part, but the image limit is harsh)

    Day 12
    I am soon to leave the colony. I went on a walk around the colony with by myself. I of course payed a visit to the grave of Amis, who I had developed a fondness for.
    The place has an otherly motherly feel to it now. It's a place fitting for Cog's sun. It is sad that I am to go, for I would gladly see out the rest of my days in this place. It has a sort of magnetism to it, it draws me in. I thought for awhile that I would resist the Colonial Ministry. So what if I became a renegade missionary! I have calmed down now.
    There have been a lot of improvements, most importantly the the reorganization of labour and the construction of the chemical works. The church has yet to be built, and the only tinge of regret and failure comes from that.
    But it seems that my efforts have not gone to the wind, for before leaving to sleep my last night in the colony, an overseer, having been left along on the farm plot by her crew, came to me.
    "Dear Julia, I am your eager pupil and eternal subject. I want to join the church of Cog."
    "Is that truly what you wish?" I asked.
    "Yes, Julia, my teacher. You who has taught us of Cog's day. You who has saved us from an ordeal by hunger. Yes, my spiritual guide, I wish to join your church."
    I nodded. Before the the true dark shades of the night, we went through all steps of religious conversion that night. Her Cog's label is now Inger, for she has shed her shell of Phoebe Steelcotter.
    Oh, how I wish I could see the church be constructed. I myself would become the vicar and teach the supremacy of the Queen. Maybe then I will be allowed to meet her. My grandmother had been a missionary in one of the earlier colonies. Time seems to fly by so fast, especially here. I wonder how old she was in my grandmother's days of youth.
    It's all quite spectacular, isn't it? I can't wait to go back to my mother. She and her friend will certainly enjoy what I have done. Maybe they will let me see grandmother. Who knows! Maybe I will see the Queen! I can already see Cog, inside of me. There it is. I am its subject. I feel like I can take a long nap now. A slumber.
    My airship's pilot woke me from my peaceful nap. She said it is not right to sleep on the ground for a girl of the upper class like me. But the moss was so velvety. Surely such a patch of land is fitting for even the Queen.
    Instead of sleeping, I have observed Alfred. It is late into the night, but he has finally gather up the gold ores. He has started the smelting. Everything is bliss and blessed. I can't wait to see its golden gleam.
    The airship's propeller woke up and took me away before I could see him finish. I had scrutinized his every move as he made the holy gold bar. I could repeat the process.
    The airship took me higher and higher. I waved to my subjects from the balcony, but no one waved back. From high, the rooftops were dwarfed by the gigantism of the landscape around. This land seems to have existed eternally.
    Then I was above the clouds. The sky was clear and filled with stars. Mesmerized, I couldn't look away. But what are the stars but another cog turning in the great Cog's machine?
    The great blaze revealed its face from beneath the horizon and I was flushed with feelings of love. Three days away from the capital, and I had already got nostalgic. My mother will see me and embrace me and so for now I turn my body from the sun and get some rest.
    Yes, it's a fine weather for flying. A fine day under the Queen's eye.

    Here ends the diary of the Late Julia Donough
    Read Days 13 to 15

    (other things)
    The bugged maize farms popped out of nowhere. No idea what's up with that.
    No one else seems to have noted this, but someone has renamed plenty of colonists with names such as Caesar, Solomon and Atlast (the lazy woodcutter you saw cutting down a tree before). (Unless they are names in the generator) Of this I approve.
    Also, for anyone interested in the roster, relations with other factions, the text of the rare positive foreign faction event, and the situation of the colony's wares in the morning of the 13th day, I will add them below and not in context because of the image limit. I also didn't want my turn to be too long to read.
    "Thank Cog we are at war with the atheists of the Novorus Imperya!" - Julia Donough
    Someone's name in our roster is 'Roster'. I can't get over that.
    I didn't even know this could happen.
    Our industry is not doing well.

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  14. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Wow, that was some great writing and storytelling! Love all the drama, intrigue, humor and horror. Great idea making the narrator a missionary.:D
  15. Noratoxin

    Noratoxin Member

    Thanks. If anyone finds any grammatical mistakes or has stylistic recommendations, please, pm me. I wrote this too late at night (I was half-delirious probably) to write sensibly and though I combed through the text in the morning I'm not sure I caught most of the glaring mistakes.
  16. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    You're up now, unless you're giving your turn up?
  17. mrclint

    mrclint Member

    There are many new after me, so give it to them. =)
  18. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Alrighty, thanks for giving newer community game players a first shot.

    That means you're on @DaCrAzYmOfO!
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  19. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Woohooo! I'll load it up today :)
  20. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    hmmm I downloaded that file he uploaded but it only gives files saves and chunk... is the zip file supposed to be put into the save directory intact?

    Nvm I'm silly lol. If i don't get to it today I'll play it tomorrow and start a little narrative, sorry ya'll I work 2 jobs lol... gotta hustle!
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