The Best (and Worst) Krong enchants.

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    Yeah, but they were negated by positive buffs, or so i understood from a previous post.
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    What difficulty is that hat on Fax?
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    Rogue, perma.
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    I tried to reproduce my own epic hat but it failed miserably with negative enchants. :(

    Looks like the fedora tends to get at least 2-4 enchantments each time, though...which is odd given that other items only get 1 or 2. Is it programmed differently? :confused:
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    Well, I'm not sure, but I think I've seen a Fedora being enchanted with just one buff several times. I'll give it a try tomorrow, to see what happens, but I'm positive there's no difference between the Fedora and the other items.

    Also, I think FaxCelestis broke this thread, at least the "best enchantment" part. Is someone brave enough to do the same, but with the "worst" part? :p
  7. Methodology would be pretty simple: wear only one piece of gear, tank tons of hits from a corrupting creature. The trick is getting there, making a character that's tanky enough without being superboring, not killing your attacker with counterattacks, etc.
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    Well, the challenge is achieving this via Krong enchantments, don't you think?
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    Right now I don't think anything beats my -5:sight: though. That was from one, one krong. He despised me. Just krong random items until you get a negative, then krong that same item on every anvil you find.
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    Does the odds of getting a negative buff increase with an item that has already been debuffed?
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    This thread, along with Krong being unusually pleased with me, inspired me to use every altar with my hat. This is what it looked like after using every altar in the game twice and just before killing Dredmor. This was on DM / No PD / RotDG / NTTG.

    Up until DL13 there were no more than 3 displeased. Which was shocking; Krong usually hates me. They were also nullified by the game crashing shortly afterwards and when I redid the krong, he seemed to be pleased by the crash. I stopped counting after that, but there were quite a lot of displeased that got changed to pleased due to the game crashing. So, this was kinda gimped.

    Somewhere around DL3 my mana regen bugged out and seemed to get stuck at 20 even though I had no more than 3 from gear and none from buffs. No idea how or why that happened. But it was kinda handy when I came across the Diggle God of Death later on. In other trivia, I didn't come across a single pair of pants until DL11.

    With it on:

    Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 05.27.10.png

    With it off:
    Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 05.27.13.png
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    -23 hp regen? how?
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    That would be the Diggle God of Death I believe.. anyway Naarpjo still doesn't seem as impressive as Maslech.
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    Yup, Diggle God of Death gives you -25 health and mana regen. I had -21 health regen because of +health regen on gear. Mana regen would have been similar were it not for the odd bug.

    And I agree, it's not as impressive as the other one.

    Edit: I just loaded the save and sent it to the museum for a laugh ... 32,160 xp ... that's pretty much half a level at character level 35 :)
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    Krong seems (entirely subjective and anecdotal) to give negatives and positives multiple times in a row in typical dredmor rng fashion,
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    First time I anvil'd that item, and I get literally nothing. :(

    Stupid lazy anvil-diety.
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    Actually, the wiffle-maul is bugged.
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    Is it? I got a seemingly normal curse next time I tried.
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    this is getting annoying!!
    my krong'ed items have cool stuff right? like + melee dmg, + health regen etc...

    every now and then, in different gaming sessions, they turn on to be NEGATIVE!!! what the heck??
    is this a bug or something?

    this have been happening a lot, and NO, I don't get "cursed", the item is positive now, and then it turn to be negative.

    for instance, using an item that is:
    +2 melee dmg
    +1 health regen
    and plus another 10 buffs.

    ok, so suppose tomorrow I load the game and BAM
    -2 melee dmg
    -1 health regen
    and the other 10 buffs.

    without touching another krong nor using the translation perk...

    has anyone experienced this??? the only way for me to play this game now is to start from scratch and finish in one sit!!