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    Hey, guys. Just throwing this out before I chuck it out onto the Steam Workshop - I've tested as much as possible, but would love to hear about any bugs/feedback before I put it to a wider audience:



    "You're an inventor of spells, borrowing and patching together pieces of other magics to form your own unique homebrew."

    Thaumatheurge is a wizard skill, based around the combining of elements to form spells; if you've played Magicka, Thaumatheurge should be easy to understand. Spells from the skill will add charges to you in the form of buffs (usually 8 turns), in addition to their stated effects.These charges come in two ranks, lesser and greater, and lesser and greater charges of a single type cannot co-exist.

    Examples of charges:







    Every 25 turns, you can use the first spell in the skill tree to discharge these charges in the form of spells; the exact spell that you produce will depend on the charges present on you at the time. For example, having a steel charge on you will cause the discharge to give you defensive buff, while having a frostfire charge on you will make the area around you erupt in frostfire. The discharge alone is not useless even without charges readied; there is still knockback that you can use in a pinch.

    Mixing and matching different charges can produce all kinds of interesting spells and effects. Go forth, experiment and create your own homebrew combinations! Why not have a silencing knockback that heals and decurses you at the same time while zapping your enemies?

    Both expansions required to use this mod.

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    Hmm, I get a crash bug every time I use the Void Rune.

    I cast the rune, it's on the floor and all, but sooner or later when I use the rune the crash occurs. I can't replicate the exact circumstances of the crash, it's different each time I try it. Sometimes I can step on the rune, sometimes monsters can step on it, sometimes I cast the rune and it crashes a few turns later, sometimes I just cast the rune and it crashes immediately.

    It's mind boggling.

    It might be a conflict with another mod, though, I honestly have a ton of mods installed.
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    Found out why it messes up save files after loading its because author forgot to add a skill id to the talent tree. Sorry if the tread res this thread but figure its important to inform (going to manually add one so i can use it).
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    The cause for that crash is that the author is a invalid animation sprite listed for both void discharge effects as sprites/sfx/whatever/whatever (likely was using it as a template)