That book on lvl 3 that appears to be blank

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  1. Ganonfro

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    Once I beat the game, it had something written in it. It said of a secret room where a great hero was buried, anyone else found this or know anything to clue me in, I'm currently stumped.
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    The room where the great hero was buried is right next to the book. :)
    as soon as you see the book, you'll know you're in the right area. Just look for the weird designed sub-room.

    It also has nothing to do with beating the game, the text is currently bugged.
    You will find the following things, a guaranteed Interdimensional axe, a crappy helmet, and a random artifact.
    The axe and the rocket launcher are both hints to the game Quake, all those years ago.
    Doom had a rocket launcher, but it didn't have an axe. :)
    And that axe is 100% a replica of the Axe from Quake.
  3. Ganonfro

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    Ahhhhh. Thanks!