Tentative Changelog for Patch 1.0.10

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Psiweapon

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    Of course, what's not to like a man who needs railroad grade structural support to...
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  2. SkyMuffin

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    i think it would be kind of fun to have an edible belt item. like fruit-by-the-foot! just as a silly joke in reference to an old bug.
  3. Essence

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    Problem is, which happens when you right-click: does it get eaten or go into your inventory?

    (Has played around trying to cram multiple item types onto a single item. Doesn't work well. :( )
  4. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    One moar thing!

    I feel like I'm pushing the limits of your hospitality as it were, but...

    triggeronHaywire? pretty please? :)

    [edit] And as long as I'm being a total pain in the ass, triggeronResist and triggeronReflect? Might as well keep the magic triggers equivalent to the melee triggers.[/edit]
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  5. One small thing. Can you make it so the game remembers when you disable click to move?

    Another one: using a wand as a diggle has the human animation.
  6. PaladinGP

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    If you level up in Werediggle form, any activatable skill you gain doesn't appear on the skill bar: that seems pretty big.
  7. Xerix

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    • How about the one where if you have a golem following you adjacent, step on a gargoyle shooter trap, then step off it (any way but north), the golem follows you straight on the trap, sets it off, the golem gets shot... but the player takes the damage?
    • Do the load/save fixes already done cover pyromancer gauntlets not giving their damage or resist on loading until you unequip/reequip them? (I have a save file showing this on my other machine, though from memory the character also seems to have a minimum conflag. resist of 3 after removing all items that grant it... No mods/Promethean.)
  8. Lorrelian

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    As a temporary workaround, you could wait to spend your new skill point until after your diggle form wears of. Just close the skill window and come back later. Your skill points will still be there.
  9. Loren

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    As I recall, you still get the skill, you just need to manually add it to the bar if you were in a polymorph when you leveled. Have you tried this?
  10. This works. Just hover over a skill icon and click on the little plus sign. You will see all of the skills you have learned.
  11. Loerwyn

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    This! It's a little annoying, especially in combat.
  12. Dynamod

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    I think memorizing game settings in general would be a nice thing.
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  13. ledow

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    For me personally:

    - My sound volume decreases by 1 notch every time I close the game and start again. That's quite annoying as I tend to only have it on 2 notches anyway! (Don't know if it does this for music, because I have that muted, but certainly does for SFX).
    - Inventory "hidden" slots on the right
    - Monsters walking "underneath" me in certain situations (seems to be when I walk towards them and they walk towards me and some other criteria and we end up both on the same space for one turn).
    - The broken Steam achievements.
    - Remembering inventory / character / crafting / map menu positions on Save / Exit.

    I'm sure the buglists are huge still, because of lots of silly things like this.
  14. Chopkinsca

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    I'd like to see this extended to inventory/lutefisk cube position. But it's not a big deal.
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  15. blob

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    I think it might be tough to code the window's specific placement but I hear you on this. Maybe, the windows could simply have a better default setup OR an option in the menu ( that would be saved over closing the game) to load a different windows template position ( probably easier to implement).
  16. Kazeto

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    You know, there's one thing that I'm wondering right now.

    Does the "removebuffbyname" function work on buffs that are otherwise irremovable?
  17. I should assume so. Buffs are irremovable if they aren't bad, and don't have conditions for wearing out.
  18. blob

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    Even semi good buffs like those that increase attack but reduce health ? ( eg. the one from demonologist )
  19. By bad I mean the boolean flag "bad" in the code, which determines if it's removed by uncurse and the like.
  20. Kazeto

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    Well, there's also the "removable" flag. Which is why I was asking.