Tentative Changelog for Patch 1.0.10

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  1. Essence

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    Items and monsters of level 11+ spawning correctly on the ground (RotDG only, obviously.)

    Having multiple polymorphs at once crashes the game when the second polymorph attempts to end, which can screw a lot of situations up royally.

    And while there are an incredible boatload of requests in the Modding Requests thread, I'd like to specifically call out the "be able to add the various triggeron and EffectBuff triggers from inside of Buff tags" request. Of all of the many many things that I really want to ask for, I want that most of all. :)

    [edit]Also, please read and ponder this: http://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/blood-mage.2520/ [/edit]
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    Think that's already in the notes. :)
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  3. You're aware of this thread, I hope?


    If you want, I can pare it all down as much as possible and pull a bunch of one- or two-sentence requests out of all the chatter in that thread. Or just make Daynab aggressively prune posts! :D
  4. Marak

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    Things I don't see on the changelist:

    • Mousewheel scrolling in the Crafting Interface. Currently, the mousewheel ALWAYS cycles through your 1-9 Skill Bar in the lower right, even with the Crafting Window open.
    • Monster Zoos have a tendency to only use the Monsters specific to that floor, which causes awkwardness on certain Floors (13, for example) that only have a couple of unique monsters assigned to them.
    • Related, Monster Zoo Artifacts appear to be of much lower quality (stat-wise) than Evil Chest Weapons or even Quest Reward Artifacts from the same Floor. Assuming this isn't intentional, of course.
    • The formula for calculating the Health of the Red Lichess and Preserved Witch appears to be not working properly, as these Floor 13 and 15 monsters end up having less than 40 Health and can be one-shot by literally any attack you throw at them.
    • Many of the new Realm of the Diggle Gods items never spawn as random drops, never seem to generate as Quest Rewards, etc, and are generally impossible to ever encounter - unless they spawn in a Brax Shop. These items include, but may not be limited to: Eldritch Crossbow, Bolt Eruptor, Savvarius, Hexxaxe, Flashy Staff of Godewijn, and Golden Mask.
  5. Ruigi

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    One thing that's been bothering me is that targethit effects and trigger effects from spells will target corpses in addition to living monsters. There's no flag to designate "donttargetcorpses" to prevent this from happening. Some of my modded content glitches out because of this.
  6. 1: EPIC! No more need of messup-prone mac packs!

    2: I didn't see it explicitly, but does this patch fix those stat bugs when you level up/change floors/save with a buff/debuff?

    3: Would it be possible to add a "range" to target, targetfloor, and targetemptyfloor, so I can make an adjacent teleportation spell that can't warp on top of monsters, and have some kind of intermediate range between 1 and "as far as you can see"?
  7. Borodin

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    Didn't notice it, but--if you level while area effect spells are still killing enemies, you'll CTD.
  8. FaxCelestis

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    Couple things I didn't notice mentioned:
    Functional magic reflect.
    Removal of wand lore.
    Ability to mod soundfx.xml and manTemplate.xml.
    Random spawn of monsters from mod/monDB.xml.
    Can't start with pants loadout issue fix.
  9. Chopkinsca

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  10. Daynab

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    I was told those were (tentatively) fixed.

    As well as functional magic reflect in a Twitter message a long time ago.
  11. Marak

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    This patch seems like it will be quite good if all these things that said to be tentatively fixed and not mentioned in the patch notes have, in fact, been fixed or addressed.

    Looking forward to the forthcoming (more) comprehensive Patch Notes at some nebulous point in the future. ;)

    Unrelated: so, you guys are telling me that I've been wearing the One Sparkling Glove, grabbing my crotch, and shouting "Eeeeeee heeeeeeeee, ow!" in a high pitched voice and NOT GETTING MY MAGIC REFLECT!? /rage
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  12. Essence

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    umm... affectsCorposes="0"? Or do I not understand?
  13. Chopkinsca

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    How will the patch effect user made patches such as Essence's Game rebalance mods?
  14. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Oh, I'll probably have to completely redo them. Not a big deal, though, I've been prepping for it. :)
  15. AvzinElkein

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    You forgot to make sure that the resistances on the Blue Steel Sword and Magma Mace work!
  16. Ruigi

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  17. Marak

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    Liking the extended changelog, as predicted. Also, you guys never fail to make me giggle.

    "Tagged: dungeons of dredmor, modding, mystery, patch what patch, project odin, the keyboard shall die, who doesn't love trestles"
  18. Nicholas

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    Ladies love a man with trestles.
  19. AvzinElkein

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    I know I already said this before, but the Blue Steel Sword and Magma Mace don't give the resists they should give.
  20. Nicholas

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    ... okay, now they do.
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