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  1. fuzzball

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    hey ive been playing the actual game called rogue and me and my cousin were talking about making a better one well mainly him sence he knows more about programing then i saw this would be great if i could beta test it i would tell you any bugs i find and give you feed back hope you consider me if you need my email just ask for it and ill tell ya
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    I too, like many others, am waiting patiently for this game... I would love to try out the beta, but above all I just would like to pre-order or support the game. You guys did a massive job so far and watching paulsoaresjr's Indie Test drive gave me a little taste that what you have been (and will keep) developing has tons of potential... so I hope I can play/pre-order/buy it soon enough ^^ Always been a fan of roguelikes, being desktop dungeons my latest one to play, I'm fairly sure that Dungeons of Dredmor will scratch that itch for roguelikes/adventure for me =D. Anyways, questions for the beta testers... so far how is the depth of the crafting system? From what I saw in the indie test drive, you have a few starter recepies but if you search bookselves you can get much more... at least that's what I felt it was. So overall how much new crafting/tinkering stuff have you guys found?
    P.S: Keep up the awesome work!
  3. Venom

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    From what I've seen (from Paul's Indie test) this game is shaping up to be amazing. I love the skills and vast array of oddly named items that give this game substance. I too shall beg for Beta access, but if I don't get it it isn't the end of the world, because I will purchase it the day it becomes available. Keep up the great work guys! Also love the eyebrows, they make me smile every time. (email: ;D if I can get in of course.
  4. same as Venom. Paul got me into this, and I would like to try it out. I pledge my full support at launch! :)
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    Soo... In the past two days, I've literally checked the Gaslamp Website for any updates to the blog, and it's driving my insane at how slow my day crawls along the dungeon floor avoiding pimples. I'm pretty much BEGGING for Beta Entry into the game. And in the case where I do not receive it, this Diggle right beside me will drill a large hole right through my abdomen, piercing my heart. My email is ( I'm only begging.
  6. Nvining told me beta is closed for now.
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    That sure does relieve me. That usually means the game is soon coming out.
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    So far from trailers this looks like an amazing game. It has been a while since a good Rogue-like surfaced, or at least one that I enjoyed the mechanics of. Hope Beta is done soon and this gets released. The wait may darn well kill me. Love the art style, don't ya dare go changing it after beta like some games I won't mention.
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    I would love to beta test it.. i have good recording software.. and i can get a lot of people to get a sight of it.. i swear..

    I can bring you many more customers.
  10. Guest

    For those with Beta: I saw a psionic class on Soares Jr's video and was wondering if anyone has tried it out? (He moused over quickly, may have misread)

    For Devs: Any chance you need an unemployed guy with a low end Windows 7 craptop to beta test? I got free time while the wife's working :-p
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    looks facinating, deep, profound, and simple. Things that go well together. Shall I ponder the brevity of life in such a work of art? or shall I just talk about the nature of short rounds of intense looting?
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    Devs and Betatesters...

    I too have watched Paul's videos and love rogue-like games (I have angband on my phone)

    I have but one question...

    Can you change your guy to look like this..

    <img src=""/>
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    I am so looking forward to this game! its one of the best rougelike's i've seen in a long time!
    is there any chance i could get a release date xD...? i know it's probably been asked alot... but i cant wait to start playing :D

    Or maybe a BETA test version, but i dont think that would be possible?

    keep on developping this great game! and i hope u release soon!!!
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    GreatNOD. I wish I could like your post.