SwiftStriker Skill Line - Released!

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  1. Seriously? Paralyze durations stack? Alright, thanks for the heads up. So you're sure resistable=0 works? I've had issues with resistable in the past as well.
  2. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25139867/SwiftStrikerv08.zip

    Here's the test release of the new Quickstep! I rather like its new function. It's no longer a cross-gap escape mechanism, but the tactical applications are immense if you're clever about it. I'll put it in the OP once I've had feedback about it!
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    Gah! Can I swap this out for the old one without ruining my save? I started my doubleblind playtest of this skill using the old version already...
  4. It should be fine, but just in case, backup the save :)

    And I don't think you're using the term "doubleblind" correctly... that implies that neither party involved, the test subject nor the test conductor knows which sample is which. I dare to assume you know which build has swiftstriker :)
  5. New quickstep: warriors can no longer pick up gear that's on an island? Is a lot like shoulder bash, but better instead of different?
  6. There's always knockback attacks :)
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    Concussion Bombs can hit island items.
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    Handy Wand!
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    Wands can't target the ground.
  10. Ragnar's meteor works!
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    Yesterday I played your mod for the first time. Lots of fun, but it may have balance issues. Only played a couple floors, admittedly, but it seemed pretty darned strong.

    The third level strikes me as being superior to knight's leap, which is a pretty solid skill from the main game. Your cooldown is like one longer, IIRC, but the teleport distance is much further, and that "hook" on knight's leap really restricts where you can land. That one being better wouldn't be a problem, except the mod also gives like 3 other ways to teleport.

    The best teleport tree from the main game has just two teleports, and the two trees that have more than one teleport both make one of them random. So this mod is, far and above, the best teleport tree in the game now. (I realize Ley Walker looks better at the moment with the unlimited teleport, but that's a bug that's supposed to be fixed in 1.0.10. It's supposed to nuke 75% of your mana, or have a 75% chance of nuking your mana, or something.) It almost seems like you could split those 4 powers up between two trees.

    When faced with a big boss like from an evil chest or a side quest, I could teleport straight to him and hit him for damage in the same actin, then next turn teleport far away to have several 4 or 5 of food/potions/crossbow shots before he could reach me again. That's bordering on a bit too good to get that from a single tree, or so it feels to me. I didn't even have the capstone yet, so I'm guessing it gets even better.

    At one point I opened a door, and right behind it was the 57th platoon or whatever, with the leader guy staring me in the face. Just testing to see how much I could get away with, I used the first level to shoulder past him intending to stand in the middle of the group. Shouldering into him pushed him back to the nearest empty space - which meant it pushed him 4 spaces back, past 3 of his guys. Not that he was terribly powerful (random squad leader on floor 2), but I'm sure the same thing could be applied to situations where one monster is a lot more powerful than the others near it. Which seems a bit buff from an every-turn first-level power. I guess it is technically weaker than 2nd-level psychokinetic shove, but lets just say I don't consider psychokinetic shove to be typical of the power of a 2nd-level spell.

    So, there's a few data points for you. I'll have more in a couple days, as I've got a house guest this week and computer time is limited.

    I _think_ I was using the latest version, but I downloaded pretty close to the same time as your update post, and I downloaded from the first page of the thread.
  12. Actually, Handy wand can target the item, not the ground. It's a strategy I've used with Warriors, and many characters, for a long time, alongside the aforementioned Concussion Bombs.
  13. I haven't updated the main post, I released it as a test, since it was a fundamental change. The link on this page of posts is the one that has the new quickstep.

    I agree that quickstep was overpowered. The new quickstep is what I originally intended it to be: It's basically a single-space teleportation spell that stuns nearby monsters, with the net result that you basically get a free space of movement. It can't be used to cross gaps like nightly leap can, and as far as I know, it's a rather original skill now.

    As for shoulder bash, that's an issue with knockback, and unfortunately I can't change that, though I'd like to. However, it does take some bit of strategy to line things up for that kind of knockback :)

    So basically, this skill tree no longer has the singlehanded capacity to do hit-and-run tactics. The ones that can warp further than one space can only target a monster, so you can't exactly reliably leap out of trouble.

    Thanks for your posts, I'd love to know what you think of the new version!

    Here's the link, for your convenience:

  14. I liked warriors having a way to actually teleport across gaps. I understand the focus on combat teleportation, and not wanting the player to be able to run away vast distances. Maybe I'll just mod the previous version of Quick Step for my own personal use to work like Knightly Leap; less abusive than Rook movement, "knight" makes sense for a "warrior", and I am playing the Dark Knight after all. (if I can figure out how to load the proper versions of the proper mods to get my save file back)
  15. I thought you had artful dodger as a skill tree. Why on earth would you need TWO knightly leaps?
  16. Oh yeah. I need to take that at some point. :oops: --> :rolleyes:
    I still want an actual-actual teleport for pure warriors! Gotta jump a gap to get that octi over there sometimes!
  17. What about jump?

    Oh dear... that's just made me realize... there's the possiblity for one-way teleportation that traps you...

    ...Well not exactly. you'd just have to wait until a monster spawns back on the other side of the gap or something. A bit lame I know, but I feel teleportation used for escaping should be reserved for the more squishy archetypes.
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    Always has been. One of my first characters "died" because a stack of 6 instability infusions was not enough to get me off the island on the moonbase.
  19. I see. Have you tried out the new quickstep? If so, what are your thoughts?
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    Haven't tried it. House guest visiting, so this is my one 15-minute window to sit at a computer today. May get some time to game tomorrow. If so, I'll send some feedback your way.