SwiftStriker Skill Line - Released!

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by RaustBlackDragon, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Did you see the link I gave earlier about icons? They're black and white, but it's better than none at all.
  2. I saw that, thanks for reminding me, I had kinda forgotten, because I couldn't see the download link at the time and then got sidetracked. I'll check it out again later!
  3. Checked out the link, the images are far, far too large, and I don't know how to resize them. Anybody know?
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  5. And now I have pictures! Thanks guys, hope you like it! ...I'd still like something more Dredmor-y, and if anybody's interested, PLEASE speak up!
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    You haven't updated the link on the main post - only the text that is shown (i.e. the text says v04 but the link goes to v02).

    I'm guessing this is what the link should be: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25139867/Swift Strikerv04.zip

    Also I've added this mod to Dredmorpedia.
  7. Thanks a ton, I've fixed the link, appears to be a glitch with the forum.
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    As a big fan of Leylines teleport, I'm enjoying this mod a lot. My only thought is on Shoulder Bash. Currently, it can be used to teleport into a door, then fight from that position to ensure a one square wide spot for opponents. Or, if combined with anything that provides AoE (Obvious Fireball, etc), teleport into a door, attract all the monsters to charge at you, back up and spam the door from safety.

    If this is intentional, I'll continue to make use of it. If not, would adding a small amount of damage, such as just one point of non-scaling bashing, make it fizzle without a monster to bash?
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    AFAICT, the issue is one of the spells Type. Type is used to simultaneously specify geographically where you can target the spell, and what kinds of things you can click on to target the spell. Shoulder Bash inherently needs to be both Type="adjacent" and Type="targetMonster", but there's only room for one Type per spell -- and the Adjacent limitation is more important than the TargetMonster limitation to the flavor of the spell.

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    You could do type="targetMonster" and attack="1". That'd restrict it to an adjacent monster, but would make it a physical attack. Or, you could use type="template", templateID="30", and anchored="1" which would template it to an adjacent square only.
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    That's all I know off the top of my head

    And anyway you could just delay it one turn, therefore since non-monster entities can't hold the trigger it will fail to do anything if you don't target a monster.
  12. I'm aware of it, but it's unintentional. I'll try and fix it.

    Essence, Null, Fax, thanks for your help!
  13. Has this been done yet, RBD? It sounds useful.
    I've only played with level 1 of your skill so far, but I do have a little feedback from it. Level 1 of SwiftStriker is great if you're cornered - but otherwise it sits dead on your skillbar 95% (or more!) of the time you're playing. I feel like the skill deserves good passive stat boosts for the player to enjoy during all the time that the skill is lying around passively. Even in situations where you're surrounded, Knight's Move is a ton better, because the monsters don't get to nibble on you during a series of 1-square teleports. That's fairly acceptable, because Shoulder Bash a level 1 skill. But if I bash someone into a wall, not only is it disappointing to not deal any damage with a "bash", but they also get a free hit on me when I leave their square.

    TL;DR, I did appreciate the skill greatly during the one time I was surrounded, but otherwise it needs passive stat boosts or maybe damage added it to it.

    I suspect the level 2 & 3 skills will work out similarly - great in niche situations, unnecessary the majority of the time, would be appropriate for them to have some passive stats on the skillup, or side bennies.
  14. I'll consider doing that, the problem is that it would ruin what I've found to be one of its best applications: Killer Vegan. It's not an attack, so you can use it on the cute animals all you like without hurting them, which is an astronomical convenience in my experience. Then again, it doesn't really make sense, it IS a bash.
  15. I've tried it out, actually "attack = 1" does NOT limit it to adjacent squares. In fact, Jump uses it. It simply means that your melee power will be applied to the damage.

    I'm trying out the second suggestion now.
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    Yeah, type="adjacent" makes it adjacent. Dunno what I was smoking.
  17. Happens all the time :)

    It looks like your second suggestion isn't working either, it still can be used on empty space. I could make it do low melee-scaling damage, but the door bug looks like it's there to stay.

    Also, RHM, I've generally been under the impression that balanced skill sets generally don't have stat boosts AND useful skills at the same time, but then I looked at burglary.

    Who else thinks that the caddishness bonuses aren't enough? If you do think that, what do you suggest, and where?
  18. Updated! Thanks to rarefied horse meat for the jump fix suggestion!
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  19. To me, the question is less about "how do other skills do it?" and more about "what makes logical sense?" Though it doesn't hurt to use other skills to inform the conclusions of our logic - take Thibault's Trompement for instance. It gives you a useful attack of 10+NormalAttack damage that you'll use pretty much whenever possible. In addition, it gives you 1 point of damage (which would otherwise require 3 burliness to achieve) and 1 point of EDR. Not massive stat boosts, but nice.

    Shoulder Bash and Target Locked give you non-damaging skills which you'll use infrequently. I've used Shoulder Bash in one isolated scenario, and Target Locked never - though I plan to use it when I find an Evil Chest. In addition, they give you one point of Caddishness... which gets you halfway to 1 point of a useful stat (crit) and about 20% of the way towards some decent stats (counter and HP). Since they spend most of the game unused, AND don't deal any damage, I feel they deserve to give you more than half a point of crit apiece. How about 1 cad, 1 point of actual crit, and maybe 1 point of EDR? Striking too fast too dodge it, and hitting painfully hard.

    The remaining 3 skills of your skillset are powerful; I wouldn't change them except for maybe make Jump into less of a "use this once every year IF we have important guests over for dinner" cooldown - but I haven't tried it yet, so maybe its WTF awesomeness warrants the centuries-long cooldown.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this mod for us, and for taking the time to consider our feedback. :)
  20. No problem!

    As for your comments, I think you're right that the caddishness is pointless. It really doesn't reflect the nature of the skill tree, and maybe some more fitting stat bonuses are in order.

    However, I'd like input from other modders besides you as well, because I REALLY don't want this to become overpowered.

    And regarding Jump... if you play your cards right, it can inflict damage equal to SIX TIMES your melee bonus stat, which is pretty devastating in a pure warrior build. Rogue and wizard builds will likely be disappointed by it, but for warrior builds I feel the cooldown is justified.