SwiftStriker Skill Line - Released!

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  1. UPDATE 3: As of the 1010RC7 release, SwiftStriker has actual dredmor-y icons, courtesy of the amazing Loren!

    Release 7: Swapped boltproof and flying tackle, and added some stat bonuses to the situational first two skills.


    EXPERIMENTAL 1.0.10 Release: This expands the stunning field of quickstep, changes the caddishness bonuses to nimbleness, and makes flying tackle and jump scale according to your combined nimbleness and caddishness, at a factor of .5 and 1, respectively. It also makes Target Locked function as an all-around defensive proc reducer, by inflicting penalties to the target's counter, block, resist, and reflect. Oh, also, EPIC new icons by Loren!

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25139867/Swift Striker 1010RC7.zip

    Rogues have it. Wizards have it. Warriors don't. I'm referring, of course, to teleportation. However, I feel a warrior build is just as much in need of teleportation skills as rogues and wizards are, if not moreso. Wizards and Rogues need them to get away from their opponents, but Warriors, limited largely to melee combat, also have need of teleportation to APPROACH their targets, so they don't get gunned down before they can reach them.

    So, for my first mod, I've created the SwiftStriker skill tree, which adds combat-oriented teleportation skills, as well as some other useful abilities for approach!

    Skill tree:

    1: Shoulder Bash: Teleport 1 space horizontally or vertically, can teleport onto occupied spaces, inflicting no damage, but small knockback, similar to unliving wall. No cooldown. "When you're cornered, just push the damn diggles out of the way! It's that simple!"
    Buffs: Melee +1, Caddishness +1

    2: Target Locked: Debuffs targeted creature -100 critical and counter for 8 turns, debuffs you for -3 vision for those same 8 turns. Cooldown: 8 turns. "Focus entirely on one enemy, to make sure it doesn't make a fool out of you!"
    Buffs: Sight range +1, Caddishness +1

    3: QuickStep: Move in a straight line within your sight radius, knock back anyone occupying your destination by one square, and suffer tunnel vision. Cooldown: 8 turns. "You can step... with quickness. Can it get more straightforward?"
    Buffs: Caddishness +1

    4: Flying Tackle. Perfect teleportation. You HAVE to target an occupied space with it, and doing so will inflict decent melee-based damage ((1 crushing+ melee power) *2), and 2 knockback. Critical hit calculation recieves a 30 point bonus for the attack. Cooldown: 20 turns. "Slam into your opponent!"
    Buffs: Caddishness +1

    5: BoltProof: Self-targeted buff, grants you high magic resistance until your next attack. "You will have no more of this cowardly sniping!"
    Buffs: Caddishness +1

    6: Jump: Perfect teleportation. You HAVE to target an occupied space with it, and doing so will inflict heavy melee-based damage ((1 slashing+melee power) * 3) and 3 knockback. Critical hit calculation recieves a 50 point bonus for the attack. Cooldown: 70 turns. "The ultimate SwiftStriker technique! Please note that you don't ACTUALLY need a lance/spear/polearm to pull off this technique, or even a weapon at all. And you especially don't need that goofy helmet that simply screams "I don't have a clue what the word "dragoon" actually means.""
    Buffs: Caddishness +1

    Any feedback, balancing issues?
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  2. Null

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    Simply you probably shouldn't have an entire tree based just on teleportation. It ends up having little overall theme and makes the abilities less unique. For instance trailblazing and samurai pass are the same thing nearly exactly. Shoulder Bash I like, jump is helpful.
  3. Fair point. The goal of this tree is to help fighters close the gap between them and their targets, particularly their ranged aggressors. Maybe I should remove a few of the overly-similar ones and replace them with other non-teleporting abilities that assist in that...

    How about...

    3: Bolt-Proof: Gives you a near-perfect magic resistance score until your next attack. "They will open fire upon you, unleashing the absolute best they have, and yet you will not die. You will not even flinch. They can only watch helplessly as you slowly approach them."
  4. Alright, quick update: I've started work on it, and I've gotten shoulder bash and Jump to work properly. I think I might have some technical issues with Samurai Pass, but I'll come up with something else. I'll update the planned skill list in a sec.
  5. Daynab

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  6. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    File is unavailable for download. :(
  7. It's complete! ... sort of. I don't have any pictures, and quickstep isn't what I wanted it to be. Quickstep is supposed to let you move and attack in the same turn, in that order, but that wasn't working for me, so I made it a rook teleportation spell with a tunnelvision debuff. Once I've finished testing it, I'll release it!
  8. Alright, seems to be in working order! Enjoy, and tell me what you think!
  9. Essence

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    Downloaded. Will test shortly. :)
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  10. Epic!

    I'm trying it out too, I've got an almost pure warrior build, hoping to see if the triple-melee-power of jump can actually stack up to be as powerful as I'm hoping.
  11. lccorp2

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    Hey, the helmets Dragoons wear in FFTA and FFTA2 are pretty nifty, even if they STILL mean they have no idea what dragoons are all about. =P

    In any case, downloaded, will test shortly.
  12. Ruigi

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    my clockwork knights has many moves that are similar to your skillset.

    Rocket jump is a teleportation move that pays with life, so warrior characters can make escapes and tactical maneuvers.

    Sonic blast invokes a counterattack debuff on a target and the damage scales with melee power.

    Eruption slam is similar to your "jump" technique but is an AOE.

    I think they are similar because we both designed our skillsets with similar design goals in mind.
  13. I saw your mod, it's awesome! I'd use it together with mine in testing, but the issue is that for some reason I can't have more than one mod folder at once, or else it doesn't work.

    Yeah, originally Quickstep was going to be something completely different, but I couldn't get it to work properly. It was supposed to be a move and an attack in the same turn, but it didn't seem to work. I think if I had gotten that to work, the two skillsets would be more noticeably different.
  14. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    That's a very strange problem.

    I have my mod installed to:
    C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\Mods\Clockwork Knights
    The files for the other mod should be installed to:
    C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\Mods\Other Mod

    I think if you make sure your mods are installed this way, there will be no problems.
  15. I use a mac, but I'm doing the exact same thing with the mac equivalent.
  16. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I've heard of people having your problem before, perhaps you should file a report on the bugs forum.
  17. done and done.

    Hey, would you be interested in trying out my skill set? I'd really appreciate the feedback!
  18. Essence

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    OK, first, the obvious part: this needs at least SOME basic form of icon. Not knowing which skill you have loaded up and having to hover-over in order to figure out which white square is which is a bummer.

    That said, skill by skill:

    1: Shoulder Bash: Should have a 1-turn cooldown. It's minorly useful for getting out of crowds, but if you're sunk that deep into a crowd, you need to get out ASAP, not after 12 attacks from 4 mobs.

    2: Target Locked: Might actually be a little too strong at DL 9-10, but is just about right for DLs 1-8. I like it.

    3: QuickStep: Can also land on top of a mob, and doesn't damage or knockback if it does; you just land there. All told, it's good for closing with a caster mob, so it does it's job nicely.

    4: BoltProof: Also marvelous for walking across traps you're not skilled enough to spring. Also makes you immune to Corruption. Doesn't fall off when you make thrown/archery/magic attacks, which is considered a bug by Nicholas but makes this skill OP in a ranged build.

    5: Jump: Bad f**king ass. Massive single-target teleportation damage is huge. Benefits a lot from Melee Power, especially from Berserker Rage's final skill (the triple-damage auto-crit turns that +5 melee power into somewhere around +25, which all by itself is near-lethal to most everything in the first half of the game.)

    All told, if it were me, I'd add some small bit of damage to Shoulder Bash OR drop it to 1 turn cooldown, drop BoltProof to +75ish MR, and turn QuickStep into a longer-range version of Shoulder Bash (so you can't, for example, teleport on top of Dredmor and keep him from punching you in the face.) Other than that and the iconography issues, this is sweetness in a can. Excellent work!
  19. Alright, how about I rename quickstep to flying tackle?

    Thanks a ton for your input, I'll get to work on the next version right away!
  20. Updated, thanks for your input Essence, it really helped!