Stuck on an Island

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by jzworkman, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. jzworkman

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    So I had the misfortune of being teleported to an island using a spacial instability potion and this is the first game I didnt pick up knightly leap or some other teleport... Any other options or is this character screwed?

  2. fishofmuu

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    There's usually a teleportation square on there. Did you maybe accidentally knock it back out of view?

    Other than the teleportation skills/potion, I heard that you can use that wand/spell that builds a stone wall to make a floor across water, but don't quote me on that one (you don't even have one right now anyway)
  3. Dverger

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    I'm afraid you're stuck there; save/quit and load up the autosave, you'll lose the time you've spent on the third floor, but it's better than starting all over.

    edit: Nevermind! 123stw is much wiser than I, his suggestion works flawlessly.
  4. 123stw

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    Here's how to cheat your way out of it.

    1. Make a new character with mathemagic
    2. Select the teleport skill, use it
    3. Quit, then open your stuck character
    4. press the right mouse button

    Now you should be casting the teleporting skill depite you not actually having it, at least until you select a new skill. The whole "retain your last skill" was never actually fixed, just hidden.
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  5. jzworkman

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    @123stw does that still work with permadeath? I just reloaded a autosave, but it would be good to know for the future
  6. 123stw

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    All they did was removed the icon, but you can still use the last spell in activation, even if it's from another character.
  7. nicktrew

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    @123stw - Listen to this guy it works perfectly