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  1. I'm always looking for cool new games to play on my twitch stream. I've been keeping an eye on this game for awhile now. I think almost 2 years now since seeing a PC gamer article on it.

    So my question to the devs (though if you are playing the game feel free to chime in) Do you currently think its in good enough shape to be live streamed? Since if they don't feel the product is ready to be broadcast yet then I can wait till its in a more ready state to purchase and stream it.
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    Here's my 2 cents:

    Whether you'll find it good material for streaming depends what you want out of a stream: progression is a bit flat at the moment (i.e. most of the mechanisms of colony life are subsistence-level or just a little higher), so narratively speaking, you'll be dealing with the struggle to survive rather than the course of a civilization.

    Game stability is pretty good, but you'll still want to manually save every now and then because you might encounter a crash. Performance is quite good now, so that shouldn't present any problems.

    For someone already familiar with the interface and production chains, getting from the initial landing to having built every workshop might take, roughly, five hours (and there's not much beyond that, at the moment). For someone who's going to learn everything from scratch, I'd double that estimate to ten hours, especially if you're going to marvel at all the cool little details, before you run out of things to build.

    There's a bunch of YouTube videos (mine included) that should give you a general idea what playing it live might be like.
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