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    Hello! I'm your typical no-nothing moron who is classically predisposed to making a fool out of myself, so, hopefully someone here can help unfool me. Been poking around looking for ways to fix this on my own without making a topic, but, can't seem to do that so here we go.

    First strange problem,
    Items that the player starts with from the mod, either from loadout or randomized in inventory at the very start of the game, are treated as separate from the items in the itemDB. Saving and reloading the save file will cause the game to crash if these items are present. Example, I have a homestuck themed item called Build Grist, which is a reagent.

        <item name="Build Grist" iconFile="items/Build_Grist.png" alchemical="1" >
        <price amount="0" />
        <description text="An abstract concept in physical form. You alone know how to use this stuff, but don't try to eat it! (Spoiler: You can't)" />
    Starting with it, or any item in my database, will display the item and its traits and description, but, it will not stack with itself if a new instance of that item appears. So if I find Build Grist on the floor and pick it up, the two will not stack together. Also, these items that are in the player's inventory at start up cannot be used in crafting, but instances of those items picked up after the start of the game CAN be used in crafting.

    This problem is also existing for items that did NOT have this problem the last time I was fiddling with the modding, which was post-Diggle Gods, but pre-all other expansions.

    Example, item name Green Tea. Green Tea used to work just fine, but now, instances of that item from start-up will not stack with itself, crash the game when reloading unless the item has been used up (using it at the start of the game has no problems, works the same as Green Tea found on the dungeon floor, but the two still won't stack together).

    Second strange problem,
    Some of my items are randomly changing sizes. Take Build Grist for example, the file is 32x32, and takes up just about a full square of dungeon floor. Without changing the code for it, but while working on other things, randomly, the item started appearing a quarter of its size and appearing only in the top left corner of a square. This image fits perfectly in the inventory grid, so, it appears that the inventory shrunken version of the file is being used for the one on the dungeon floor and in the crafting interface. The same thing is NOT happening for any of my other items though, which shrink to their inventory-size when picked up, but return to full size when displayed on the dungeon floor, as they are supposed to. Weird.

    Third strange problem,
    Okay, this one makes no sense to me. Any of my skills or spells that the player obtains either at start-up or from leveling up, will not recover from their cool-down periods at all. However, if you re-select the spell from clicking on the little plus sign to organize one's skill-hotkey bar, then, the spell refreshes instantly, and then begins to work as normal, and as expected, without any other problems.

    Example, a skill called Lucky Star that increases the players ability to dodge and block for 88 turns, has a massive cool-down of 800 turns. This will not cool-down at all, but, the player can use it, then re-add it to the hotkey bar, and it immediately refreshes, so the player could use it twice at the start of the game, before it starts cooling down as normal, and behaves normally after that. This occurs for every skill from that mod.

    so, I don't know how much of this is dredmor being weird, and how much of it is my own inexperience.

    I'll have more questions later, but for now I think this is a good start.

    Edit: Isolated some of the problem. The game crashes whenever I reload a save file with my mod, it crashes because it cannot seem to find a particular image file. When a save file is created, the game processes diamondgrist.png just fine, but, when I try to reload the save file after saving and exiting, it crashes with the error message saying it cannot find that file anymore.

        <item name="Diamond Grist" iconFile="items/diamondgrist.png" >
        <price amount="0" />
        <description text="An abstraction of a valuable and desirable gemstone." />

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  2. Essence

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    OK, well, the third problem at least is a known bug that affects all mods. So there you go.

    The first two...I've never seen before and know nothing about. Good luck! :D
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    My mod, Green Eggs and Ham, decided that you cannot load your save files that involve the mod. At all. It's really confusing, seeing as I've followed all of the steps and the game works perfectly and the items are functional.
  4. Essence

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    Did you make any significant changes to the mod between creating the game and then loading it? That'll do it every time.
  5. ChemIisana

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    No. It's rather insignificant. I'm going to try making a new mod.xml, and running it again.
    (And even without revisions it makes weird modifications.)