(Story) Sog It! Ch13

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    Ch 13: The Fall of New Sogwood


    It was a normal morning when Ahab Pate (Head Mineralogist and Mine Engineer of New Sogwood) delivered a fateful report.

    "The veins of iron ore seem to have run out." (AP)
    "Are there any nearby deposits we could tap nearby?" (CB: Colonial Beauracrat)
    "I've seen the naturalist's reports, it seems we were sitting on the only major mineable iron."
    "And we can't go further out to check." (IC: Ida Cogsbronze)
    "How much deeper can we dig, as well as explore underground?" (CB)
    "With the improved mine shoring techniques we can definitely go deeper, but it isn't likely to pay off." (AP)


    "And after we started preparing high-efficiency smelters, too." (CB)
    "Oh yes, well we could start digging up some of the more mixed sections. Wringing out the iron from there is possible now." (AP)
    "Hmm, that's a good idea. At least we can keep the smelters going and continue production." (CB)


    In order to keep bringing up iron both now and in the future, additional miners were employed. The idea was to have part continue digging the known (low-yield) veins, while the other would do exploratory digging.

    It was quite a surprise, and we confirmed with mineralogists back in the Empire, to have such a rich deposit which suddenly ends. There must be more nearby...