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    Will stock piles change in the future? Will there be a warehouse or something? Because I have a ridiculous amount of clay that I don't need, and I keep on having to expand my stockpile just to hold everything. My stockpile is almost as large as my town. Will clay and other items be stackable in the future?

    The stockpile just takes up too much space in my town, and I don't want to keep expanding it.
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    This is an issue they're working on - stacking in stockpiles 'broke' in a recent update, but colonists WILL stack when a stockpile doesn't exist. What I end up doing is deleting my stockpile when it gets overloaded. Once it's gone everyone starts stacking things like mad. Once they've tidied up I build a new stockpile and start over. Hoping this will not be necessary with next update...
  3. a button inside the stockpile view to stack up every item on the stockpile will be awesome!!
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    They probably won't do it that way; I would think the stacking behaviour would just be fixed, rather than Gaslamp going against the design intent by adding an extra piece of micromanagement for the player to perform.