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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Loerwyn, Dec 19, 2012.

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    They are common throughout the deep south. But money leads to the temptation to sell out the the conglomerate junk places and retire.
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    One of the big fears that people have around here (well, hopefully it's not just me lol) is that Sandy wiped out a lot of the small businesses, and they may end up being replaced by McBurgerkings, and the like. Where I live, unfortunately, due to bribery, etc. most of the small businesses were wiped out when the super mall came in about 10 or 15 years ago (I forget). And so much of the stuff there is overpriced crap anyway, so I can't understand it.

    Heck, the 'super mall' (my name, not the actual name, one of the biggest malls in the country) even caused our more modest, more local mall, and all of ITS stores to close down as well.
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    Capitalism at its best. Greed never changes.

    I remember a few decades ago people were so excited one of the "Big City" stores decided to make a branch locally. Now there is nothing else but that junk. Luckily a few niche places like restaurants are easier to start and keep afloat as a family owned business than a conglomerate. This is purely because it is easy to see what you get for your money by comparison.

    Wally-world is still choking the life out of everything they can. And small cities do not understand the tradeoff until they are in a position to do nothing to oppose them.

    But lets leave that topic to die. We all know how it goes.
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    How about that Steam Winter Sale?
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    Yeah. I managed to dig up the $7.48 to buy MTG DotPW Gold and the unlocks(Original 2011). That is likely the last thing I will buy this year.

    Now I just need a spare year to play it and the 2012 version I bought a day or two ago and I will possibly be halfway competent at the game. I hope I like it. It looks good and less of a twitchy game than most RPGs these days.

    *Edit* Noteworthy details. The original game with all expansions is 565 MB installed. The 2012 version is 708 MB. So besides DoD they are the smallest commercial games I have installed.
  6. Loerwyn

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    Still roughly a week to go, I believe.

    I'm not holding out much hope for anything extremely interesting going in. Already it seems some deals have been recycled (e.g. Borderlands 2, Legend of Grimrock, TOM CUHLANCEY), so yeah. I'm not entirely sure if I'm actually going to buy anything else, and not just because I've spent Too Much(tm) so far.

    Can really only see myself going for:
    Alternativa (not likely to be a daily)

    But, really, I'm finding the GamersGate sale to be a little bit better.
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    Well, I just picked up the Orcs Must Die Franchise pack (complete 1 and 2) for only $8.74. I've been really curious about the game for a while, think I'll give it a shot (if I ever find the time to play it).

    Talking about time... I did finally boot up Kingdoms of Amalur and then got interrupted during the intro sequence (which I had seen before anyway when I played the demo) so I had to set that aside. So haven't even tried playing it yet. And I know I have to put in some more time in Rift since there's a 20% bonus to just about everything until January 1st (plus I keep getting server first anouncements for stuff I'm crafting, etc. and that in itself is addictive (hey, who doesn't love getting congratulated by people in your guild).

    Too many games, not enough time... I know I shouldn't buy yet another one (let alone 2) but I'm weak.
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    Well, Driver: San Fransisco seems to be a pretty good game..
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    Dammit Steam... There is a FTL "Soundtrack" that requires the Steam version of FTL to use. That is exactly the sort of Horse Armor crap I hate about Steam. I bought the GoG version of FTL and am happy with it. But this is stupid and aggravating.

    It is not much of a soundtrack if it can *ONLY* be played in the game. Maybe it is great music, but it should be for the game and also for any audio device you want to play it on. This is a mistake.
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    Still didn't buy anything. Busy with ToME (got me a second, proper, winner - a skeleton corruptor. These guys can deal some absurd damage.)
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    Um, ON? It's a folder of audio files if it's like every other soundtrack on Steam.
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    Not Much of a Soundtrack.jpg

    I have no idea what it is. But it says it requires the base game "On Steam" to use it.
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    It's a folder of music tracks (almost certainly in MP3). If it was music for the game it'd be labelled 'DLC'. The reason it says it requires FTL is because it downloads to the FTL directory and there's no way to download it without FTL being there (so if you buy it on Steam, it will download EVERY time you download FTL). Trust me. I've bought enough soundtracks on Steam to know how it works.

    And, anyway, like all good indie game OSTs, it's available on Bandcamp
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  14. Cream Magneto

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    finally got my Kings Bounty Platinum for $8.75,kind of an impulse buy since its not going to go lower than that until 2014.

    what made me rage is that i didnt get an extra copy of KB:The Legend,what is this!? the humble indie bundle!? i payed for 3 games not 2 dag nabit!

    i wanted an extra KB:TL to gift to friends or trade for something else,but i guess anypony who really wanted KB:TL already got it for $1 on the bemine bundle or indiegala =O
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    I did likewise and grab KB: platinum on the flash sale(I payed €7.49).
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    something that disturbs me is that crossworlds can run perfectly fine without installing armored princess,makes me wonder if i wasted my $$$$ when buying crossworlds alone for $5 would work the same.
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  17. Loerwyn

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    Crossworlds isn't standalone. It'll have downloaded the Armored Princess files, I believe.

    EDIT: Found out what happened. At some point 1C/Katauri updated it so Crossworlds works independently, although *technically* it depends on Armored Princess and as such will now download the AP files. But it appears you still have to OWN Armored Princess to buy Crossworlds.
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    guess its like Civilization 4 complete,the package comes with all the old versions of Civ 4 but the last expansion "beyond the sword" technically has 100% of the game included and is the one you are meant to play. -.-
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    Well, yes, that's how Crossworlds worked. It had that dependency because it needed the files from Armored Princess as one of its campaigns is a slightly enhanced version of AP's. I don't know why 1C changed the dependencies, but every version of Crossworlds - at some point - requires Armored Princess. Some come with it (e.g. Crossworlds GotY retail), some don't (Steam Crossworlds), but they do need it.
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    Torchlight 1 and 2 are on for the next 48hrs. TL1 is 75% off (so just less than £4, probably about $5), and TL2 has once again refused to drop below 50%.

    For anyone interested in Max Payne 3, I believe Max Payne 3 + Season Pass (£25 with sale prices - and I'm sure MP3 has been MUCH cheaper elsewhere) contains everything.
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