Windows XP Steam Achievements not achieving

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  1. Hello all :)

    Just signed up, wanted to firstly say how awesome the game is and how much fun i'm having playing it :)

    I downloaded the hotfix recently for the quest-mob problem, and I've started a new game and I don't seem to be getting achievements for completing skill trees - the one I have encountered is the Berserker Rage tree - i just got the final skill in the tree (killing blow) and I haven't got the achievement for it.

    Has the hotfix for the game caused a problem with steam achievements? Or, and I have just realised this, did i get an incorrect hotfix file (the one for the windows version) rather than wait for the proper "steam" version?

    Thanks :)
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    I've heard similar things from other people using the downloaded hotfix having issues with steam achievements. So it's likely that is causing the issue. It's probably not a problem with the hotfix itself, just that it's not the same file that steam is expecting, so the two aren't synched up at the moment.

  3. Ah, thats a shame :( I did re-install DoD and used the same save game but still no steam achievement.

    Maybe I'll just start again :)

    Thanks though :)
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    Not just a windows issue. Similar things happening for Macs. I made a new thread before I noticed this one.
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    Achievements do indeed seem to be disabled under the hotfix. One easy way around this is to temporarily replace the hotfix with the old file, though this would really only be worth it if you're on the verge of one of the harder ones (like me, for instance - I had just reached level 15 and was about to take on Dredmor for my first Going Rogue/Permadeath victory when my save games stopped loading, thus forcing me to apply the hotfix). For the easier achievements you might as well wait for the patch since you can get them with minimal effort.
  6. I've had the same issue - started a thread about a week ago:

    In a nutshell, PC Steam edition, and hotfixes seem to be the reason achievements are broken.

    What I'm not sure about, is why after deleting the game and redownloading it, they still don't work.

    I'm thinking they might work after the latest patch goes live on Steam. At least I'm hoping so.

    I don't have another computer to test it on at the moment, unfortunately.
  7. So, this is kind of random, but I'm using the Mac OS X version of Steam, and the achievements also aren't achieving. I have not used the mobs hotfix, but I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail. I don't think these are related, at least, not on Mac OS.
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    the steam achievs are working now since that patch is now live on steam
  9. Confirmed.

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    Not ! I've completed the vegan tree and got the 'Dead Man's Chest' achievement :confused:
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    I just finished the Piracy tree and was awarded the achievement for Demonology (The Devil's Achievement). I've never played a character with Demonology. I also earned the Berserking Achievement (
    today. This suggests that maybe the achievements for the new skills are borked? I'm playing the Windows XP Steam version.

    If there is a bug form somewhere I'd be happy to file a bug.
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    Will be cleaned up in the next patch.
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