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    First off: Airship Crash, is there actually a positive outcome to this? I think I remember reading somewhere that there isn't but I could never get the end because the event would happen too soon and I wouldn't have a foreign office or, the one time I actually had a foreign office, the overseer and his crew couldn't research it fast enough? I don't know exactly what happened but the lock on the Foreign Office lifted and then some time later, I got a failure and reputation drop.

    Second: Fishy Idol: I've mentioned this before in a previous thread but I didn't really see any interesting outcomes. You can send it to a museum, my current default response now, for some reputation boost. If you let it stay, your colonist turns into a fish and then goes into the sea... I keep hoping for Innsmouth but I haven't seen any consequences, other than the lost colonist, from doing this. The other choices just seem like they result in fights or killing the changed colonist but I cannot confirm. If anyone has seen any more interesting results, let me know.

    Qub'Niggoroth (Probably misspelled): I've gotten this quest twice...in the same game. Both times I was unable to prevent his summon and all that happened was that he entered town, did some damage, and then left the map. I tried killing the cultist leader (actually I killed her as soon as I learned who it was) and that just let Qub appear. I tried preventing the ritual but all that happened was Qub appeared and the cultists transformed this time. Maybe it was because I was playing in 2x speed but did my guy just fail to destroy the ritual site or something?

    Side note: I think colonists may have gone from one opposite extreme to the other. They went from insane cowards to suicidal gits when it comes to things like Qub. It's not fun losing your cook because he decided, "Hey I should go punch Qub'Niggoroth!" Although it would be funny if that led to the actual defeat of Qub and then he could say he Punched Out Cthulhu.
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    Quag'garoth! I don't know who this Qub person is that you're talking about.

    (but maybe I feel sheepish.)