Spamming spacebar to heal?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by GalacticOnion, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. GalacticOnion

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    Haven't played past the first level (almost cleared it several times), but it seems that locking yourself between two doors and spamming the spacebar until your health and mana are replenished is a valid (sometimes essential) strategy for surviving. Assuming this is not a design aspect you intend to change, can we get a "rest until healed (or hostile creature appears)" button and shortcut key? Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup has one of those.
  2. gkslash

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    Unfortunately this is working as intended IMO. Pressing space bar advances a turn. Each turn there is a chance that a monster will spawn somewhere in the dungeon and start to come after you. If you are in a room with closed doors the monsters will spawn in other areas. Sometimes a monster will spawn inside a closed room with you. Basically the more you spam space the more monsters that you will have to fight, negating the minimal amount of healing that it may do.
  3. celt

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    Ooo, I didn't know there was respawning. I'd love to be able to turn that off. I like empty to stay empty.
  4. I hate the fact that you cant just hold it down...its kinda annoying on my fingers :(
  5. sphenny

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    I appreciate them making a deep roguelike with a pretty interface. I despise them for not putting all of the commands in that you expect from a roguelike. No run. No rest. No keyboard targetting of ranged spells. Pretty much every roguelike worth playing has had these for decades now.
  6. Lordxorn

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    I am sure some Key Binding is not out of the question for an updatE? =)
  7. Misery

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    I somewhat agree with Sphenny.

    Though, to be fair, alot of those roguelikes also tend to have almost no interface. This game makes it really, really easy to look through my inventory and look at items, or do the crafting, or equip skills....

    It's a tradeoff, and frankly, I'd rather have the excellent interface than the keybinds.

    ......with one exception. The "rest until healed or until something enters line of sight" command WOULD be nice, just to stop from having to smash the keyboard.

    So far though, I only have to do this early on usually... there ARE plenty of healing items in the game, you just gotta be careful about where/when you use them.
  8. Greg72

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    i thought i remembered from old posts that 'passive' healing was something the dev's didn't want people using/relying on and even considered removing it from the game.

    I think the no rest until heal function is entirely intended
  9. postmanmanman

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    If the no rest until heal function isn't intended, there ought to be more motivation not to rest to heal. Normally, roguelikes handle this with a hunger meter, but there doesn't seem to be one in this game.