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    When walking down one of those nondescript hallways that usually appear, I attacked an enemy near the wall. It caused my weapon to proc Blinding Flash, which destroyed a wall in the left side of the passage to reveal a secret closet with an item. To test this, please head on over to Kantweizgorak, which I was exploring to fill in the spreadsheet and loot thread and post back here with your findings. For the record, the only thing I found was a crossbow, so it's not that great. Also, it appears that the central blockers in the 'o' room are possibly breakable as well, as blinding flash broke one of those for me in my current playthrough of a previous wizardland.

    Please confirm these findings ASAP if possible. Note: this is on GRPD.
  2. Stryke

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    There's quite a few new destructible walls now with interesting stuff behind them in the Wizardlands.

    In my current run with Earthquake I've been finding a ton of places I'd normally have no idea were there including an abandoned pocket dimension just like yours.
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    The hallway that is full of Dwarven Landmines has the traps placed so that detonating them reveals little closets with monsters. :eek: I think the Dwarven IED room does that too.
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    Yeah there are a lot of these in wizardland rooms. They are quite easy to spot if you look at the tops of the walls.

    One that stumped me, though, was Triangulons triangle room. It's a triangular room with two pictures of triangulon on the outside and monsters on the inside. I know there were monsters because I was trying to destroy the walls with Rogue Scientist gas canisters and heard them die and got the xp. The walls, however, are all unbreakable. Has anyone managed to get into it?
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    A random, or a targeted teleport lets you get in there. It tends to contain a Triangulon's staff or a good artifact ring, sometimes both.
  6. j3st3r

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    Mind you, secret closets can appear in normal floors too, not just wizardlands ;)
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    These ones are accessed by lever. The ones in the wizardlands can only be accessed by blowing the wall down with a wall destroying skill or weapon.
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    I'm not talking about the small rooms opened with a lever. Here's an example:

    I had mapped the entire first floor, pulled all the levers, done all the Inconsequentia's quests, etc... I noticed that there was a thin part in one of the walls in the middle of the map. I used psychokinetic shove on the wall and it revealed 2 by 1 room and both tiles had an item (stone axe and potion of radiance)
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    Oh? that's good to know, I thought they were wizardland features only. Granted, most of my playtime is spent in there, so I'm not fully up to date with the norm at present. :) Thanks for pointing it out (I saw it too, except in my case it was some boomerangs and a bony wand)
  10. I think 90% of the secret rooms are built into the code of specific rooms. For example, the room that always spawns an acid bolt trap and a bunch of iron bars guarding an artifact - you know the one? At the bottom left exit to the room, if you hit the top wall with an AOE or Dwarven IED, it'll break. Break the next wall behind that one, and there will always be some sort of item. There's actually a number of these presets (including one that only spawns on DL1 and contains a Dredmor statue, which I can never remember to look for) - just keep your eyes open for places where you can see that there's a one-thickness wall, where you can see a bit of the top of the lower wall, and they're pretty easy to find for yourself.
    I'll have to go through and screenshot all the rooms with preset breakable walls someday...
  11. While this may be rather late... I went to the WL in the OP (Win7, GRPD) and found a single breakable wall with a wand and zorkmids inside. Also a shield, but no Xbow in the WL. But I wasn't aware of that particular hallway closet/secret, so a good trip overall.