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    So you're fine! I once saw on tv some people with OCD with very strong urges, not being able to control it. Like have to close (and consequentially open) the front door 80 times (no kidding) just to be sure it was locked, before going to bed.

    What's up with the 5?

    Edit: if you're going to answer, maybe would be better do it on the "Moriarty" thread, just so that I don't have to bump two posts. :)
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    Most people have mild symptoms of lots of different things. When students take their first abnormal psych class, it's incredibly common for them to initially diagnose themselves with various mental illnesses. The truth is, though, that unless it's something which is interfering with your happiness and/or normal day-to-day function, it's likely not an actual mental illness. In other words, just because you don't like stepping on cracks or you feel the need to wash your hands, or straighten out a picture or do the dishes, doesn't mean that you have OCD. But if you have to wash your hands 20 times before breakfast, and seeing an uneven piles of magazines feels like torture, and you have to count to '100 Mississippi' in pig latin before starting your car, then you might have a problem.
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    If I were to answer your post on the Moriarty thread, many people would be confused because the previous conversation would be lost and they would have no idea what I was talking about. :)

    What I meant by 5 for my mild OCD is that if I am having nuts or M&M's or something, I take them in clusters of 5. Not 3 or 4 or 6 or some other number but 5. I can force myself to not do it but otherwise I just do it. I also do multiples of 5 for things.

    As another example, I am also constantly checking doors to make sure they are locked. Usually after the 2nd or 3rd check I remember that I have checked and don't check again but once in a while it is more. I also go out of my way to make sure that the light switches in my foyer are all in certain positions for my use. There are 3 switches connected to the one light and I like all of them in the down position when I go to bed and I will walk up and down the stairs in the dark to make sure that they are. So like I said at least a mild form of OCD, it hasn't made my life heck or anything but it can be annoying to others. :)
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    Yeahh, makes sense!

    Well, checking them a couple of times is still better then checking it 80 times. Once on the News they showed a case when a woman would make huge stocks of trash on her house. She would just grab it on the street and bring it home. The neighbors eventually called the government because of the smell and the rats, so they bursted on her house and "clean" it... Guess grabbing M&M's in clusters of 5 is pretty ok! xD

    Damn, just raised Axe to maximum... The skills are horrible!!! I imagined it was bad because of the description, but it really sux!!!
    Why didn't I make polearms, why?!?!?!?!

    EDIT: would be good/wise to use all the anvils since DL 1 on one single item, let's say a pants, in order to get it really powerful, and maybe, after so many bonuses/debuffes, use the archeology's translation to reroll it's stats?

    The idea is to carry this item till the DL 15, so powerful it would be! HAHAHAH Like that dude who pumped the Fedora, though he said he used some mods, and I don't know if they had any part on it...
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    Ah, I haven't been around for a while (got lured into other roguelikes, for shame on me), but I can throw in some free opinions.

    Axes are pretty good for a certain playstyle (dual wielded in heavy armor, in my opinion), like clockwork knight with all the trappings where you want to be surrounded and crit a lot. Polearms are fun too, though. Definitely try those next time.

    As for anvils, from what I remember they're pretty awful. Some people swear by them, but the maluses are almost always bigger than the bonuses (+1 :life:! Oh, and -3 :trap_sense: great). The translation is all wrong can also wipe off positive effects when you use it. I pretty much only use anvils when I have a gear-crafting setup with non-artifact best in slot piece of armor that I can easily replace.

    So, almost never.
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    Other roguelike games??? Shame on you!!! :p
    Wish I could play Risk of Rain, but it's just windows... Blahhh!

    Yeahhh, now I realize most of the weapon skills will be basically auto-attack, since the active skills are, for the most part, pretty useless. In this case I would probably be happier using unarmed, though the animation could be the dude punching (or kicking in a more stylish way). My grandma would probably kick just like him!

    And how the dude make that huge Fedora? He cheated?
    Some people, let's say mages, seems like having no decent pants at all. Thus, my idea was to start from DL 1 to krong a single pants.

    Since I making question like crazy here, can someone help me again? xD
    I like the concept of the build (immortality):

    Master of Arms

    But the next ones I'm not sure.


    The problem is, besides vampirism, most of the skills will almost need to be capped. Would be nice to use viking, but still having trouble imagining me spamming Thor's Bolt. I know they are different build, but wouldn't be better to just make a caster and spam the bolt rather then on lvl 20 something, finally get the it and use it?

    I actually think making a almost pure caster focusing on Viking, making my only offense just the bolt (Promethean seems so boring - Necro seems... a little complicated/weird/my idea would be having 130+ magic attack so necro resist would be a pain). Not sure if the blasting/voltaic damage would be much resisted though.
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    Well, if it was THAT easy to just toss an item on every anvil twice, everyone would have a superitem every game.

    You can get lucky, and by all means try it, just don't expect it to happen your first attempt. At least, it never did for me.
  8. Haldurson

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    I nearly won with the following build (died to Lord Dredmor):
    1. Master of Arms
    2. Unarmed
    3. Shield Mastery
    4. Vampirism
    5. Burglary
    6. Tourist
    7. Berserk Rage

    This was actually part of the "Priest of Lutefisk" challenge run for the now inactive Steam Dredmor challenge group ( the challenge was that the only things you could keep in your inventory was a lutefisk cube (you could keep whatever you wanted on your tool bar, just not in your inventory or in your pocket dimension). So I'd like to think that without that restriction, I might have won the game.
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    The bonuses are also 150% more likely to occur than the penalties.
  10. Mabeso

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    You can try my build. It kicked Dredmor's ass on going rogue/permadeath.
    1. Unarmed
    2. Shield Mastery
    3. Vampirism
    4. Master of arms
    5. Demonologist
    6. Warlockery
    7. Archeology

    This build exploits the hell out of Celectial Circle because you can just teleport the enemies around you using warlock skills. No need to move and recast. Also you never miss while using Poissant touch. And Archeology is needed to get more :life_regen: and:trap_level: . Consider the following: first anvil enchant is always positive. Enchant each piece of your equipment once and then use This Translation is all wrong! to toogle it until you get what you want. Also helps with transforming Time Lord scarfs with tons of useless random stats into the best item of the game.
  11. Kurohito

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    Will probably try to make a single powerful item. Hope it works! :p


    Interesting the tourist! The problem I see with the build you post, which just differ from mine by two skills, is that basically you need all the skills maxed out, while some build can have their "core" working on early levels. The one I posted is actually worse in this scenario, since tourist just need basically 2 points. How did it worked to you?


    How did you manage the mana to use Warlockery and Demonologist? Probably not using heavy armors? Still 100% block and good defense?
    PS: I also imagine that both unarmed build end up using tomes till Dreadmor, no? I like so much shields, but no damage boost... T-T
  12. Haldurson

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    Honestly, I can't recall which skills were maxed out by the end of that run, but based on what I wrote in that thread I posted, I only took Tourist up to tier 3 in that run. But then again, I also wrote that I had to rush past the last 2 or 3 levels without clearing them due to fear for my life lol. As I said, though, it was not a typical run, as I was doing it without use of my inventory or pocket dimension.
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    Here's a screenshot
    Baron's hat helps a lot. Psychic vampire gives a lil' bit of mana too. And don't forget about kronged items with lots of :mana_regen: from Archeology. And yes. Mostly mage gear. Damage is fine even without tomes since vampire gives a lot of :dmg_necromatic: (scales to :life_regen:)and Warlock provides with :dmg_aethereal: (scales with :mana:).
    Also I heavily advise using Hiperborean gloves + Time Lord's Scarf on any melee character with high :magic_power:. Sometimes a permanent snowstorm around your character is better than any damage boost.
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  14. Arron Syaoran

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    He gives okay items, starting from floor 7 and up. Best bet is to skip Lutefisk guy until you've fisked enough junk until you have 500. I generally fisk Items with less than 50 zorkmid value(including ground beef from entrails)

    There's mobs(especially on floor 7) called Magic Dragon, Flamer and Ice Wyrm that look just like your pet wyrmling. I tend to find pet wyrmlings completely useless after floor 4.
    I always do, kinda OCD at it(Yes, I do have mild OCD), it always hurts to not ever have the skillset to grab every item. I always aim for total completion in games. That's why I hate MMORPGs so much.

    As for builds, I've never really had much luck with Mage builds(High Magic Power + Low Trap Sight/Affinity = Death Trap), and I alwa
  15. Arron Syaoran

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    DOUBLE POST!(Ran out of posting room)

    As for builds, I've never really had much luck with Mage builds(High Magic Power + Low Trap Sight/Affinity = Death Trap), and I always found it easiest to make a Rogue/Warrior Combo. Here's a Good Build Example:
    Master of Arms
    Dual Wield
    (This is a High-Counter Build, with endgame thrown good early weaponry, go for i think lvl 5 in daggers for buff, max swords and dual wield) - Probably wanna equip some shrikes rings and Jesus Helm, plus swashbuckling helps.