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    So I played a game of CE (118 days before I hit an unavoidable crash) and noticed a few things which are probably already covered, but it's good to have that redundancy there for assurance.

    • Early in the game when I first built the foreign office, the overseer assigned to it generated two diplomacy points and then proceeded to do nothing except stand at the desk each day. I tried reconstructing and re-positioning the standing desk but this did not help. The solution was to destroy the foriegn office and rebuild it completely.
    • About half way through the game stockpiles started messing up. On some items the stockpiles would not subtract the amount when an item was taken from it, but would keep adding when something was added to it. This would result in the stockpile saying you have, say 16 planks and then the total amount saying you have 0.

    • On the same note item sprites/models (whatever they're called anymore) wouldn't disappear from the map. So when you trade off the 10-11 dormant spore pods through trading, they won't disappear, but technically they're gone.
    • Soldiers can stand inside buildings and shoot at enemies that are outside, even if there's a wall in between them and what they're shooting at. They will try to shoot through high Gabions, destroying it in the process.
    • Laborers seem to have trouble moving items to stockpiles, usually this occurs with things like the spore pods, even when claimed most of them lay scattered around my colony streets. They did this with other items also. Whenever a colonist gets distracted or drops what they're carrying to flee or go to sleep, it will stay where it was dropped until there's a need for it.
    • I hit a crash around day 118 that is repeating and that's where I had to stop. I included the .dmp file and latest save file.

    Also are the events like the "Eerie sounds heard in the woods" and "Planets align" supposed to do anything? All they did was lower the disturbance number of my colony a little and that was it.

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